Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Giant Bowl

Whole post edited [20 June 2007]

Aiyah ...paiseh paiseh. I uploaded the pictures in the morning before I left for work. But I guess I was too blur. I clicked Publish instead of Draft. So, no surprise lo. And lucky me, this draft version is not messy like my other drafts. Hehehe.

I so happen to be around SS2 because I was actually heading back to my office from a customer site in WestPort. Me and my colleague finished late and didn't feel like being stuck in the jam back to KL. No point going back to KL just to finish work and then head back. Make no sense.

I was hungry, and my colleague too. I made a deture to Big Bowl to fill up our empty stomach before dropping her off. I picked the place because she is eating vegetarian for the day. (And also I get to eat something healthy also? ...hahaha)

Big Bowl is located in the same row as Mc'Ds. Very clean place with good vegetarian food.

Both of us ordered the hot honey milk. I never fail to order this when I eat here. Warm to the lips, sweet smooth fresh milk down the throat. Just perfect.

I ordered nasi lemak. White rice with some beef rendang and sambal on the side. (Vegetarian of course ;p) Taste wise of course is lacking compared to the real thing. But for something vegetarian, nice!

My colleagues herbal soup pan mee was not bad too. The soup tasted herby, not very salty. But that's good because the taste will get saltier and saltier the more you drink it.

Two of my other favorite dish there is the curry mee and the soya bean porridge.

Didn't order them so I'm using Xiu Long Bao's technique of taking pictures of the menu. hehehe

They recently have red rice soya bean porridge too. More fiber... but the taste would be slightly different.

So there, review is done. Nice place la.. go try it out.

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19 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

you seem to be going into vegetarian lately..on a diet isit??..


Wah, so brief and short wor...


ooooooo... tried this and find da pan mee pretty good! :D

Precious Pea

eh?? Mana review? Good or bad? Harlow?


Apalah, Gamgar je...
*lari dan duduk sama PreciousPea*


What's this? No story to tell? The cat biscuits has finally gotten to you? LOL!




Thanks for the wb! :)
Wah...I can never get the bak chang wrapping rite...haiz!!! Thanks for the vidz!


Hahaha aiyakkk. Sorry folks.. I click the publish instead of the save as draft. will update with I get home.

But food is good!

Joe...yeah lo.. putting on way too much la. But difficult for a foodie to go on a diet la.. hahah esp me and pok ..pok pok pok

The Cooking Ninja

mmm...yummy.Btw, I was sick with sore throat and cold once and this hairdresser down the road told me to drink a cup of warm milk with honey - a few times a day and my cold will go away. It actually did. Don't know if it truly works or just by luck.


wah, very short post hor? ;p
good food till you're loss for words?


Kakaka..ter-click? Luckily it's not a draft full of profanities and nude pictures! :P


*making dents on table tapping fingers waiting for input*

"Joe" who is constantly craving

wahahah..pok pok pok eh..hav u heard of the no pork clip ar??..i try to upload it on my blog la 1 day..


Ok have updated. Nice clean place with good vegetarian food.

joe: its an audio rite? I heard before. It rocks man hahaha

jason: hehehe full review out =)

mei yen: Yeah, the noodle texture is different also.

precious pea, unka: sorry la boss, ter'click ma ;p

wmw: hmm i'll try dog biscuits la.. cat one not nice la

mahek, jadepearl: Thanks =) .. and jade.. post more la

cooking ninja: I'm not so sure about the milk, but drinking honey works

sc: butter fingers hehe

tankiasu: food blog la.. how 18sx/sg can it be? unless some restaurant owner piss me off la.

tummythoz: *phew* lucky no hole hahaha

Lee Ping

WMW, Teckiee,

Would you walk into a restaurant named "Hot Dog Food"?

My husband did. He wanted to buy some hot dogs.


Moments later, he walked out and told me it is food for dogs.


lee ping: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA that's a really cute name for a dog food shop! Maybe some malaysian open it...and own's a "hot dog" ...the hush puppies kind of dog with the long body, ears and short legs.

xiu long bao

huh? my technique? Ohh...that haagen dazs post! kekeke...i took pix of the whole menu leh, so crazy.

Didnt know that this rest serve vegetarian food. Normally i'll go Nanking court @ ss2 if im on vege diet. They even giv me privilege card. But this giant bowl seems to have more varieties. Will definitely try it on my next cycle of vege diet :)


xiu long bao: For lunch, Taman Megah have a vegetarian stall which is not bad. There's one more in Chow Yang, but very pack for dinner. Economy rice style.

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