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Glutinous rice dumplings

I bought 3 types of Chung (Chinese glutinous rice dumplings) from the pasar malam near my place on Wednesday because that there will be no Chung making this year.

Chung from the pasar malam.

Kan Sui (alkaline) chung with red bean filling. The size of Kan Sui chung is usually much smaller.

This is Ham Yoke (salted meat) chung... but where's the meat? RM3 for a lousy chung.

After eating the Nyonya chung, I so so wished for home made big fat stuffed with goodies chung.

Lucky me, my aunt's family from Singapore who loves chung came up and bought over very nice glutinous rice. Mom bought back the other ingredients and so the Chung making begins.

Here is one tip on making the Ham Yoke chung. Boil your first strings of chung first. After when this is done, you can unwrap and taste. If it is too salty, use more water for your remaining batch of chungs. If too bland, add salt when boiling the chungs. Also see my Chung post from last year for the Ham Yoke Chung recipe.

Since my grandma is staying with us now, she taught me how to make Kan Sui chung. Very very simple actually.

- 1kg glutinous rice, washed and soaked for 5 hours
- 3 to 4 tbls of alkaline water

Other recipe also uses boric asid to keep make sure the chung leaves do not stick to the leaves. Add a few drops if you have some.

1. Drain the water from the soaked glutinous rice and mix in alkaline water. You can see the color change on the rice.

2. The wrap the rice with the bamboo leaves. You can also add your own fillings in the center. Red beans, green beans.... I think I will be stuffing beef rendang in them next year. Yum yum!

In the video, my grandma suggested to practice wrapping the chung using soil. If the shape is ugly, you can just try again.

Try using the narrow bamboo leaves to wrap the Kan Sui chung. Leave the broader leaves for the bigger chungs. Tie the chung with the string loosely, just enough to keep the leaves together. This is to make sure the Kan Sui rice will have space to grow/bloat. Remember to trim the edges off as they might poke into the other chungs when you boil them.

3. Boil the chungs for 2 hours.
4. Drain off the water and let it cool to room temperature. Serve with warm kaya or syrup. Delicious!

To make the syrup, all you have to do is melt sugar in water and boil until it turns brown and thick. I used palm sugar for my syrup to give it better fragrance. You can also add Pandan leaves when boiling. Strain the syrup before you server. I didn't strain mine because I was too lazy... just wanted to eat already. LOL!

I didn't manage to make the pillow chung again this year. The method that I had learn doesn't seem to be the right method. My grandma mentioned that I will have to use banana leaf if I wanted pillow chung. However, I found this video on banh chung, Vietnamese square rice cakes. Not sure if this is workable for the Chinese style chungs.

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31 pieces of worms:


I love 'em joongs! My grandma was the one who made joongs for us. Since she's no longer around, I have to be contented with Y.Y's Famous Dumplings! Thank goodness it's available at Jusco!


Waaa.. suddenly thought of eating alkaline chung with gula melaka tim! Haha... The alkaline chung with red bean filling... I want!

Kenny Mah

I lovelovelove Nyonya chung... can eat six of them at a go if no one stops me! :D

Kansui is good too, but I can't eat too many lah... a bit muak after awhile lar.

Hmm... I see many good dumpling eating ahead of us! ;)


wmw: YY's in Jusco? Normal days got ah? Whats in it? ...but Jusco... Halal?

jason: hehehe go to pasar malam and buy la. I bought the reb bean filling for 80cents.

kenny: wahhh 6?! must be very nice nyonya chung.. or do you do that all the time?

Lyrical Lemongrass

I love eating chung. But I prefer the savoury one as compared to the sweet one. Hey, I like your step-by-step guide.


Lyrical Lemongrass: yeah me too. But sometimes i dont dare to eat too much, my stomach cant process all that glutinous rice.


Can find 'chang' in BKK that is not wrapped in Banana leaf wan..Wait har, I try to go take picture of it for you :P You, me..Digital Mall@Section 14, date? ;)


Luv luv luv ham-yuk-chong with thick silky fat imbeded inside. Lip smacking ones are so hard to find nowadays. *sigh*


just had one for breakie, my mom very lucky one, her neighbours will supply her since she doesnt know how to make them :p


oh yeah, tomorrow is da day!!!!!!!


i would love to learn the wrapping of chang! most unfortunately, me mum cant wrap tight, good changs, so, i never get to learn :(

Xiu Long Bao

The video clips are great, will learn how to wrap dumplings one day...errr...maybe not those 'professional' triangle types, pillow-like dumplings look easier to wrap...haha


unka: Have you tried them before? I think banana chung will smell a but different? Ok can can. Geek stuff i'm always on. hahahha

tummythoz: my boss just told he me walup all the fat stuff in his kids and wife's chung on fathers day.

babe_kl: did you go over and help her eat a few? ;p

mei yen: yeahh too bad it's non halal... if not will bring to office to makan already

sc: Maybe a few of us should wrap in a group next year. Its a lot of fun! (plus you can put all the stuff that you like... for tummythoz that lots of the pork fat! hehehe)

xui long bao: Actually my grandma said square ones are harder to wrap leh


I've yet to start on my jong collection except the kan sui ones. We get our supply from my aunt and an old lady at Seapark.


I want I want! I haven't had chung for quite some time liao...


boo: You get chung from your aunt and I only get the rice.. LOL

Kok: How to send over? ...hard to make your own ones over in OZ land also hor.. If you get hold of the rice and leaves.. can do the kan sui chung.. very simple.


You've definitely inspired me to try and make zhong. Looks so easy when you do it! Looks great!


Thank you for sharing.

You help me to recall about "Chiew Ting" Bak Chang.


Rasa Malaysia

I love the ones with dark syrup it's the best...and of course bak chang, but mine always have extra filling: chesnuts, and hay bee...wah so good.


happy "duan wu jie" to you and your family! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm i will make sure i wont get any of those crap ham yuk chung nonsense!


Teckiee: Wait till I go to psar malam laaa ^^ If I'm going :P

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Did you know that it was your first glutinous rice dumpling article that attracted me to your blog? I loved the video showing me how to wrap a bah chang.

You will generate a lot of traffic (from all parts of the world) on this article.

p/s I read that boric acid is banned in the US. I have not seen alkaline water here either. Our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is quite strict.


Paprika: Go go go! *holds up pom pom* Must show me the pic when you do =)

CharlieBrown8989: Ohh I have not heard about that type of chang before. Whats inside?

RM: yeahhh bak chang somehow doesn't taste complete without them.

joe: Get the expensive ones. The one WMW recommends, and I heard Esquire Kitchen have some good ones for Rm5.50.

jason: So... got buy or not? Today chung cxit already.

lee ping: Hehehe actually I do get a lot of emails regarding the chungs. Yeahh boric asid is actually bad for health (one reason I didn't bother buying it) alkaline water also actually. You know those yellow curry laksa noodles... those are noodles made from alkaline water as one of the ingredients too.

But chung.. ones a year.. err eat only lah ;p


Even if you can send it over, I won't want you to take the hassle lah. hehe. Thanks anyway!:) By the way, I have a chung in my fridge now given by my housemate. Let's see how OZ chung look like. I'll post it in my blog. :P


kok: hooo will be waiting for your chung post

Lee Ping

I know that the yellow noodles is made from lye water. I usually rinse them several times until the water runs clear before I serve the noodles.

You are right, once a year it is ok.


an advice from cutejoey: do not eat the dumplings which tied by using nylon or plastic string, toxins will be released when the dumplings are subjected to boil in the water for few hours.


lee ping: but the lye in soaked in the noodles already.. can wash off?

anonymous/cutejoey: Yeahh you are right. Esp the colored dye.


I tried your alkaline dumpling recipe! My rice came out soft and mushy, not like yours FIRM! COuld you please advice me, what i've gone wrong?!?
I followed exactly what you wrote, except I soaked the rice for 3 hours, but the rice absorbed all the water before I knew it!


jane: hmm try to tie your dumblings tighter and boil for 1 to 1 and a half hours instead of 2.

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