Monday, June 11, 2007


When a few of my bosses came down from Houston, I had to bring them out for site seeing. There is always one place that all my bosses look forward to going. Petaling Street. Why? Pirated DVDs and Grade A bags and Rolex watches.

Recently while chatting with one of my peers in Houston, he mention something different. "Petaling Street? Oh gosh, those exotic fruits!". He describe fruits like the duku langsat, rambutan and the mangosteen.

"You can't find them in Houston! They are so delicious too!"

This is usually how I squeeze open my mangosteen. Use the heel of the palm and apply force to the fruit until it burst open. Make sure you burst it slowly so the juice don't squirt all over you. They stain! And they don't wash off like any other latex.

And you know the mangoteen's butt have magic.

Or at least I believe that until I was old enough to realize that when you see n number of petal on the back,

you will get n number buds of flesh on the inside.

Dad used to bluff me when I was still a kid. Guess it was fun ;)

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15 pieces of worms:


opss..i never knew that little trick..shame and run away! haah

Lee Ping

This is a well appreciated article by a person who hasn't eaten mangosteen for a long long time... We have canned mangosteen as well as freeze dried ones but nothing compared to the real thing.

I also learned the number of flesh inside is the same as the number of petals on the outside skin. I wonder how your dad learned this.

p/s A note on the DVD piracy law. If there is a pirated American movie, when you enter into the US, you get fined. I heard it was a huge fine as well.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahah so good ar..just bring ppl around for work..i want to do that too!..but dis duku langat already i dont like the feel on the hands..u knw wat i mean? is it the same wif mangosteen?


KampungboyCitygal: hahahha must go to dusun and eat more mangosteen!

lee ping: Either he figured out himself or my granddad. My granddad have a fruit ochard, so he gets a lots of local fruits to eat when he was young.

ps.. dont by american movie.. can still buy french? hehe. but my bosses have not been caught before.

joe: I think its the latex that gives the feeling. Use soap water to wash off la... ok ma


A tip. Try squeezing it with the stump & end on each plam instead. It'll b less messy & the buds will stick to d stump - can eat like a drumstick.


tummythoz: Wont the stump be blocking? Go to try this way.


There goes your hand modelling again! Ha ha ha...Wah lau, wear white long sleeve shirt while eating them? You do live life dangerously, don't you? LOL


wmw: It's ok. I'm trained to open mangosteen. Kids, don't try this with long sleves. LOL!

team BSG

aha interesting. but sorry bout your aborted ( yet again durian party ). maybe u shud have a mangosteen party instead so V can see more of your pretty squeezy hands ! ( btw 3 of us were in Houston in 2000 , it is beautiful with many Asians )


It's rare to see a big ones in Ipoh

Big Boys Oven

lee ping: no need to bring pirated dvd, just download from internet. :)

teckiee: mangosteen, I brought back i bag of them from teluk intan. I was tol they are from thailand and only next month you can get the local ones. Was thinking to make dessert or starter with them hmmm......


bsg: Aiyor ... I saw durians at the Cheow Yang pasar malam... but don't know why no stand alone durian stalls around.

jason: The ones i bought aren't that big either. Small ones ok still... no seed =)

BBO: Ohhh Im not sure if the ones I ate are from Kampung or Thailand. But there are very sweet like Kampung mangosteen.

But rainy season la =( all the fruits wont be that nice.

Keropok Man


look at the way you open it, wanted to shout, careful! it stains! long sleeve some more...


keropok man: hehe it's ok. I was very gentle with the fruit.


I miss mangosteen so much... oo..speaking of opening the mangosteen, normally i use the other round ie the butt of the mangosteen facing me and then pressing it to open. well, i guess its just the same =D

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