Sunday, May 27, 2007

Swedish desert at Ikea

A few weeks back, one of my colleague asked me if I wanted Ikea's curry puff. She and many other people I know have been raving about this puff. So I said "Ok la, tapau for me". (tapau means take away)

Over night curry puff in the box.

When I saw the puff, I knew I should no expect much.

I ate one without rebaking, and ate another after rebaking it. Both did not taste super good. Leaving it over night destroyed the puff. But then again, only thing special is the 1/8 piece of hard boiled egg in the puff. I have taste better over night puffs out there. (Over night A1 puffs are still nice)

It was that week itself where I had a little bit of bit at Ikea's cafe. The deserts really looks so pretty! I was so attracted to it! So I took one of each.

The is the Princess tart. Swiss roll rolled with frozen cream (I think. definetly not ice cream) with sweeten lime green jelly. The whole thing taste weird and bland. Not my piece of desert.

I fell for the trap. I should not have judge the "princess" by its cover.

Delicato Balls. Chocolate minty ball thing. It had the Toblerone taste but the texture is grainy. Taste quite nice.

I would have finished the whole thing myself but I didn't have any plain water with me. Coke (already sweet) and sweet chocolate (very sweettt).

This is Mazarin. Sound good but really "horrible terrible vegetable" for my taste. The glaze on top is super sweet, and the texture is so sandy.

The outer shell is normal tart pastry. The middle taste like a mixture of grated coconut and flour. Can't figure what it was but just weird.

I definitely don't like Swedish desert. But their meat balls still rocks ;P

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12 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Are you redecorating your bedroom or you just went to IKEA for the food only?

This is quite an informative post on Ikea's food. Also quite daring, I must say.

The tapau box for the curry puff looks quite attractive. Was the curry puff not flaky enough or was the filling too little?

The princess roll with the green jelly do look royal. It did not taste good, did it?

p/s Having eaten at US IKEA before, I agree with you on Swedish dessert and meat balls.


we usually eat da curry puff right away and they taste really yummy...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i think the consensus is that the curry puffs are seriously worth a try..shall definitely give it a go the next time i pop down to the curve.. but the desserts..haha just heavenly definitely rocks my boat over those..wahaha


I remember my trip down singapore..the curry puffs over there are so thumbs up...miss them dearly...

team BSG

definitely cannot compare to your ss4 one huh the curry puff


lee ping: Was around the area, so went there for food. Just the taste buds dont look as good as they taste. ..but meatballs are still ok.

meiyen: Yeah, lots of people say I should not have them over night. Maybe I'll get the fresh ones myself next time.

joe: I haven gone up to Nigel's place for desert yetttt :(

sugar&spice: Can always go back down to Singapore ;) .. or come to Malaysia!

bsg: Actually yalor. Bigger cheaper and yummier.

Melting Wok

My god, all these at Ikea meh ? Wow, certainly *sob* better than the Ikea here, no pastries :( I'm really intrigued with the 1st one, the swiss rolled ice cream filled one ? What's that green layer ? Is it like gelatinous kinda texture ?


Melting wok: Very liquid sweeten gelatin. The middle part is frozen cream...not ice cream. No nice la.


I have tried all of those in Sweden, but what I like the most is Semla which you can only find it during new year.


Wow, that is amazing to think that we have exactly the same foods at IKEA Australia. Must be some sort of global standard menu, lol


Anonymous 1: Semla? I think i will have to look out for that.

Anonymous 2: LOL.. cant run away from sweedish sweet stuff


I happened to stumble upon this post, and I feel compelled to point out that both the green stuff on the princess tart (marzipan) and the filling in the mazarin are made from almonds. Unless you buy a cheap variety, in which case it's made from ground peach seeds and quite tasteless.

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