Friday, May 11, 2007

Vegetarian food Po Ling Chinese temple

When I talk about vegetarian food in the office, the guys will give me the look and say, "No way man. I need meat. I'm a carnivore man!" HAHAHA. But lucky me there's still the bunch of ladies who digs vegetarian food.

Po Ling Chinese Temple located along the same road as Wisma Central... opposite Corus hotel. Their canteen is open during lunch hours and caters for many working folks around the area. The place is usually packed and the queue is really long if you come even a wee bit later.

You have the option of having white rice or fried rice. Walk down the trays of vegetarian dishes and pick your favorites. Some times there will be volunteers around to assist you. Remember to take the right portion. Don't waste the food although you are paying for it.

Their vegetarian char siew is really good. Vegetable curry tasted a little bland to me. Have taste many better vegetarian curries. And I think the last dish on the right is braised vegetarian pork intestines. The pork intestines are actually made of soya.

Fried rice, Yin choy (a type of green leaf vegetable that is comonly sold in Malaysia. Fried then braised foo choke. Food choke is also soya. The soya is crushed and boiled until layers are formed on top the surface of the soya liquid. The layers are taken out and dry, getting the foo choke.

Taufoo, sweet vegetarian pork intestines, fried foo choke and another green leaf vegetable.

I ordered tong sui instead of the barli water that I initially wanted. No regrests because this muk choke tong sui (a type of barli beans boiled with sugar until thick) is very delicious.

There is complementary soup and chap choy (left overs mixed together, added with vinegar and dried chili and reboiled. The only dish I know where you need leftover as the main ingredients) available.

Other than the rice, they also sell vegetarian noodles and other deserts. There's also a salad bar! Very nice place to grab a healthy and quick lunch.

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13 pieces of worms:


I like vegetarian food de leh. There's a temple here will serve free vegetarian food when there's any special occasion. Those devotees (majorly are housewives) will come and cook them, so they're superbly delicious!

Lee Ping

One of the best food is meat disguised as vegetable. I wish I could master this art, my kids would get their daily dosage of vegetable. :)


Just a question here which I am puzzled with. A vegetarian supposed to eat only vege and not meat right? But how come they still want to make something similar to meat? It seems to me that it will trigger your desire to eat meat, no? Correct me if I'm wrong. :)


jason: hehehe I seldom meet people who like vegetarian.

lee ping: hahahahah buy those vegetarian burger patties to start with ;P

kok: Ahhhh cos boring ma...i guess? Eating vege everyday. At least using vegetarian ingredients imitate the meat.. puts more dishes on the menu also hehehe. One thing I'm still asking today though is who creates all this imitation? They will have to taste meat first so they can compare if the imitation taste like it.

Lee Ping

I have tasted premade vegetarian burger patties, they taste (pardon me) awful.... :{

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i actually like vegetarian food..but its so the sense most of the items are actually a vegetarian version of why not just plain veges? that should be a true vegan


I used to eat there regularly when my office was nearby. Wonderful food at affordable prices. I still think of going back occasionally.


Hey ... this place is just opposite of my office. I work in Megan Avenue !!! However, I've been there only one. That's also because my 'vegetarian' buddy dragged me there. Surprisingly, I like the food there ... although I almost got conned thinking how delicious the drumsticks looked.


Used to work almost nearby & heard many good things about it. Never been though. Reason:- the 'almost nearby' was a looonggg hot walk.


i used to come here pretty often. i lurve the nasi lemak there. err those glutens on satay sticks tasted superb!


lee ping: hmm maybe you can't really get good vegetarian food over there.

joe: if vege is plain vege, no umpuh to brainwash people into trying them out ma hehe

bayi: yeahh cheap and nice!

tim: hmm where's Megan Avenue ah? I know where's Megan Avenue II only.

tummythoz: hahahhaha same!!! I actually had to postpone the plan to eat there 3 times because my colleagues "lz to walk la"

babe kl: ohhh satay? I didnt see that. The more the reason to go back and try!

Lee Ping

You are right. Perhaps in Vancouver B.C. Canada (5 hours away), there are better vegetarian food.

p/s thanks for your lovely mother's day wish.


i like the chicken rice there. for your info, not only local people like vegetarian food here, but also my Dutch boss!

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