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Bangkok Day 2: Dinner at Akiyoshi

Long delayed post...

Mr.TourGuide UnKaLeong was waiting for me at the Exit 1 Phra Khanong BTS station with a very nice transparent umbrella. UnKa wanted to bring me and my friends to Chinatown for seafood initially, but one of my friends is allergic to seafood and it was raining!

But that did not stop UnKa from suggesting dinner at Akiyoshi Japanese Restaurant for some Shabu Shabu.

Akiyoshi located on the right of Exit 1 of the BTS station. Taisin Square 1521/1 Sukuhmvit Road, Prakanong-Nua Wattana 10110 Bangkok. We went upstairs first and saw many folks waiting outside. Later headed down stairs (same restaurant but below serves Japanese hotplate) for our hotplate converted to Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki table.

This is actually my first time for real Japanese Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki ;p

Iced tea came....

A plate of spring onions and some chili mix came first. I didn't know what to do with them...

...until UnKa told me I was suppose to mix it with the dark soup that came after that. That's the one on top of the beaten raw eggs. (Many chickens to be were killed during our dinner) The cooked meat goes into the raw eggs, then into the mouth. Very fragrant because the heat from the meat and the eggs, like eating a meat with Chawanmushi smell. The dark sauce was good too! Spice, but I'm guess not enough for UnKa because I saw him adding more.

With all that dipping sauce, I don't think you will need any of this.

A plate of vegetables came with tofu, mushrooms, noodles and the Naruto fish cake for the Shabu Shabu. Another plate came with a slightly different mix (they had the rice cakes in them) for the Sukiyaki. Wait.. or was the first plate for Sukiyaki and the second for Shabu Shabu... I'm confused.

The thin sliced sukiyaki beef.

Sukiyaki pork.. beef..hmm.. too busy eating.. didn't take a picture of the pork. .... I thought I did though.

Anyway, the high light for me was the peanut sauce!

This tasted something like the Chinese tong sui "fan sang woo", but this just pure peanut with no sugar. Awesome stuff. I deep most of my meat in this and finished the whole bowl of sauce!

I didn't take may pictures at the dinner. I was busy eating! ;p Overall a very nice filling and fun dinner. *waves waves to Pui, Pla and Kin Mun!* We nice to have met you!

Kin Min and Pla was out, old man UnKa ;p didn't feel like tagging ... but young lady Pui convinced old man to RCA with us. Heard damn nice Thai club rock music, so nicer Hip Hop music compared to Poppy at Route66. UnKa and Pu left but we went to Slim that was next door. The trance was good ...or maybe I was just in the mood?

Thank you UnKa and Pui! *muaks*

[Edited about 10 minutes after I posted] So sorry, but there were non foodies at the table. Kesian UnKa la... others need not know about it. (Save the good stuff for myself ourselves)... so I didn't make him flash his skin for the camera ;p

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14 pieces of worms:


I didn't have Shabu Shabu for quite a long time already. Looking at the photos make me crave for it. Slurrpp...


I Shabued in San Francisco...(the one in SS2 doesn't count as it's not the real stuff). Wah, how's the clubbing scene there lah?

Xiu Long Bao

err...where is ur day 1 post ah?


Aiyo, I'm so excited with my coming trip ler. Yalor, mana day 1 post?

team bsg

can v say u r a little lost in Bangkok ? but thank god 4 young unka.


wah, bangkok..though i was there early this year, i miss it already...


I offered mah, you dun wan take oni :P Glad you had fun! It's Pui (like hokkien for fat) not Pu (Which means crab in thai) Hahahah!

See you when i get back, k? :X


kok: Is it difficult to find Shabu Shabu restaurants in OZ?

WMW: Clubbing scene so much better compared to KL. Went to this place called Bed... blog about it soon.. got a lot of beautiful ppl man.

XLB: hehehe I have not posted it yet. Post the one UnKa brought me first.

Jason: I know how you feel man... i felt the same way when I read every's post on BKK...esp Jackson's. Have not post day 1 yet.

bsg: Lost for food yes... too many you know. You all should definitely go... TONS of back street food la.

sc: I didn't want to leave BKK. I missed it already when I was at the airport. This is one place I wont mind visiting every few months.

UnKa: No ma... Sean allergic to seafood so better to skip. But Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki was good. Now I know I like Sukiyaki better than Shabu Shabu LOL! ... ahhh PUI ah... she's not PUI at all!


I don't think I know any leh. Maybe got, just I don't bother to look for it since it'll be super expensive. hehe.

Lee Ping (Mrs. HBT)

Who needs dinner when you have such a good looking host? WMW's article is still fresh in my mind...


I was like "Can stay one more day ah?" when I was at the airport!


kok: I'm guessing is expensive there too. like kobe beef here la.. expensive sial

lee ping: HAHAHAHAHAHA ...UnKa must be blushing now

jason: heheheh I wanna go again! When are you going ah?

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