Monday, June 25, 2007

My first meal in Terrenganu

I'm back! It's good to be back home on my own bed, but I miss the beach already. I'm going to leave you with a prelude of my trip, got to go sort out my weekend chores that I skipped first.

Took the 10pm bus to Kuala Terengganu. Then the 7am local bus to Merang, and walked 600 meters to the jetty.

Almost reaching to the jetty, I saw these 3 stooges guarding the rubbish bin. I went nearer to take a picture but decided not when one of them become defensive. *phew* Ganasnya.

First stall on the left of the road before all the jetty. All the local Terengannians were eating at this shop so I figured that's the place for the real authentic local food. One of the local staff there later confirm that. So I head over to the first shop on the left of the road. The shop is located before all of the jetty. You can't miss it.

The Tom Yam fried bee hoon was hotter that any Tom Yam bee hoon I have tried before. Very nice. The balance of spicyness and the sourness was just right.

The nasi lemak was ok. I found the sambal too sweet to my liking, but was told local sambal was like that, a little sweeter.

I finished my nasi minyak, and found myself craving for more. This is the best nasi minyak I have ever tasted. The fragrant... damn good!!!!

I didn't want to eat the same thing twice so I got myself a local quih. This is like a combo of Dorayaki cake and Chinese "Ham Chim Peng". Was just so so.

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15 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Nasi minyak is oily rice? It is fragrant perhaps it has lemongrass?


I was born in Kuala Terengganu. My Mom said her best friend brought her to the hospital on a motorbike.

team BSG

Definitely our type of superb food ! food and food ! ...and then only cost one fraction right !?


Hiya :D The nasir lemak just make me want to go out and buy some now.

Precious Pea

I like the first pic of the 3 stooges.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i want pictures of the beach..the food looks ok lar..but i want the clear water and the smooth sand..


Reminds me of the Malay food I had at Taman Negara few years back. Aiyor, so miss the ikan bakar and stir fry mixed vegetables with turmeric! *drools*


All simple food but definitely, they all make me drool!:P


hey, on an unrelated note, my housemate from uni, whom i havent met/kept in touch for the last TWENTY years, came to my blog from YOUR blog, and she recognised my profile photo, ie, chin and lips, and actually asked me if i was who i was!!!!! isnt that incredible!!! scary! and she lives in PERTH.


lee ping: The fragrance is from red vinegar I think... and the rice is actually not oily. They should call it nasi wangi or some thing.

Ahhh on a bike? You mom must be one supermom!

bsg: Yeahhh the nasi minyak and the quih only RM3 all together.

Shionge: Enjoy your meal =)

precious pea: like circus hor? hehe

joe: next post next post

jason: hmm the ikan bakar i had near not steam only not bakar at all

kok: Yup...less is more.. and in this case... less is more, yummy and cheap!

ffb: Thats the power of internet presence. Not scary yet... wait till some stranger tap on your shoulder and say say "Hey I know that chin and lips. FFB, I read your blog". LOL!!


ooo.... that's a very nice shot of da 3 monkeys...ekekekeke....

fbb, small small world... O_o


I think nasi minyak is more the spices they cook it in. Not sure but that is what I observed once when we had nasi minyak before.

Love the 3 monkeys pix - definitely territorial abt their dustbin.


aiiyo, nasi minyak is damn sedap one. I also do cheat sheet version w/brown rice, of coz I quit eating white for a few years now. Anyhoo, prolly the minyak added back the calories hehehe, nevertheless, its good, with all the rich spices like cloves, cardamon, cinnamon sticks, and star anise, yums !:) Btw, how far is the bus drive from KL -> TG ?


Em... but the one I had is bakar one lah... nice :P

Big Boys Oven



mei yen: dress them in tux... line them up .. lol .. ok im thinking weird LOL

boo: hmmm but the smell is not spices smell...KL and KT nasi minyak same one rite?

mentingwok: 7 hours! Actually 6.. there's a one hour toilet break.

jason: we pick the wrong place to eat gua

big boys oven: I'm blur too..??

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