Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mui choy preserved with fermented red rice

Anyone seen this before?

Mui choy preserved with fermented red rice.

One of my relatives gave us this. From China. I was also told that the "fok chow" people often eat this.

My mom used the vegetable to make fish soup noodles.

Not the normal fish head noodle soup as this one is a light soup with no milk.

I didn't really taste the fermented red rice. Only a slight hint of fragrant from the Mui Choy. This is the same red stuff in the "Ang Chio Mee Sua". It not salty but a little sourish. Kind of like "Ham Choy". The texture is like the normal Mui Choy though.

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18 pieces of worms:


I must admit - never seen that type of mui choy before in the shops. Very interesting.

Rasa Malaysia

I love mui choy, but I have never seen one with fermented red rice...hmmm, interesting.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm this looks very interesting..mui choy steam pork is dmn shiok.. is the taste like lam yu?

Precious Pea

Hmm...a very educational post indeed.


I think I saw this before in ipoh's wet market but not as big as this. At first, i tot it's some kind of animal brain :P


wow.... have not seen anything like this before! so special... and i love "muichoy" especially with "kao yook" :D


boo, RM: Me too. I was actually still sleeping when my mom wanted to cook this. She knew I have not seen this before. She woke me up just to let me see. Glad I tookm a pic of it.

joe: nope...taste and smell nothing like lam yu. got wine smell and taste

precious pea: somehow i suddenly feel smarter ;p

jason: must be the red stuff that looks like blood.

mei yen: hehehe i love that with porridge! usually just flood my whole bowl with it and eat nothing else.


I think this is just ham choy with redish stuff eh?:P

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

My Dad would love this dish. He loves anything with Mui Choy.

Lee Ping

Ooh, I finally attempted glazed donuts. They are not as good as Apple but it is home made. If I have time tonight, I will post. I am linking to your article, as well as WMW's on Apple Donut.


kok: hehe and the redish stuff is not blood ;p

lee ping: Just came from your site... cant wait to see your donuts... drop by later again

team BSG

It always comes to mind that the true food adventure ( agree?) is not in KL but somewhere outside with different-from-all-of-them too same-looking cafes and overusuals like another red thing like this for instance ( but sorry this also V havent see )!

definitely a fuzhou product(like some of us red face ones )


bsg: hehehe for you back street gluttons definitely!

Lee Ping

Sorry. Donuts not as good looking as the ones in your article. I still post it. I don't know how to make a good glaze. Should I add coloring?


lee ping: Aie.. white is good. Coloring is bad for health.. esp not good for the kids.


woww..I know of using red rice with pork soup, one of the hakka thing ? But never heard this red rice mui choy pork belly..wow, flavor must be very intense, yums !:)


i like the foo chow zao cai bee hoon


meltingwok: Actually the flavor not intense enough. I think have to eat it raw then the smell is there.

SomebodyHasToBe: Oh, I don't think I have eaten that before. Can I get it at the normal 'dai chow'?

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