Friday, June 01, 2007

Ang Kee Restaurant

Weee it's so nice to be able to wake up late on a Friday morning and not go to work. Nyek nyek nyek. I'm feeling so lazy at the moment, just want to lay back, watch "Click" the Adam Sander movie (nope I have not watched it yet), eat pop corn and cry at the ending. But before I become a couch potato, got to put this up because I totally love the "Lai Liu Har" and the tofu!

Met up for dinner with Nigel, Unkaleong and tai ka che on Wednesday for dinner at Ang Kee in Chow Yang. The restaurant is located at the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar.

The "Lai Liu Har" was fragrant, sauce was creamy buttery just nice all over the deep fried Mantis prawns.

I usually eat this in the "kong pou" or "kam heong" style. But this "lai yau" style of sauce goes really good with this deep fried prawns.

And the tofu...(Want to try to make this at home) smooth Japanese tofu at the bottom topped with half cooked sunny side up's. When the yoke is crack, the yoke runs all over the warm tofu at the bottom bringing out the fragrant of the egg. Good stuff.

The fried bee hoon with lala was just alright for me. Maybe a little too moist for my liking. I always prefer drier noodles. But taste wise was ok.

Green Yin Choy vegetables fried with garlic was simple and nice.

After dinner we moved the stomachs to Kayu Nasi Kandar and not for getting the goodies in the silver square box that Nigel brought along *jumps for joy*. I took sucky pictures so check out WMW's post for better ones. Nigel met his friend Adrian who also joined us. Precious Pea arrived a little after that with a very nice Mickey bling bling to chomp chomp on the goodies.

PROFITerole. Hehehe. I got to eat more of these. (No la, not because of profit ;) The cream inside is delicious and surprising not "jelak" like the ones I have eaten before.

My first time eating a/the Petite Trifle! And the chocolate eclair is yummylicious. It's the sugar I tell you. It's all at the just right amount.

And of course, Kayu == roti panjang tissue and my Teh-O-Ais limau! I hope I didn't get anyone hooked on roti tissue.

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15 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm yummm i love mantis prawns..but normally like the whole thing rather then getting it dissected..i guess u guys had a fun time eh?

Xiu Long Bao

ur company oso tak buka today? haha...mine too! Yar...i just moved to a new company, your company's main competitor :)


Boy that roti tissue is really loooooooooong.


How come Friday off geh??
That roti tissue reminds me of roti 'anaconda' in Ipoh!

Lee Ping

Dear EE-Chian (Teckiee),

My husband watched "click" on the airplane. When he got back, he recommended it to me. Isn't that movie interesting? We can fast forward or rewind our lives just by the click of a remote control. Are you off every Friday or just today?

p/s No photos of Tai Kaa Che?

Big Boys Oven

Nice photos, I like the vegetable.


:) Nice meeting up wif you again. Don't sweat the small stuff so much k girl..Hahaha...Pot calling, kettle black :$

We go on a food crawl when I am back for good ;)


joe: Hehehe shell so big meat so small. I become real lazy when it some to peeling the shell off.

Xiu Long Bao: Ohhhh you in Damansara Height that company ah?

TamKiasu: hehehe yeahh it takes 3 round plates and one banana leaf plate.

Jason: Is the roti anaconda thin and crisp? I get Friday off when Sat is a holiday.

Lee Ping: call me teckiee ;) Aiyor.. the movie is so sad. I cried until my eyes hurt. Very meaningful. Honestly, I would not want to fast forward my life.

Big Boys Oven: Thanks.. but don't you think the photo looks a little like.. rain dots all over.. i think I did something but not sure what with the cam.

unkaleong: Hey hey yeah man, was nice meeting up again. I'll be waiting for Sept.

Lee Ping

Ok. Teckiee. :)


"Lai liu har"!!! Sooo long never eat them already. It was very special about the tofu dish. Sunny side on top of smooth tofu really makes me very curious. Wanna know how does the 2 thing tastes like. :)


Hey girl, haha, watch Click, cry leh...For how long, I did for about a good half hour! Ha ha...Glad you enjoyed the food at Ang Kee! Yes, we should have more teh tarik sessions to the wee morning. Come hang out with the older folks! ;o)


Not as thin as the tissue ops, roti tissue :P

Precious Pea

A great meet-up with you guys. So do it more often yah.


Yum! That Lai Liu Har looks good and look at that ultra huge roti.


cookies cream: You can try the tofu dish at home.. duno it will work the same or not tho. Going to try it out soon.

wmw: Aiyor i know i cried the last quarter of the movie.. just soo sad

jason: lol!

precious pea: yeahh more mamak session!

boo: You got to go for the lau lui har.. very goodddd!

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