Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dinner by Fat Boy Bakes

I had a dreadful day at work on Thursday. Timing was so right because all my anger and frustration were digested and wash away with good food and great company and laughter.

FFB, thank you so much for the delicious full course dinner at your fabulous home! And to all the yous that were there, thanks so much for all the dirty jokes ;p HAHAHAHAHA!

All this prepared from 5.30pm.... I think this would take me a week of planning and a day of cooking!

As usual, most of my pictures turned out too yellow or drunken. So, just a few pictures... but be sure you head to Jackson's, Precious Pea's and WMW's for more pictures. (and light porn? LOL!)

Chicken and mushroom pie was Go Went Gone the quickest.

I was looking around the table for the pie for a second helping but I was too late. Should have licked clean the serving spoon.

Very juicy and sweet chicken and mushrooms on the inside. Can never find pies like this in restaurants and cafes. You either get too dry stuffing, or runny sauce all over the place.

...ate and ate and ate... and FFB disappeared to get ...

... the flourless chocolate cakes with molten center.

I just had to go for seconds. Just looking at this picture makes me hungry for it again. The smell was so good too. I love the rum and raisin tart too. But too bad I don't have a good picture of it. The raisins... gosh I could have finished a whole bowl of the rum raisins.

After dinner, I found out that foodies can sing too! Another round of applause for Allen, Nigel and WMW! And FFB's wife was the bomb on the piano too! I noticed that she keeps glancing over to Allen and Nigel, and WMW, while they were singing to check how they are doing. She slowed down and quicken the song to blend with the voices.

The whole dinner experience was just wonderful. I am already looking forward for the next foodie get together.

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11 pieces of worms:


Wow, that lava cake looks perfect...I want one!


Hahaha....loved the way you masked FBB's face with I heart sign!


steamykitchen: yeahh it is... still dreaming of it now.

wmw: hahahaha i wanted to look for a spiderman mask to fit on top but couldnt find a pic with the right size and angle.

Rasa Malaysia

Wah, got menu some more, so professional like restaurant!


RM: hahah yeahh he's the man! And food was better than restaurants too.


Glad we perked up yr day teckiee and yes, food was good.


yeah... rasa malaysia, if u in KL, sure u will enjoy the gathering! Good food, good company

"Joe" who is constantly craving

that was good photoshop skills haha! haha this event will be basically the benchmark for other events..shit thats damn high expectations though


so much of fun, so much of good food!


Ahh... don't think I'll forget the nice meal that night ^^
Nice to see you agai Teckiee!


boo: ehehehe you all are my pomp pomp gals!

RM: come back quick and you'll get to pick which part of Jackson he should cam wore for us! hahhehehehe

Joe: yeah maaannn the food i tell you...have to bring container and tapau next time hahaha

Mei yen: hey gal, we will surely catch you the next round ;)

Jason: heheheh you too!

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