Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lemongrass cooling drink

Lyrical Lemongrass! hehehe actually, nothing to do with LL ;P

I was served the lemongrass drink as a welcome drink when I was at Basil Leaf Restaurant. The weather was so hot when I arrived and the drink really really cooled me down.

Very smooth and minty cool down the throat, tasteless but very lemongrassy fragrant. I fell in love with it... but have no idea how to make it. But after some trial and error. I think I manage to make the drink.

- 1 tsp of sugar
- 6 to 7 stalk of lemongrass.
- 5 liter of water

1# Clean lemongrass and chop them into pieces/chunks.
2# Add them into a pot and boil with the water.
3# Add in sugar when water is boiling and turn off after 1 minute.
4# Let the water to cool and strain.
5# Refrigerate or serve it with ice and a few pieces of mint leaves.

I kept mine in a cooler and drank it when I felt hot and thirsty. Works wonders I tell you.

I wished I could take this drink over to the beach, under the hot sun, and enjoy a glass of cool iced lemongrass drink.

p/s I’ll be at Redang and won’t be back until Monday. Don’t miss me ;P

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17 pieces of worms:

xiu long bao

NOOOOO...dun go....i'll miss u...

team BSG

you are really serious ah lemongrass is tasteless but fragrant ? Still cannot believe.
But, but but...
Just wait till V get near her.

V will miss u too from P Perhentian dear

Lyrical Lemongrass

LOL at team bsg's remark!

I love the refreshing taste of a lemongrass drink too. Have a good trip, girl!


Have fun. I love this drink too, made it once for a party which was so refreshing.


Ok, drink more....get your vocal chords ready for our karaoke session! Hahaha....Who else wants to go? Thinking of 30 June...11am-2pm.


WMW: Me me!
Have fun at Redang, remember snap more pictures to feed us ya! :P

The Cooking Ninja

hmm...interesting. I got to give it a try. :)

Lee Ping

Have a fun and safe trip!


Wah, happening weekends for you eh? Wish you have a safe and enjoyable trip! :)


happy holidays!!! you can try this Lemongrass Honey Tea recipe the next time too


Have Fun! Don't forget the Sunscreen!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

have fun man! go kao zhai ar remember..bikini and all!


thanks for da recipe, would love to try it out :D and have lotsa fun in redang! :D

Big Boys Oven

Can I have one of them, please. I am so so thirsty!


Happy trip!
and lemongrass drink :?


that is a good drink.......add a slice of lime into


xiu long bao: I'm back!

team BSG: hahahahahhaha!!!!

Lyrical Lemongrass: run far far away before that have a bite of your arm!

boo: yeah and its so easy to make too.

wmw: ok set set.. but i'm just going to make KL banjir more... have to give advance warning 1st.

jason: pics comming up

Cooking Ninja: yup yup.. simple and easy to make.

Lee Ping: I'm back I'm back! got miss me or not? ;p

Kok: stress like man.. need to relax ma =)

babe kl: ohhhhhh i think this will taste even better... i like the additional lemongrass to stir.

UnkaLeong: Cannot work la.. I'm 2 tones tanner.

Joe: hahahahhaha *wondering how joe knew my plan?*


Big Boys Oven: You make so good looking deserts... dont be lazy ;P Boil water and chop lemongrass only.

Mark: Yup yup... My first time to drink lemongrass drink at the restaurant too...heheh so jakun ;P

foodcrazee: ehhh lemon honey lemongrass... i got to try thisss. really sounds like a good combo

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