Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pasta pasta!

When people ask me "What's the most basic thing that a person should know how to cook?" I always say... "Rice, eggs, and pasta". And to my surprise, 5 out of the 10 people I asked (who seldom cook) have cooked pasta before, but not rice!

Many of them buy off the shelf sauces and boil pasta. But when it comes to rice, its always; (using the electric rice cooker)
1# How many cups of rice should I cook? How much is much?
2# Eh how clean should I clean the rice?
3# Do I need to add salt?
4# How much water to add?

And I get even more questions when friends want to cook rice using the pot and stove. So I always say "Cook spaghetti la. Even my brother can do it" hehehehe ...not that my bro is a very lousy cook but.. heheheh

He boiled some gemilli, top it off with some off the shelf sauce, and added in Yugoslavian sausage. Simple fast but still yummy.

Very juicy, porky and freaking huge sausage. I think this will go really well on hot plate or BBQ.

As for me, I most often cook pasta when I run out of ingredients.

I had some leftover mozzarella, some chicken sausage, no other vegetables except the lanky almost yellow celery.

I used a pack of instant mushroom soup (in powder form), added water and then melted the Mozzarella in it. Looked something like starchy sauce with egg. Added my boiled gemilli and all the spices. Then topped it up with my mixture of fried garlic, onion, sausage and celery.

Give and take a bit ... ok la. Dad said was nice. Sis said all the cheese was at the bottom.

I found it quite funny because... who uses Mozzarella for cheese sauce?

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13 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Your dad is so sweet, just like my dad. Eat anything that I cook and always compliment.


hehe.. yr sausage with tomato base pasta look so tempting... *slurp slurp*

Precious Pea

I agree with Jackson, the tomato based pasta nicer. Ermm..i guess mozzarella better than cheddar rite (I put cheddar in my pasta).

"Joe" who is constantly craving

ur 1st pic of the sausage looks like some demented piece of dunno wat..i was struggling to identify till i read on..hahaha

mushroom soup as sauce..very creative wor..i m hungry..lunch time d..


wow....nice pasta! and like joe said, very creative to use da mushroom soup as sauce :D


Yugoslavian sausage? What did it taste like?


lee ping: hehehe yeahh. I notice if I cook anything with banana, no matter how yucky...he'll say "wahh very nice" LOL

jackson: hehehe off the shelf too. easy to make

precious pea: yeah.. the cheese one looks colourless

joe: hahahahaha i think cos its cut slantly

joe, mei yen: hmm isit? I think a lot of ppl uses it too. I tried baking pasta with cream of mushroom too.

tummythoz: Very juicy..the pork has just the right amount of meat and fat. Very good.


Love the use of mushroom soup as a sauce - reminds me of uni days food again.

Lee Ping

My Dad too, he will always say "very nice" or "sedap".


Wow, the sausage looked so tempting! My cousin taught me how to make super nice mushroom soup with lots of extra ingredients inside...serve it hot with rice...yummy! Cans of mushroom soups can make wonders. ;)


*put hand up!*

Big Boys Oven

I would say your creations look simple, easy and yet looks delicious.


boo: LOL! yeah! I miss garlic bread suddenly too

Lee Ping: hehehe great dads! Daddy's day is this Sunday!

cookies cream: Totally agree with cans of mushroom soup. Works for lazy chefs too lol

hijackqueen: hmmm hands up? me very blur

big boys oven: hehehe all short cuts using off the shelf stuff.

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