Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hainan Station

I met up for lunch with some of my former colleagues the other day. When I was told the plan was to eat at Hainan Station at Avenue K, I had the feeling that the food will turn out to be like Old Town Cafe.

Hainan station in Avenue K

But... I was wrong. The curry noodle I ordered was actually quite nice. A lot of curry leaves fragrant that they have the right amount of coconut milk in it.

Hainan chicken rice looks good.

And comes with bean sprout if you order the set lunch. All their set lunches varies in price but all includes main dishes and drinks. All below RM10.

Prawn noodles was ok, but I think a little more chili with be better.

The chicken hor fun soup noodles was a little bland. But my colleague enjoyed it, saying that salty soup only means being dehydrated later.

Most of us ordered the barli and chin chow for drinks.

Overall an alright place for lunch.

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11 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

I am so embarrassed. I was actually drooling looking at the curry noodles. We had a heavy dinner, I should not feel hungry.

I now understand why someone said this to me once, "Food blogs are bad for my waistline".

Got to go, have to make me some midnight snacks.


Are there other Hainan Stations around? Only one station?


I had curry mee yesterday for lunch but not as good as yours


Lee Ping: That's why eat first think later ;P But then I know what you mean...

wmw: Hmmm I think one only.

jason: ohh but Ipoh curry mee is different from this. Ipoh's one I like too because they don't need the santan to make it yummy. I miss "ma lui curry mee!" (twin sister).

"Joe" who is constantly craving

isnt there another one at low yat? well dis looks damn desserted to me when i walked past it today after my meal at shanghai 10..hehe..but then once again looks pretty decent..


is this the one @ the Avenue - K food court??

Lee Ping

Another quote is "eat first and diet later".

Precious Pea

There is a Hainan Station at my office block. Quality very inconsistent...i think they always change chef.


Yet to try any of the Hainan Station at all. Thanks for the tip on this one.


joe: Not really sure, I haven been to Low Yat for sometime now.

jackson: The place is one level above the food court.

Lee Ping: hahaha I think for foodies like us, there's no such thing as diet ;p

Precious Pea: Hmm I'm not surprised about that. Lots of shops are like that also. But I was lucky to catch nice curry mee.

boo: =) ...but hor... only for the Hainanese chicken rice.. i think everything else is non hainan.

Big Boys Oven

If I am not mistaken, Hainan Station, Tony Roma, Manhattan Fish Market and Sushigroove belong to same group of company.

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