Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Redang Day 1: Dark sky

My first day at Redang wasn't as nice as planned. 7 hours of being frozen meat in the bus (that's what you get for being a cheapo and not taking a flight). A lot of waiting around in the bus station, the jetty and in the boat (propeller got stuck). Ans then it was raining cows and donkeys. Reached Redang at 1pm. *sign* ... sky was dark ... water wasn't very clear because the sand rose.

We stayed at Redang Lagoon. One of the cheapest place I think, but location was really nice. It's the hammock and the beach just out of my room door. You can't even get that at the higher priced resorts. All the meals provided are first come first serve buffet style. RM280 for a 3 days 2 night, all meals provided and 3 snorkeling trips. If you are not fussy about the little worn down room (but powerful aircon) and cool water (no heater... but makes no difference one la) all is good.

Checked into our rooms and freshen up and head for lunch.

Vege with prawns, curry fish, fried burry chicken and baked beans egg omelet.

Chinese style vege soup.

Waited until 3pm and boat out. I was kind of nervous when jumping in the water. I have not been swimming for over 10 years and have not snorkel before. But not too bad. Took me a few minutes to get the breathing right (I'm still wondering why the divers didn't brief us on how to breath using the snorkel) and I was off. Meri, one of our resort diver dove and caught a clown fish for us. Little Nemo is so so cute!

We didn't get enough of the snorkeling yet so we went out to snorkel ourselves before dinner. It was kind of though because one of us could not swim. Had to swim for 2.. ended up kicking one of the rocks.. hurt my leg. But all was quite worth it because I saw a lot of fish. One large long sword fish swim past me. So blue greenish and transparent.

But no turtle, no shark :(

Dinner was a BBQ.

All we needed to do is BBQ. The fire was already up and the heat just right. Time for action!

Squid with yellow ginger sauce marinade.

Fresh prawns.

Kampung fish with home style chili marinade.

Marinated chicken with curry mixture.

Fried rice.

And wet fried mamak mee.

Must be on time for dinner. Those who were late have no BBQ pit space. Must be me hogging all the space ;p

BBQed food. The chicken was delicious! The squid was over cooked.

There's also dipping sauces for the BBQ goodies. This is a groundnut chili quah. Something similar to the satay quah but much spicier.

And of course, the sambal belacan.

We took a little bit lot of pictures before the sky got dark.

Played a little bit of cards with the resort divers. They play big 2! (Chor Dai Di) And call it an early night. Need to save up energy for the next day.

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14 pieces of worms:


Your lunch almost looks like a Western dish. :P


What are you trying to tell God??? Ha ha ha....Or were the four of you trying to play out a scene from "LOST"? LOL....

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
You must have a great time. I love the humor you injected throughout your article, for example, rained like "cows and donkeys" or the little clown fish, named "Nemo" that Meri caught.

xiu long bao

hmm...i guess you are the one in red pants...err or maybe the one on the right hand side? kenot be the 2nd from the left rite ;p


tankiasu: hhaha maybe because bertimbun timbun with lauk pauk

WMW: ask him if he could clear the sky... GOD said no.. =(

lee ping: hehehe too much Japanese cartoons... makes me a comic myself ;p

xiu long bao: hmmm the sun didnt make me thattt tan. LOL. me in the redish orange pants =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahah ur food looks pretty decent lar..i remember ours being worse bbq also..and some crap stay as well..


That pointing posture doesn't look like asking, more like demanding. =P
Not too sunny oso better, no? Not burning hot so less peeling.
That BBQ looks good!
A girl power trip?


joe: Food as ok. Chicken marinated very nicely. That one was nice.

tummythoz: yup all demanding girls trip ;P hahahaha


Yor, the dinner looks good. Should buy an underwater instant camera for picture?


There is instant underwater cam? I never saw one sold in Redang.. wasted.


Should have. But I think the pics mostly will be blurred or dark.


jason: ohhh nvm lah. I plan to get a new cam. will surely get those casing the next time. heheh want to leare to dive also!


ok, charlies angels, 3 words : gaya, mutu dan keunggulan :) *wink*


meltingwok: I think need to change the last word to "keganasan". They are really fierce.

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