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Lui Char

When I colleague asked me if I have eaten Lui Char before, I responded with "Yeah! Where did you try it? Near office? Nice?". I was exited when she told me she have been seeing folks at the Po Ling Chinese temple eating Lui Char for sometime now have no guts to try the greenish monster looking soup rice dish. They only serve Lui Char during Fridays.

I quickly coaxed (LOL!) my other 5 non carnivore colleagues to have the dish with me. The following Friday.

Lui Char aka Lei Char aka Ham Char is a Hakka Hor Poh dish. The dish is served with rice and 6 side dishes. The original Lui Char uses garlic and onions with the cooking and some shrimps.

The side dishes usually consists of tofu, beans, vegetables (long beans, mani chai and all types of green leaf vegetables), ground nuts and sesame seeds.

This is the tea, or ‘char’. It’s actually more like a soup, but Hor Poh calls it tea. It’s green because it mostly consists of basil leaves blended with other ingredient (groundnuts too) to make the soup.

I used to hate basil. But loved this dish. There actually no hint of basil in the soup at all.

The Hor Poh way of eating Lui Char is mixing everything in the Char (the green soup) and eating it like riced porridge. Very yummy stuff if you can accept the greenish soup and it's very fragrant and unique taste.

3 out of the 6 of us went for the Lui Char. 3 of them could not handle the green looking soup. For us 3 who eat Lui Char, I loved it, (but I think the non vegeratian version is nicer). surprising my male colleague could accept the dish. And actually finished the rice and that whole big bowl of green monstrous hulk soup! My other female colleague was forcing her way through the rice porridge. She mentioned that the dish needed more salt.

The other places where you can find Lui Char, one in Pudu, one in Kepong, another vegetarian version in SS2... and many many more in Ipoh and Sabah! Got to dig up pictures I have on Lui Char and post them up soon.

I guess Lui Char is not for everyone. It's the kind of dish where you either love or hate it.

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25 pieces of worms:

Keropok Man

How interesting. I have never ever heard of Lui Char before!

Lyrical Lemongrass

haven't heard of Lui Char before. not sure if I'm gonna like it, BUT am willing to try it at least once. The non-vegetarian one, of course. ;-)


Wahh, teckie, that lui char looks really good. I'm so ashamed I'm not aware of it even I'm a pure Hakka hahaha, dang. the green mainly comes from the basil leaves ? Does it have any tea leaves ?


I love lui cha - yum, this one looks good. Thanks for the tip.


keropok man: My aunt said there's a lot of hawker center in Singapore that sells Lui Char. She mention Beduk, block 700 something. But not that nice.

ll: Ok.. i'm going to take you out one day to try 2 things. One, Lui Char. The second is the "Ang chio mee sua", red fermented rice noodle. Green and red are very nice colours hehe

melting wok: I really like Lui Char, but many people find it hard to accept. There's no tea in it.

boo: Yes! seems like here's only you and me who likes lui char. So hard to find lui char kaki. My friends always run away from me when I say I want to bring them out for lui char. It's like ang mo's and durian!


I love lui char and eat it regularly with my family, usually at a hakka restaurant selling mainly lui char. The restaurant I frequent is usually packed. It's is in Bandar Puteri, at the new shops close to DH, opposite the Haier Office. It just moved here from another older part of Bandar Puteri. A bowl costs RM5.50 now. It used to cost RM4.50 when I first patronized the shop!

Lui char any time for me! It's an excellent and healthy dish! Slurp!


Sorry, it's really an acquired taste and this is one of those that I have not acquired. Hee hee...


bayi: DH as in Damansara Heights? Bandar Puteri Puchong? I'm bad at locations hehe

wmw: tried ang chio mee sua?

Rasa Malaysia

I hate soon as I saw the ingredients and the color, I lost all my appetite. LOL.


RM: hahahah aiyorrr cannot judge a book by its cover la

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

This is different from the "lei char" that my friend gave me. The "lei char" came in a packet form and it is made in Taiwan. The packet has at least 5 different kinds of nuts that were grind into powder. I prepared it by mixing the powder with water. It did not look green at all, just an earthy color. I guess Malaysian Lei Char is different. If I were to eat it the Malaysian Lei Char, I would eat the ingredients separately and not mix it all up. Your male colleagues who gobbled big bowls of "green monstrous hulk soup" were probably too hungry to care for looks. :)


lee ping: I think you can blend the basil together and the nuts. Not sure if that will give you the same effect. Yeah... most people who tries will not mix in the soup. Easier to munch the whole plate of rice if they dont like the soup.


Never try it as the smell is kinda overpowering for me :P And I don't like to "flood" my rice too ^^

Kenny Mah

I have tried Lui Char just once before, and while I like how healthy it is, it is definitely an acquired taste. I won't mind keep trying till I get used to it... ;)

And I love mixing the soup and rice --- that's the whole fun ma... :D


jason: hmm really? but the smell not really that strong one woor. maybe you should try without mixing in the soup.

kenny: hahaha thats the way to go! but looks kind of gross ... my sis said looks like food waste in moss growing in water... haha hope i didn't kill your appetite.



sorry. typo error. DHL (courier service company).

this shop serves good lui char, i assure you, as evident in the crowds there every meal time. but they also serve other hakka dishes, e.g. yong tau foo, wine chicken, etc.

the shop's name is tian yu.


btw, i am a die-hard fan of lui car. i drink the green soup! :)

Precious Pea

I like lui cha minus the soup. Wouldn't mind having the rice with the condiments.


bayi: DHL in bandar puteri puchong ah? ehh then i have to go try already. They soup nice or not?

precious pea: hmm means you like lui... not lui char LOL


'lui-char-fan' just means 'greenish-soup-rice'. Phitoy's absolute fav! Me? Yucky. His relatives do this quite often. Lots of manual grinding involved. (Hmm.. maybe I should post the pictures of Phitoy sweating it out for his meal) He'll wallop a minimum of three bowls. Me? I'll mix everything in & have it dry.


next time you can ajak me along, i kinda like this. been some time since i last go to hor por kitchen in pudu. maybe we shld organise one soon.


used to eat "lui char" @ almost every sunday years ago... loved it! only tried da one @ kepong though...


mei yen: eh we can go to the Imbi one together with babe kl

The Cooking Ninja

wah ... I haven't had dumplings for many many years. I missed it again this year. sob! sob! I miss my mom's noya chung so much. She learned it from my grandma.


cooking nimja: oops, i think this comment is for my Chung post.

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