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Bangkok street food

The whole trip to Bangkok was actually.... well I spent most of my time and money on shopping. I didn't hunt for good street food at all!

But hor... SHOPPING HEAVEN! I bought 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of slacks, 5 shirts, 1 dress, 2 carry purses, 1 bracelet, a belt and a bling bling necklace for myself! 1 bermudas, 10 shirts, an accessories carry bag and a necklace for my family and friends. I was singing "If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!". It was just pure happiness shopping like a mad woman! I should have shopped for more... if only I stayed a day longer and 10kg from AirAsia is so so not enough! I could have shopped at more locations. Chatuchak, MBK and Siam Square.. I MISS YOU! And Kinokuniya... I need you next time! Older books there are much cheaper!

But here are some street food I did manage to try Day 1 to 4 combined.

The first street food I ate was the Thai sausages. Vinegar, sticky rice, garlic, pork and maybe some other ingredients mixed and stuffed into the animal intestine lining and BBQed. This is real good. And only 5batt (RM0.50).

BBQed meat and seafood are every where. I tried the BBQed squid with Thai chili sauce some where along Siam Square. I think the squid wasn't cooked all the way in because it was really chewy.... but really sweet. 10batt (RM1) I think.

Ahhhh the frog...

...and grasshopper. I don't have all of the pictures of the bugs I ate but I think I ate 2 types of worms, 2 types of grasshoppers and frogs.

I had mine with a little salted vegetable seasoning, like the light soya sauce but taste different. I think the bugs frog should taste better without them. The grasshoppers' legs does get stuck between the teeth but you can easily just pull them off with the tongue.

Don't EEEEEE AHHHHHH YUCKKKKK PUI PUIIII because these are very good! You really got to give this guys a chance la. Just don't think anything. Keep your mind blank. Feelings neutral. And eat first think later.

Whoever that is going to Bangkok can ta pau for me please, you can't find any here! I bought these at Soi Cowboy. 20batt (RM2) for a packet of one type of bug.

I bought this yogurt drink from 7-11 on the second morning I was in Bangkok. This was recommended by my friend who drank this almost everyday when she was working in Bangkok. Tasted like the plain flavor of Vitagen expect this was not as sweet compared to Vitagen. Forgot the price but about 18batt (RM1.80) I think.

Mangos are sold every where too. There are fruits stall here and there, but some solely sells only mangos.

And...cookies and chocolate ice cream. Ok la.. so this is not street food. But it was almost 2am and I could not find any street food around the area so I bought ice cream from a 24/7 supermarket just opposite my guest house.

I was kind of "Har... come to BKK and not eat street food? Cannot la... I have got to do something about this". So I went out hunting for whatever that was available outside of my guesthouse with a friend.

Ended up ordering something with pok. We just sat down and just waitied for the "we don't know what we ordered dish". Thai's loves sugar man... maybe it brings out more of the spiciness in the dish.

We were too early for this pork. Boohoooo cos they looked go darn good.

We ate this minced pork rice instead. Not nice la. Can find any minced pork dish anywhere else. 30batt (RM3)

I think me and my friend was quite disappointed. I know I was. So I ask "second round?" HAHAHA and yup, we ta pau (take away) rice from another stall on the way back to the guesthouse. 30batt (RM3)

No regrets because this was good. One minced chicken with brinjal. And the another minced pork with petai fried with lime leaf. Both really good. 30batt (RM3)

Off to Chatuchak. My friend bought these red plums. First thing I tried in Chatuchak. Yuckkk! Bugs rocks arse not plums!

I was quite reluctant to try these when I friend offered me. Looked too colored, too pretty.. but tasted not bad. There's cooked and smashed green beans in them. I think about 20batt (RM2) a packet.

I tried the fruitie apple ice blended recommended by my friend after lunch at Chatuchak. Took a sip of their kiwi. Tasted refreshing ... but wee bit sweet. 20batt (RM2)

Halfway shopping, I smelt something good. Donuts. 10batt (RM1) for 3 mini donuts. I think they are famous because I they displayed some newspaper article on their stall. I tried their green tea donut. It was just so so though. The other flavors might be nicer.

Later I bought a bottle of green tea drink from Oishi (means Yummy in Japanese). 18batt? or was is 20batt? (RM2)There's no Oishi shop in Chatuchak. I didn't take a picture of the green tea bottle, but I have a picture of the restaurant. Oishi is everywhere in Bangkok... even in the BTS stations! Ohh... the drink is not bad. I finished the whole bottle at one go ;p

My last day at Bangkok... I had a banana and chocolate cake crepe just below the Siam BTS station on the Siam Square side. Too much cream else all is good. About 35batt (RM3.50).

So that's all for the street food. Wait up for the restaurant reviews soon. I MISS SHOPPING IN BANGKOK!

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28 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)

Dear Teckiee,

After eating the grasshoppers, you must have extra energy to hop from one shop to the next, buying gifts for your family and friends.


Well, which one tasted best? That was a lot of streets that you covered! hahaha...


That is A LOT of food you ate!!! YUMMMM grasshoppers...the perfect appetizer for a gucci-style cocktail party!


lee ping: hahahaha no lah ;p it didn't have that effect on me. I wonder if they would taste good soaked in rum .... hmm not a bad idea.

wmw: errrr Thai sausage, bugs, and the second rice breakfast (the one with minced chicken and pork) ... the colorful "vegetables" also not bad... dunno la.. hard to decide which one tasted the best cos all are good stuff!

steamykitchen: HAHAHAH I can imagine the ladies scream when they see that as their finger food at Gucci party.

Big Boys Oven

I think instead of staying a week, I will opt for a month. The food looks so irresistable. My my my.....


BBO: Ohhh this is just the prelude of BKK's food... there's so much more to this. A week is not enough ;p


I don't think so, I won't eat insects or even tiny frogs...would rather munch on grass and dead leafs :P hahahah...


My Ex colleague recommended going to China town next time to have 'Goose'. Very delicious and very cheap.

Our next trip yeah teckiee! I am preparing for it mentally, physically and emotionally adi. wahahha.



I remember eating at Oishi before - really good and cheap Jap food. Street food in BKK is always a must - I love the bbq skewers also but must admit never dared try the grasshoppers.

Rasa Malaysia

I found street food in Bangkok is not as good as Malaysian street food...the color and presentation look tak lalu...I had one of those mixed rice by the roadside, and it was yuck. Maybe I just didn't know where to eat, but for Malaysia, especially Penang, it's almost impossible to have bad street food, and everything always look so jilatable. :)

Rasa Malaysia
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team bsg

eh why got no singha beer one ? at least in some place Sept 2006 u had angkor beer !
u r one rare sweet pretty lady can take 2 worms one ( by golly !)
u sure r the closest thing to bsg


aiyo... i was loking aorund for fried grasshoppers but couldn't find... u so lucky!!


I'm here till September ;) Come again?


Ohh.. you didn't try any BBQ skewers? Darn good leh! I only saw the bicylce selling those insects at night but dare not to try.


kay: *sign* what must I do to get you to try..?

nat: HAHAHA can can.. next trip I'm going to blind fold you and feed you frog ;p

boo: Ahh I didn't try their sushi.. but all over the place man that Oishi. Must try the next time I'm there.

RM: I think a lot depends on our taste buds and luck too. I think Penang more to our taste buds gua.

BSG: Actually.. no la.. I didn't take any beer. I did try some other non-thailand beer tho.. forgot the name. Tried more cocktails hehe

jackson: I actually went googling for the location where I can find bugs in BKK before I felt. Only place I found people talking about it was in Soi Cowboy.

UnKa: Very tempted lo... but have to see if my work and pocket permits me or not.

jason: Only the sotong. Saw a lot of meat skewers and chicken wings.. but eat until too full.. cannot masuk already.

Precious Pea

Your post brought back so many fond memories. I miss Bangkok veli much too.


you didnt meet up with mr FAB ABS ah?


Wah, just came back from Redang now go holiday again ah? Jelesnya! I also want to go Angkor WAt for holiday! Cannot tahan liao.


just like in fear factor! one day, when i have da guts, i will fly there and try it.. :D


precious pea: aiyor... you have so many more places to miss. Have fun at Siem Reap!!

FFB: Gottt can i not met up fab abs!

Hijackqueen: hoped the stuff i sent you are useful

mei yen: lol! fried stuff no fear. more scarier if u eat them steamed. eek!

Ngai Yung

Hi Chian, u got any personal travel guide book on this? :p
I'm going BKK on NOV.. haha.. want me to get those fried worms for u?


I'm going to attack street food like Precious Pea this Nov ^^


I am so going to buy tonnes of those RM1 skewer food when I get there! Grrrr....


NY: HAHAHA actually... I have something on Siem Reap that I sent to Nick. I'll see what I can do with BKK.. will send it over when I'm done. And the worm.. ta pau for me!!!

jason: Wahh everyone going in Nov.... heheh *thinking...should i?*

tankiasu: There's pork and beef ones too..same price also too.


So how was d guest house?


Hi Hi

Im so interested on the clothes u bought. How come u din show it out?ehehe... how much did u buy it seem to me like its really really cheap as u bought so many!



tummythoz: Very nice! Very cozy and most importantly.. very clean!

Jane: Hehehe too many to show ;p But yeah.. very cheap la! My shoes were RM30 a pair only!

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