Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tony Roma

Tony Roma's ribs, seafood and steak. One of those American restaurants that makes it in Malaysia. I had this with my bunch of buddies last month. I'm going to use my buddy's picture cos mine sucked like hell (as usual).

Black hole of ice lemon tea. I think I didn't ask for a refill because I'm one of those person who have only one stomach for food and drinks. My best buddy seem to have one for food and one for drinks... stomach full already but can drink another few cups of water hehehe.

Their chef's recommendation. Fired onion rings. I'm not a big fan of onion rings so I didn't feel much for this. It was quite oily.

This is BBQ chicken with mashed potatos and french fries. Not too sure how this taste though.

Beef ribs, rice and baked potatoes. The texture of the ribs were actually quite nice. But lacking on the marinade. Need to put more sauce to it.

Chicken stack, rice and coleslaw. The chicken looks kind of dry actually. But looks can be deceiving. Not sure how this taste.

Roma Burger. Looks better on the table than the picture.

Rose chicken, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Asian salmon salad. Another one that has the chef's recommendation. Just so so for me actually. Still a loyal TGIF Caesar salad fan.

All the sauces on the plate.... hahaha.

Chocolate avalanche! I was actually just waiting for this the whole dinner. Totally worth the wait. Absolutely delicious!

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18 pieces of worms:


Eh.. how come the food looks different from WMW? Maybe I got the wrong restaurant name??

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Haiyo I refuse to go Tony Romas. Their PORK ribs are good.

Beef Ribs against my religion. ;-)



Maybe my photos bigger so Jason got's the same place. The beef ribs are ok. I just came across a place that serves pork ribs in the new wing of Centrepoint. Forgot the name...going to check it out!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
We have Tony Roma here in the US. It is chain store. I think they are famous for their ribs. I too, have only one stomach, so I usually just order sky juice (water). A little sweet completes a meal. I am with you, girl...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

their plates looks abit too big for their sparsely spread out food..err i think i prefer tgif or chillis from ur fotos though..

yeah nigel..pork ribs rulez!..


jason: hahahahaha same one same one.

allan/nigel, wmw, joe: One word. POK! ... there's this place in Sunway Mentari called Wendy's place that serves pork ribs also. Saw their adverd last week but have not tried the place out.

joe: The plate looks empty cos we all ordered halfs. The full plates will be too much for the tummy.

lee ping: Is the place packed?


I think I went there once or twice with my colleagues many years ago in Texas. I cannot remember if it was packed. Is Malaysia's Tony Roma packed?


Once you have tried Tony Roma's elsewhere, you will know how sucky this one is.

A Halal Tony Roma's is like eating beef BKT!


Bottomline is go for d dessert not d mains. Think I'll give this a miss then. *quickly run to stand with d pork ribs fans*


the roma burger seems like very small like that. Mini mini version ah? Full meh?


Lee ping: Ermmm so so the day I was there. They are packed during weekends tho.

tankiasu: hahahahha they just open another branch in The Curve ya know.

tummythoz: All the pok ppl hahahaha. We need an outing to eat pok ribs already.

kok: hehehe looks like Tony Roma's happy meal right? Looks bigger in real life though.


Aiyo... the revies doesn't sounds good but the food picture was a great job!


The Tony Roma in Malaysia is 'halal'. So of course there is no 'POK' and it will not taste the same with other type of ribs. Hehe.


jackson: hehehe I'll pass the message to David the photographer. (he and his dslr is poisoning me mannnn... jampi me to get one too)

t.c: hehehehe I'm guessing you are another pok fan. But pork or beef, the marinade is not enough.


I heard Tony Roma's serve great food. One day must go n try liao.


yeah. It doesn't taste the same with the POK!


I want my pork ribs ...n beef is nt halal for me....


Mark: hoped you had good food =)

porkribalicious, Dean: you know.. i traveled to Bangkok just to have the ribs in pork..hehe

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