Thursday, June 28, 2007

Redang Day 2: I miss the hammock

Meri told me that the sun will be up about 6.45am but I woke up at 6am just to make sure I catch it on time. Too bad the clouds were all over the sky.

I decided not to go back to the room, but slept in the hammock instead. I felt so relaxed with the morning breeze, the sound of waves crushing down to the sand, some birds chirping. As the sun begun to shine through the clouds, I felt the light and the morning heat. ... so nice la.

Anyway, I had to be dragged out for breakfast because I refused to get my butt off the hammock. Had a very nice, warm and fragrant nasi lemak for breakfast.

And shared a little bit of butter honey jam toast.

Had a short break and we are off on the boat to Marine Park. RM5 fee. All was worth it. Meri, Eddie and Ali our resort divers brought us around the snorkeling area. The waves were more fierce and the under current strong that day. Saw a huge fat groper (bass groper I think.. not sure which kind), tons of sea cucumber, this black and white fish (like fish in tux... don't know the name), parrot fish and so many other fishes. (I bet they are all sweet and delicious! HAHAHA) Meri took me a little bit out of the snorkel area and round the ship wreck. Yup... ship wreck. There were much more fishes and corals there.

And there in Marine Park, I found the Christmas Tree worms. I remembered Nigel said something about this? So pretty and cute! And the nice!!! Once you touch it...POP! it hides itself. So cute so cute! I saw this other thing... not too sure if it was a coral or a sea crawler. It's like a huge caterpillar with frills. Ultra marine in color. Looks so handsome when the light shines on it.

But... didn't get to see the Morey eel. No turtles except of the baby turtles kept captive in the Marine park building. No sharks. BooHoo :~(

Back to the resort for lunch. The kampung malay style lauk-pauk servings. Rested then off we go to Teluk Paku.

The snorkeling session in Teluk Paku was a short trip. Meri told me they have to cut it short because he felt the under current pulling many of us out. *sign*

Luckly the really fresh donuts were waiting for us when we return to the resort. No need for Dunkins or Big Apple because Kampung Style is just as nice.

We had fresh cucur taugeh too.

This is really good especially when we were given home made chili sauce to dip in.

Even the squirrel knows it's stuff and pop by for food.

We have not gotten enough of snorkeling yet so we asked Meri to take us out to the sea again. He was so nice to take us out during his break. 1 to 4... (some more 1 of us cannot swim) not an easy task. I was drained and disappointed when I got back because there were no sharks at shark point.

The sky was still bright so I decided to drag the rest for kayaking. But... luck was just not on our side. It was past the rental time and the owners don't encourage us to kayak. We ended up on the beach building a sand castle.

Dinner was rice again. I didn't really dig in because I was kind of filled with all the eating. Not a rice person too.

A few rounds of Chor Dai Di again, hung around with new people I met there, almost went for a night snorkel. But my first snorkeling trip.. better not la. Played more cards and dose off.

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10 pieces of worms:


Hahaha, when i went to Redang, played Chor Dai Di also. But never played once I came back here. Forgotten how to play already.


aisheh.. we have to have a majong and chor dai di session next time.


yeah, chor dai di seems to the thing to play when we also go for trips. Love the cute squirrel.


Legs. I likey. Yummy. Hahaha...Food looks delicous as well;)


Long live that old grouper geezer! Pity u missed that morel eel.
Aiya, shd had gone out at nite. Just into water at knee height with torchlights. Schools of frenzied small silver 'ikan bilis' will 'attack' the light. If go further, may have squids too!

team BSG

no blurr bikini shots even ah how can redang u know far from @&dung people wat. got buy any hawaii hot pants ah quite nice and cheap also


I never been to Terengganu! *sobs*

Precious Pea

Aiyerr.....i wanna go redang!!!


boo: LOL that squirrel ah... it threw some seed down from the coconut tree.. then it kept moving around the tree... I freaked out a few times because I thought it was a huge rat!

unka: suddenly i feel like chicken wings... eh no.. chicken drumstick

tummythoz: my first time snorkeling..wanted to follow some divers out for night snorkeling but didn't dare

bsg: aiyor.. got legs ma hahahaha. never buy any shorts there.. can find it every where.. pangkor also got

jason,precious pea: good time to go is aroung April and May. Got plenty of time to plan if you want to go for a trip there... count me in too ;p


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