Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mini treats

There's nothing to snack on at home so I thought I should top my little snack trolley with some biscuits. I don't really like buying a lot of the same biscuits so I decided to look for those biscuits bin where they sold snacks by the grams.

Grated coconut flesh biscuits with mint and coffee. There a little hint of mint when you bite into them and lots of coffee fragrant when you smell them. These little bite size biscuits are really addictive too.

I love spiced biscuits, but I think these are a little too hard for my liking. It taste the same as "Yi chai peng" (biskut telinga), they just made them in a different shape.

This... you will have to guess. Smells like fish food. Tasted dry and sandy. Surprising not salty. This came in a small yellow RM1 pack. ....You don't usually eat this... I think I was a little out of my mind when I bought it.

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25 pieces of worms:


First time visitor but I just had to say ... that's pet food right? You know it's pet food? The bottom pic is definitely cat food.....

Big Boys Oven

heheheh I like the way you stacked the coconut cookies!


cat food alright..

Lyrical Lemongrass

ya lah...i was thinking the same food. But I guess there's the aesthetic quality and the fact that it looks very pretty like the earlier pics. Did u have a bite?


Take it easy on the cat snacks! What's next? You coughing up hairballs? ROFL...

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

I was going to say that the last photo doesn't look appetizing "politely" without hurting your feelings because, after all you did upload the photo and posted it on your blog.

After I read the comments you received from Anonymous and WMW, I could not stop laughing. They do look cat biscuits. Still laughing...


er, the last ones look like my kitty cat's food. Maybe you shld pass some over and they'll tell you if it's nice or not?


teckie, i hv the same feeling too... if its a real snack for human, u should share it wt us nexxt round when we meet...haha

Precious Pea

The last picture looks like my pea and pumpkin's doggie biscuit but with fish-shaped. So i guess it much be cat biscuits.


As soon as I hit the 2nd pix. I knew it's five spiced biscuits, yeah..I too prefer the ear-shaped ones :) As for the 3rd pix. are you gonna make us do a guessing game again ? Reward : cookies from 1st pix. unlimited supply ?:P


It looks like whiskas I feed Sasha...Hahaha...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

oh dear me..actually i thought it was dog food..but somehow the conclusion was its cat food..teckiee are you too stressed? maybe you walked to the wrong snack section!..


'Surprisingly not salty'. Hmmm gone into reviewing pet food d?


Teckie has gone cuckoo. Somebody please deliver some real human food to her!!


err err...have to agree with everyone does look alot like pet food. are you eating well?!

also, please dont use tissue paper as a prop to hold the food. very very unflattering and distracting. :D





Hmmm.... don't think you tried the "cat food" la, right?? Muahahahaa.....


Dear all,

Yes, it is cat food! HAHAHAH and yes la, I tasted it. Honestly, it didn't taste that good. A little awful actually. I tried like... 6 to 7 pieces... Boo's cat and Unka's sasha can have the rest.

Was I stressed when I tried it? Well just say i was a little bit bored and stressed ...and maybe a little insane but I guess there are people out there who have taste cat and dog food too.

And no la.. I'm not turning into a fur ball :p ... but anyone want to try dog food? Maybe I'll just bring some to the next flogger meet and dare you all to have a bite while me and Big Boys Oven play uno stacko!


I laughed until I wept about the cat kibblies! heehee, those little fishies...

and yes, I did try a milkbone once because my dog ate them like they were delicious. I bet they tasted about the same as the cat friskies.


foodhoe: hahahaha see i knew it! i'm not the only crazy person who admits they have tried animal food!

xiu long bao

ooo..tasty nya. u r not alone. CSB tried my doggie's biscuits too. Guess he is just too hungry.

Big Boys Oven

MayB we might look into baking some cat and dog cookies, just like what jambakery did. hahaha! Boleh laku kah, what do you all think?


xlb: The cat food not nice la ... i wonder if i'll be nuts again to try dog food.

bbo: Heyy i think it's a great idea! Can make them into animal birthday cookies too. Some thing nice for the pets on their birthdays.


ahem..people, the malls here actually have a special dog treat store that sells these cute lil' nibblets for dogs/ god, they're so preety, almost edible for humans haha :P


MeltingWok: we have some here too, but fresh birthday biscuits specially ordered... don't think there's any yet.

I wonder how the food tasting would go

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