Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stuffed fried fish

Blogger must know I have been cussing because right after I left the comment for Tummythoz, I was able to get in.

Anyway, another fish post... ;p

Furious fish. Must be because I slit it open whahahaha.

I made onion, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, lime leafs, belacan, chili, basil and mint leafs. and lime all pounded and mixed together into a paste. Remember some salt and sugar to bring out the taste. Then stuff it in the fish.

Garang betul...

The fish came out a little ugly, but as long as it taste nice... looks doesn't matter . (Not cooking for customers ma)

Oh I used the "ngan mei chi" (Cantonese) (hard tail fish?) aka "ngeah boi" (hokkien) fish for this.

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12 pieces of worms:


Are you working on Saturday too?

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

When I first came by and saw another fish, I was surprised. Phew! Not a dead fish but a yummy fish.

I read from an article, "Success comes from a determined person." Really good to see you back!

So, you fried these stuffed fishes. These Garang betul fishes have scales you need to remove or are they like trout, scale-less?

The eyes are huge, perhaps that is why they are named "garang". Does Garang mean angry? My malay is rusty.


Hey, my mom used to make this dish too but she throw in some crushed peppercorns or finely chopped cili padi for extra kick.


tankiasu: Usually no, but I have to sometimes.

lee ping: You still have your Bahasa Malaysia in you ;) The fish scale is a little different. The middle part of the fish have armour like scale. I don't usually remove them when I cook, only when I eat them. It peels off easily.

jason: yeahh!! But I'm stuffing a lot in the fish.. the chili padi will kill me hehehe

Lee Ping

So I still have Bahasa Melayu in me. We have a fish similar to Garang Betal here, big eyes! I should try this recipe the next time this fish goes on sale.


Aiks, this fish dish scares me. I'm not a fan of fish...some more this one so fierce looking!


lee ping: I think it would work on any small fish with no so smooth flesh.

wmw: The fish also wont eat you, you eat the fish only ma. ...but nvm la.. i'll rescue you from the fish LOL


Yeah, my mom don't even stuff that much in the fish :P

Melting Wok

teckie !! Aiyo..I found two of my comments missing from ur blog :( I think I've to use blogger to comment again :) Anyway, I missed this stuffed fish..wahh, did you bakar them afterwards ? :)
P/S: I lost the comment on ur thai fried rice post, was gonna say, u made tt really well, I had some tt night you posted, the Thai version here usually used diced green apples, green mango slice, fried harmee, and sweet sticky crispy pork. Anyway, I wanna make sth. like urs, belum lagi hehe..will jot down now :)


Jason: hehehe im so greedy

Melting Wok: I fry time to setup bbq to bakar la.

I think the rice you are talking about is another type of Thai fried rice. Quite different from the Olive rice.


I would mix some flour paste to coverup the slit to prevent your oil from over burnt chilis. That way, your fish won't look so ugly. And the flour paste is yummy too. Like cucur udang paste.


hey... u must try 'Prawn sauce chicken' at Chun Kee Hong Kong Street restaurant ..its at telok kurau the corner ..

really its the best thing i've ever bitten on =D
go try!!! the chilli suits the prawn taste so well .. =D

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