Friday, June 08, 2007

Foo Tian Restaurant

I wish I didn't have to work today. I'm so tired ... but still have energy to type this review of my favoruite Char Kuey Teow and salty fish fried rice!

Foo Tian Restaurant. The corner coffee shop in front of Alisan Mamak. That's the mamak when you can see Taman Bahagia LRT station's track.

The stall opened about a year ago? Sells fried kuey teow and salty fish fried rice. When I read salty fish fried rice, I thought that it was salted fish fried rice... but the order came different.

It's fried rice with small almost salty fish. This fried rice is very good. The rice cooked just right and fried individually. The stall owner fries the ingredients first and put aside, then focus on getting the rice right before mixing the ingredients in again. I really love the consistency because every plate I eat taste the same good taste. And it's not oily as compared to other nice fried rice sold else where.

My first think eating this fried kuey teow is when my Dad "tapow" (take away) the noodles for me. I loved it so much so I asked where he bought it from. I was surprised that it was from this shop. Again, his Char Queh Teow is friend individually to maintain the consistance. Dry... just like how a nice Penang Char Queh Teow is to be and taste just perfect!

And one cup of Kat Chai Shuin Mui (Lime juice with preserved plum) to go with it. *burb*

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15 pieces of worms:

Henry Leong

I like M'sian food yummy and economical.

Big Boys Oven

Look the anchovies still swimming around the fried rice. hehehehe I defintely know that the fried kuey teow must taste good because they got fresh lime to accompany with.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

haha you can blog early morning after that all that hoo haa yesterday nite ar..ur char kuey teow got lime? interesting after thought..

Lee Ping

*burb* at the end... of your article. D)

The salty fish looks more like small ikan bilis.

The char kuey teow has tiny fried lards?

Lee Ping

p/s if you are tired, you should rest. don't have to reply to my comment.


Workday-lor. If not, we may have stayed on until fbb's family decides to physically throw us out!
1st time see lime as condiment for ckt. Like mamak mee goreng aje.


You me CKT followed by mamak. Date? Hahaha...does the mamak still sell that assam laksa thingy?


henry: Yup totally agree with that.

Big Boys Oven: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ROTF...I better eat them before they swim away

joe: still got to work what

Lee Ping: yeahh its the tiny ikan bilis. And nope.. the Char Queh Teow have no lard.. but still taste very good.

tummythoz: yeah lo... lucky didnt fall asleep during meetings.

unkaleong: you are on. Asam laksa ah.. the other end of the mamak road isit? Still there, but the stall only open after 7pm.


I like that fried rice. I think many people have mistaken that as anchovies, I don't know what they're called, but its one of those salted fish my mom used with steam minced pork ..wahh..salivating !! :P


CKT sounds good and looks good. Need to go there and have a try....


meltingwok: I think thats another species of the anchovies. I think this type better because their have the sweeter fish taste.

wmw: Go got the no chili version. Nicer.

Rasa Malaysia

I haven't had those little tiny anchovies for a long time...cute.


RM: Can you get fresh ones in US? That fish (the fresh ones) and egg made into an omelet is every nice. With some bell pepper, garlic and onions.


teckie, I went back to my fridge and godddd, I still got some left, don't know if they're still edible a not hahahaha :)


meltingwok: hahahahahhahahah better throw it out.. the last thing you want is have a tummy upset and not able to enjoy other food

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