Monday, June 04, 2007

Nandos Flaming Hot Peri Peri Chicken

Nandos at KLCC recently reopen after renovation so I decided to pay a visit to check out what's is new with the interior.

A very cute "bottomless" advertisement was displayed at the entrance. New interior, new menus. Free refills for iced lemon tea and soft drinks.

There are additions to the items in the menu too. I saw a few new beef dishes and some additional chicken salad and chicken dishes.

I also noticed that their sauces are spicier. Their garlic sauce used to taste really garlicky, but there's more spiciness in there now. Kind of kills of the garlic. ...I miss the old sauce.

The ice lemon tea comes in a smaller cup right now... but just top it up =)

Nandos Flaming Hot Peri Peri Chicken, with original peri chips and coleslaw. The Hot Peri Peri is even hotter now. Maybe they are saving on the sauce when they increase the spiciness in the sauce?

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10 pieces of worms:


I love Nandos but sadly I'm quite hopeless at the spicy sauces though and I usually go for the lemon and herb one. Food looks good, now my tummy is growling for a piece of the yummy chicken.


Haven't been to Nando's for ages...time to visit again especially with the new menu.


They increased their prices as well rite?

Lee Ping

The girl is wearing (or not wearing) a boy's pants in the ad. :)

Precious Pea

In Aust, they have garlic sauce as well..super duper yummy and each time i go, I sure finish at least half a bottle. I guess that is why they don't serve it here.


I do have cravings for Nando's rather than KFC but somehow find fast food chain's chicken keep shrinking & shrinking.


everytime i order will ask for extra peri-peri ... :P
oppss.. again, hungry now.. :P


boo: eh no la.. i started off with lemon and herb. Eat more of it then you can slowly "upgrade" hehe

wmw: Hm.. go try then review.. chicken ok.. beef... dunno ok or not

tankiasu: Ermmm the bottomless drinks yes. But the rest I think the same. McD's increase a lot la...hais

Lee Ping: Eh yeah hor.. but i know some friends who likes to wear their husband boxers.

Precious Pea: They do have it here.. but they add too much of the spicy thing in already.. i still like the previous garlic sauce recipe

Tummythoz: Cannot increase price so shrink chicken. Talking about KFC... their Zinger keep shrinking every time.

catsndogs: whahahhahaha i need to eat more hot stuff and level up hahaha

Xiu Long Bao

extra spicy chicken + bottomless drinks...perfect match mar.


Only shoestrings fries? Here in Perth, they served big fat fries. :P

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