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Tagged! Hock Chiew Peah

I'm back. Miss me? hehehehahahahah

Lee Ping tagged me so I need to tag foodies before everyone is tagged again like the last time! *kiasu*

Anyway, this tagging is about "What is your favorite food in your state or country?". Need some delicious pictures and some history on it. I have been thinking and thinking but honestly, too many favorites! Totally impossible to list every single one down. The list just keeps growing!

One of my childhood, teenhood, my now'hood (LOL!), my kampung'hood ... my all time favorite chews is the Hock Chiew Peah aka Kong Pean! I can sense a few laughing already but waitttt ...wait till you try it. I'm just a big supporter of Hock Chiew Peah! I can actually eat about 8 of those at one go. Especially the onces with onion and pok pok pok!

This is from my Eating journey to the Mid North of Malaysia post.

Still could not get enough of it so Hock Chiu Peah got its own post.

And this *drools* from other Hock Chiu Peah supporter. Pangkor Lang! I still don't know if I'm calling this biscuit the correct name or not. Hock Chiu Peah or Kong Pean or Gong Peah? But as long it is the same thing, anything will do. You should try their recommendations if you ever travel up to Lumut.

Honestly I'm not bias.

Going to Sitiawan without trying gong pian is like getting married without trying sex.

viewtru also recommends an article in The Sun which I found really good for first time Hock Chiu Peah'ers to get hold of those yummylisious biscuits. The one that is recomemded is the easiest to locate in Setiawan. But not the best. You really need to dig in Kamung Cina for good juicy pokiee onces.

And before I go tagging other foodies. Just found out that we have Hock Chiu Peah in Sibu too!

I'm going to tag all those than mentioned pok muahahaha. Tagged with pork filled Hock Chiu Peah are
Joe with lots of cravings
WMW (*also tagged from Kopi Soh)
TummyThoz (*also tagged from Kopi Soh)
t.c (You don't have a link on your nick, so if you read this.. reply in the message or something ;) (Edited: Added t.c's link)

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13 pieces of worms:


teckiee, next time can you grab some of these stuff for me?? me sesat hock chiew in the big big city, my dad oso sesat cos my granpa being KLfied oredi! so far i only tasted some hock chiew mooncake from Sepang area. apparently got one place there full of hock chiews too!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Thanks for being such a sport and welcome back. Stronger than ever I would say!

One of your link in your post shows a photo on Seremban Siew Pao. Oh, I crave for a Siew Pao now.

I wanted to tag WMW as well. Did not know what the rule was to tag a person twice. Now, I know. Have you read her post on Kuih TuTu?

God Bless,
Lee Ping


Wow, I thought what happened to you based on your previous entry but well you are back! Thanks for tagging me! My link is

I shall do the tag when I finish my papers which is soon! HEHE!


I also tag you with this wor...haha!

Lee Ping

You are being tagged twice. Does that mean you have to do another favorite food post? If so, looking forward to reading it.

p/s How are you doing?


babe kl: Im thinking big... plan a trip up to Lumut for seafood? We can drop by to buy Hock Chiew peah as well.

lee ping: Hmm siew pau season? Someone was asking for the recipe the other day.. maybe i need to try to make some already.

Actually no rules to tagging...I think.

And I "is" wonderful!

kok: aisheh you know what. I haven been surfing.. but i pass your on your tag already ;p


Aiyoyo. U oso tagged me? *put on solemn look* I shall endeavour to deliver my best in satisfying this honorific request bestowed unto me. Ahem.
Glad u r ok. Phew. Now can go back to enjoy my fish dishes.

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

If you post recipe on Siew Pao, I will definitely link it. Recently, I received a question from one of my readers about the siew pao skin and curry puff skin. How can one achieve the layer of crispy skin thru baking using a simple dough? This is a tough one to answer, isn't it?


Eh, tagged already, tag again...So how ah? Guess no need to do lo, since you say no rules! MUAH HA HA...


tummythoz: hahahaha i wanted to post this stuffed fish post... but dunno why I keep getting errors when i open bloggers main page. Must be some upgrading they are doing.

lee ping: wow I'm totally lost. I have never tried baking flaky pastry before but when i read thru recipes, you kind of have to use layers of thin oiled flour to get the flaky curry puff effect. For siew pau I'm not sure... Maybe can try googling it.

wmw: hahahah no rules no rules


That is.... heong peang? :P


teckiee, i'm game but pls gip ample notice hor :p


jason: no dude, very different from heong peng

babe kl: yeahhh ... i think im going to plan something after the durian party

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