Thursday, June 14, 2007

Madoma ice cream

I was walking at the lower ground of Mid Valley last week when someone caught my eye.

Isn't he cute? hehehe I walked past the ice cream stall a second time and decided I just have got to take this guy clad in the Turkish traditional vest.

I have seen Turkish ice cream stalls in Sungai Wang many times, and I remember Boo mention there is one in Low Yat Plaza too, but never came about to try them. They way the ice cream is mixed is also quite unique. A rope will be tied to the ice cream pail; a bell is attached to the pail. The ice cream maker will then mix the ice cream by throwing and flinging the ice cream pail around in the air.. while the bell makes noise.. to attract customers.

Only RM3 for 2 scoops of very smooth gelato like ice cream. Really very good!

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Precious Pea

I always buy from this guy, i find it much better than McDonald sundae. If lucky, you might find blueberry flavour. My favourite is chocolate ;p


Looks like the guy who "whacks" the ice-cream at Sungai Wang :) Have not tried before wor..


Passed him many times but have not tried. Always quite lonely without customers so worried it may taste funny. Now u say good, I'm game!


Yeah, u can find him also at Low Yat's basement next to that Sudoko place.

Kenny Mah

Mmmm... Ice cream. I scream, you scream, we all SCREAM for Ice Cream!!! LOL...

Would love some now... ;)


precious pea: really? aishehh when i went there was only choco, vanila and yam. But both vanila and choco was really good.

UnKa: yup yup that guy... or maybe diff guy but same vest

tummythoz: yeah actually there wasn't anyone buying from him. maybe he scares kids

boo: ahhhh i'll remember that.. can go eat some good ice cream when i do my techie shopping

kenny: hehehehe dont you just feel young and energetic just screaming out for ice cream?


I eat this once in awhile in Midvalley. Each time still amaze at the way they do the ice cream and then they trick you while handing you the ice cream. Pretending to have it slip from the hand, holding it upside down but the ice cream still stuck to the cone! ha ha ha...

Lee Ping

I have never had a turkish ice cream. What are some of the flavors?


my sis tried before and find it yummy too!


Many years back they use to toss the ice cream in the air. Guess they realise that way is less hygenic.


wmw: hahaha he did tat to me also.. he's funny la

lee ping: it's a chewy ... theres yam, choco and vanila. Precious Pea said there's blueberry too.

Mei Yen: You got to try it too! Buy one for your sis too ;P

Hijackqueen: hmm but its covered... rite? they have this metal pail thing one


Aiyaya... i alwiz walked pass this stall but havent try it yet!! Must try next time..

Lee Ping

It's chewy, so there's tiny pieces of yam in the yam flavored ice cream. No Turkish spice, huh? I don't even know if there is such a thing as Turkish spice.


jackson: Like me la... I have seen Turkish ice cream stalls so many times for years but this is the first time I have tried it. Very worth it.

lee ping: hmmm I think there is Turkish spice, but not in this ice cream tho. There's no yam in it... chewy as in... something like a sticky ice cream... hehe hard to explain.


i recalled the first time i had this, i was on my mobile while waiting for him to scoop the ice cream.. then he passed to me (i'm still yakking on my mobile) and he turned the ice cream upside down just before i took it. i was caught by surprise and i let out a small scream. he got a shock and we both laughed like hyenas after that :D


sc: LOL! I think one of these someone should play a trick back on him!

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