Friday, May 04, 2007

Vietnamese Chinese spring roll?

Those one liner post again. Sorry folks, have been caught up with things lately.

Rice paper. Dip your rice paper in a bowl of water for just one second. The paper will still feel hard initially but it will soften a lot when it is exposed to air.

Use salad leaves as your base. This is to make sure you have that layer to keep all the wet ingredients from further softening your rice paper skin.

Now you can put all your good stuff! Muahahaha!

Fresh uncooked celery. Use the middle section of the celery. The bottom nearer to the root will have harder fiber and the top too small and bland in taste.


And carrots.

Fried scramble eggs.

Dices fried tofu and shrimps.

Some parsley.

And the main most ingredient. The turnip. The is the same stuff you find in the popiah sold in the coffee shops.

Add some fried flour. Hmmm I have no idea how to call this but this is a mixture of starch, flour and water. Drop this into the wok of oil and deep frying them to make a crunchy flour texture. You can actually skip this ingredient... kind of messy to make this.

Top it up with some fried shallots.

Add some sweet Thai chili sauce to make a little kick for the tongue. Can add some chili padi too.

Sprinkle some crushed ground nuts.


I'm getting hungry. Add so much... can eat already?

All wrapped up to Nyum nyum!

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19 pieces of worms:


Seriously... I never see rice paper... So, I was thinking, "Alamak, aren't that plastic bag???"

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Can I dip more than 1 piece of rice paper and stack them together? If I do that, the rice papers will stick to one another?

Also, I wonder if there is expiration dates on these rice papers. I bought a package more than a year ago. I only used about 4 pieces. The package is still over 90% full.

I think jicama in place of turnip would taste good as well.


jason: hehehehe you should be able to find them in the supermarket. Come prepacked. Dry. It's made from rice starch.

lee ping: No short cuts to wrapping them. they will stick together =( Is there an expiry date on the package? I thin kit would be ok to eat them. It's all dry actually. Maybe you can just test one piece out. Ahh yes yes I used jicama. I always thought "mangkuang" (in Malay) is turnip.


So much "liew" (stuff) in one spring roll!


If you're going for business ah, you'll go bankrupt leh...hahaha! Just joking, ok? Cause you put too much ingredient for one spring roll.:P

Lee Ping

That is the beauty of making things at home. You are able to control the quality and the quantity of your ingredients.

I don't know if I would cook if I live in Malaysia though. It is so convenient to just buy. Or if I am living by myself, it would be tough to cook.

So, Teckiee, I commend you for your continual efforts to cook.

Precious Pea

WOW!! But seems like a lot of work leh! You prepared all those?? Good work...looks yummy leh.


wow.... didn't know that it's so much of work to prepare this viet spring roll! good job! :D

xiu long bao

teckiee, dun be so greedy, ur spring roll looks like gonna explode ;p Btw, where can i get those rice papers?


Looks yummy but it is quite a lot of work, right? What a fat roll u have there.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

top marks for creativity!


When can we have a bite of your specially made "exploding Vietnamese Roll"??? Ha ha ha..


where u bought those? i cant find it in JJ wor..


wen: hahaha the more the merrier!

kok: DYI of cos put more stuff me ;)

Lee Ping: Yeah, can pick what I want and what I don't want.

Precious Pea: Got extra helper adi ma now hehe

MeiYen: Actually you can prepare a simple one.. me=greedy only

xiu long bao: Popiah size bigger leh. I think ColdStorage got.. let me look around.

Joe: tqtq!

wmw: Heheh would be fun to make them at potlucks!

KampungboyCitygal: hmm i bought mine from Cambodia... but ColdStorage... Iseitan.. I think Macro got... Tesco also should have.

team BSG

a rare & great pictorial recipe !

Greatest regret not there at
da finish line to pop it all in...

with Vietnamese Chinese wine courtesy Teckiee?


bsg: hahahhahaahaha i never heard of Vietnamese Chinese wine before.. but your red chinese rice wine got la ;p


wow! Its really a big project huh!! But it definately taste good!!


jackson: Actually quite simple. Some stuff you can prepare in advance.


I love spring roll... and the rice paper. Wow! pretty.

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