Monday, July 30, 2007

Home cooked meals

Since my aunt is still recovering from her operation, I decided to head over to her place in Singapore for an extended weekend to help out last month.

I learn a lot about handling the kitchen when I was there. This is my first time being the "full time cook" in a household. I did all the shopping, managed all the "balanced" meals, prepared certain food specially for my aunt and made sure there's minimal food wastage. It's really not easy man, plus I had to get used to the new condo kitchen. Really good experience. Will I do it again? Yup! It's nice to see people close to you enjoy the food that you prepare.

Stir fry carrots, peas in the pods, fresh scallops and fresh "big head" mushrooms. If you look closer, you will notice that the sauce came out to be a little orange. Not normal for carrots to make sauce orange in color.

Baked lemon and herb salmon. Marinated the fish it with garlic, dried parsley and oregano. Baked with lemon for a bit then added salted butter to bring out the fragrant. When eaten, just press in the lemon to the fish to give it a little pinch or sourness. I should have baked more, everyone dug it.

Stir fry Siu Pak Choy with prawns. I over fried this. OOPS! Looks so unappetizing.

I fried rice for the last meal before I left Singapore. Easy peasy. It just took all the leftover fish balls, crabsticks and honey baked ham, ...mixed with some prawns and broccoli and fried scrambled eggs... and a large tub of overnight rice. Bam some salt, boom some pepper, cling clang some sesame oil, and viola! I was really happy because the kids all took seconds!

I realized something else when I was there. I want a big big kitchen when I get a home of my own!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas

I'm going to give this a tag by Kok can cook so can you ;p little extra spice. I'm going to start with my kindergarten stories instead of secondary school.

My mom enrolled me in Chim Kindergarten in Damansara Utama. I believe the kindergarten is still there opposite the mosque beside the roundabout. I still remember they served very good peanut porridge. I never fail to go for seconds. But I remember something else more clearly. I bit one of my classmate's arm because he didn't want to lend me his ruler. The next day, his parents asked the bus driver to check on the "bully" that bit him. His bus driver came and took a look at the "innocent looking girl". HAHAHAHA surprisingly I didn't get in trouble, my parents didn't even know! Funny thing about this story... I went to a tuition class in primary school which he attended too. He still remembered me (because I gave him his kindergarten trauma...HAHAHA sorry man) but I didn't remember him at all. He later then showed me see a picture of us together, taken after me biting him. Seems that we were good buddies in class and we played a lot in class together. I even had my hands around his shoulder in the picture. Kids ;p

That's me. The most chibi one. Following with my cousin SJ, then my bro and my other cousin SY.

Primary school. I started playing hooky when I was only in Primary 2. I was forced to take up People's Own Language (POL) class after school. I hate learning Mandarin. I can't even read the "han yi pin yin" correctly. I can't write without screwing up all the strokes. I can't speak without making my whole POL class laugh. I started pretending to be sick a lot. But I wasn't sick because I can be found playing catching, jump rope and batu seremban (batu lima). I was almost caught once.... so I had to start hanging out in the library. That's when I started to learn how to wrap books. The next year, I wrapped my own school books, help my brother wrap him too. My mom was surprised I could do that. That's when I told my mom I skipped all my POL class. I didn't have to go for classes anymore after that. ....HAHAHAHA and nope, I didn't get any scolding.

Yin Wen..or isit Ying Wen?, meaning English.

If you think I was a bad student during primary school... wait until you read what I have got to say about my secondary school days. During Form 1, I should Fridays nice because afternoon classes starts later. My friends and me usually take the public bus up to Jaya Supermarket in Section 14. We would hang out in Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins a lot. And most of the time, we come back to school with a dozen donuts for recess. (And there's that few times we didn't go back to school :P)

Cinnamon, Choc N’ Nuts, Orange and chocolate something. Forgotten the name.

Another thing I remembered about Form 1 is my geography teacher. She was one of those almost old nagging teacher. There was ones when she didn't zip her skirt up properly. When she squat down to write notes on the board, the zip open itself more... until it exposed her underwear! The guys at the front started laughing and then the laugh got contagious. She turned around and start nagging the class and scolded us for laughing and noise. No one wanted to tell her about the zip... but I finally did because it's awfully embarrassing for her if she would have her butt portion exposed to the rest of the school.

Form 2 is when I think my parents give up on me. There were a lot going on... and I didn't know how to think back then. I skipped class a lot. Made a teacher cry before. Went to the session headmistress before too because I wouldn't stop singing even though I was warned many times by the teacher. Vandalized a public phone. Threw wet colored tissue paper up the ceiling of my classroom. My results was like shit. I'm not proud of the things I did back then.

Thank god I didn't find smoking cool. Else I would be a chimney by now.

Something hit me and I started being a little more serious in Form 3, and a little more in Form 4 and 5. But I still had the occasion "out of the classroom" lessons. And if I was out of school, I mostly just stayed at home. One of the night security guard passed away on the stairs (heart attack) when I was in Form 4. English class was fun because of the teacher... HAHAHA "go fly a kite" was her favorite phrase. I let my friend copy my answers during one of my exams... we were caught. Ohh and all those science lab sessions were fun because I get to "take home" quite a number of test tubes.

Even attempted to bring home a Bunsen burner... but failed :P

Overall, I think I did OK. I passed all my exams and got out of school alive!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 1 and 2 : Bangkok restaurant food

Day 1 : Lunch

McD's Samurai Pork Burger set. 850batt (RM8.50) HAHAHAHA yeah la, pork burger for the first meal. Over the pork burger was pork burger la. I found it just alright. The sauce for meat was good but that's all there is to it. I think most of us get all hype up over it because we just can't get pork burger in McD's in KL.

Day 1 : Dinner

Khrua Nai Baan, which means Kitchen in Thai... I think. Opens daily from 8am to 12pm. 94 Langsuan Road, Bangkok.

After placing our orders, they served is Ebi. Quite weird... serving Japanese for a Thai restaurant?

Fried rice with crab. This is quite nice. Not too much oil in the rice but still very fragrant and have lots of crab meat in it.

Raw crab som tam. This I really like. The sourness in the som tam actually helps cook the raw crab meat a little. The raw crab meat was really sweet and soft, kind of like eating salmon with a bit more fiber. Very good stuff.

Fresh asparagus with scallops. By the time this came, we kind of finished our fried rice. We had to eat this salty dish by itself. ... too salty, even eaten with rice.

Seafood tom yam. The tom yam is quite different from any tom yam I have eaten in KL and in Hat Yai (another part of Thailand). This tasted like a clear version of the tom yam with coconut milk in it.

Deep fried pork with garlic and pepper. I was expecting more from this pork dish... maybe I should not have expected too much... but I was in Bangkok for pok pok pok. The meat was too dry.

The sauces that came. All were hot!

Whole dinner came to about 1500batt+- (RM150)

Day 2 : Breakfast

We had breakfast provided by our guest house,
I'm so in love with Suk11. Some bread, toast, muffins, butter and jam, fruits, coffee and tea. A very nice simple breakfast to stay day 2.

I'm so in love with Suk11. It's a very clean, cozy, cheap (and not sleazy), good location, a all-in-one place to stay in the middle of the busy city. The picture you see is actually the roof top. Too bad I only have time to take a picture of it and not relax there.

Day 2 : Lunch

Som Tua Mua aka Nua Papaya Salad Restaurant *smacks those on the head who think of papaya farm restaurant* This place is located near and between Siam Square and the Siam BTS station. This restaurant is very famous among the local there. We had to wait outside the restaurant for a bit before we were seated. Oh, and ask for the English menu ;p

Sticky rice. This is to go with all the other dishes.

Salted egg Som Tam. This was ok. ...actually all the Som Tam tasted the same. I don't really know how to make out what Som Tam is good or not. (That just means I will have to go to Thailand more often until I can tell what is good hehe) Would be nicer if it was a little bit spicier.

Pork strips. Juicy pok pok pok. This is yummie.

Deep fried chicken wings. We had 2 baskets of these. Good stuff. Not sure what marinade was used. Salt pepper and bean curd maybe.

Hot spicy fish. This I love a lot. Deep fried fish dressed with thick sweet sauce, some spicy sour sauce and lots of onions. Very delicious and goes very well with the fish.

Deep fried pork skin. So sinful. HAHAHAHA but we all have been eating to "healthy" already so... it's ok I guess? Crunchy like keropok but not oily. Nice!

Whole lunch came to 850batt+- I think. Very worth it. So much better compared to Day 1's dinner.

Stay tuned for Day 3 and 4 of Bangkok restaurant food.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Angel Sushi House

Wishes on the ceiling... romantic hor :)

One of my good buddy introduced me to Angel Sushi House at 99 Jalan 5/62A, Bandar Sri Manjalara, Kepong. (03-6272 0930). My buddy have always been telling me that he spends dinner there at least 3 times a week. I was later introduced to Eric who owned the place and is the head chef there. I learned that he used to work at Zen, and decided to venture out on his own.

Everything below is not from the menu, but are dishes recommended by Eric.

Sashimi salad. Salad with raw fish and squid dressed with a nice sweet and salty Japanese sauce.

Chicken katsujyu. This is nice. Chrisy on the outside, and juice on the inside.

Tenjyu. This I ate. This I love! Don't know how to explain but this is really good. This is the best tempura I have eaten. The tempura prawn is so good. Fresh and crispy ... you know that really fresh prawn feeling? Yep that feeling.

This crispy tuna looks ordinary when it came. I was wondering why Eric recommended this. Looks like some plain ol' sushi you feel the kids.

...but never judge a book by its cover because the inside is a something really crunchy. A very good combination with the Japanese cucumber. Remember to ask for this because this is not in the menu too.

Eric have got to update his menu soon because all this good stuff got to get out there!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last day at Kuala Terengganu

Final post on my Redang trip. My friends and me reached Kuala Terengganu from Redang in the afternoon and still have many hours left to spare before my bus back to KL. A friend from KT took us touring around and out of the town.

We went site seeing. Really site seeing... for houses. LOL! I saw this awesome snow white and the 7 dwarfs house.

Went to the floating mosque also... but not for site seeing.

We later had dinner at a makan place opposite some where opposite the floating mosque.

We all ordered air buah Saddam Hussin. Saddam himself made the fruit juices for us ;p

My green apple juice was quite weird because there were still green apple skin floating all over the drink. And my friends pineapple juice was like half fermented.

Nasi Dagang.

Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Minyak.

The curry chicken that goes with the Nasi Minyak

Nasi kerabu

All that nasi nasi, I don't know which tasted nice and which wasn't because we all took a bite of everything. I only know the some parts of the nasi kerabu was really spicy.

I don't know how to differentiate if a nasi is nice or not. Somehow, the nasi kerabu tasted the same as the one I have eaten from the Saturday morning pasar tani, and the nasi Dagang, not as nice. Dad was asking me my taste buds were right. He mentioned than KT's nasi Dagang should be better.

I loved the satay ayam. They were BBQ just right. Crispy and a little burnt on the outside, but still tender and juicy on the inside. The dipping kuah they served is very different from any kuah I have eaten. The nuts in them were blended very finely, not like the chunky ones we have in KL.

The ikan bakar was not good. I would call it steam fish, not BBQ'ed fish.

My company's recreation club is hosting a trip to Redang next month. Coincidently, the same place I stayed when I was there too. Should I go again? Hehehe ;p

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sandias, revisit

He mentioned that he recently developed Mexican taste buds so I made plans to bring him to Sandias. Picked my buddy up right after this flight and head to Sandias. Actually a very ideal place for those who is looking for a good comfortable quiet place to do lots of catching up.

Hot bread and juices. Apple and carrot juice.

Can't stop myself on munching on these.

Since we wanted variety, we ordered the starter platter. The platter consisted of; (From top left corner)
Quesadillitas Tricolor, handmade masa tortillas, filled with mushrooms, cheese and potatoes served with salsa roja. I quite like this because the stuffing tasted just right.

Taquitos Fritos, hand rolled tortillas, filled with minced chicken seasoned with cilantro and onion, garnished with fresh cream, cheese salsa verde and lettuce. A vegetarian version available upon request. This I like. Tasted the same as I tried it previously but better this time because the deep fried tortillas were less oily.

Ceviche, small cubes of dory fish marinated in lime juice, mixed in a tomato, onion, cilantro and green olive salsa enhanced with a touch of chili. This I really like. I was eating this with the tortillas all the way. The cubed dory in it was like eating raw salmon.

Guacamole, traditional Mexican salad made with pureed avocados, chopped onions, cilantro, and fresh tomatoes with a hint of chili and garlic. I can't remember how this tasted like... but I remember I dug into all the sauces a lot.

Then the small cups of sour cream, cheese... some other dips.

I ordered the Barbacoa de Cordero, leg of lamb slowly cooked in plantain leaves and marinated in our secret sauce, served with an array of Mexican salsa and corn tortillas. All I can say is that this dish do not suit my taste buds as all. I wish it had more herbs in it. Maybe it's just the Mexican way of cooking?

He ordered the Enchiladas de Pollo, folded fried tortilla filled with chicken and topped with a trio of salsa, also available in a vegetarian version. This was similar to Taquitos Fritos but with all the extra stuff. This was nice. Will want to order this next time.

So so stuffed after the meal but there's always space for dessert. Folks there were very kind to let us bring in our own desserts. We had stuff from JHP ;p

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