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Day 1 and 2 : Bangkok restaurant food

Day 1 : Lunch

McD's Samurai Pork Burger set. 850batt (RM8.50) HAHAHAHA yeah la, pork burger for the first meal. Over the pork burger was pork burger la. I found it just alright. The sauce for meat was good but that's all there is to it. I think most of us get all hype up over it because we just can't get pork burger in McD's in KL.

Day 1 : Dinner

Khrua Nai Baan, which means Kitchen in Thai... I think. Opens daily from 8am to 12pm. 94 Langsuan Road, Bangkok.

After placing our orders, they served is Ebi. Quite weird... serving Japanese for a Thai restaurant?

Fried rice with crab. This is quite nice. Not too much oil in the rice but still very fragrant and have lots of crab meat in it.

Raw crab som tam. This I really like. The sourness in the som tam actually helps cook the raw crab meat a little. The raw crab meat was really sweet and soft, kind of like eating salmon with a bit more fiber. Very good stuff.

Fresh asparagus with scallops. By the time this came, we kind of finished our fried rice. We had to eat this salty dish by itself. ... too salty, even eaten with rice.

Seafood tom yam. The tom yam is quite different from any tom yam I have eaten in KL and in Hat Yai (another part of Thailand). This tasted like a clear version of the tom yam with coconut milk in it.

Deep fried pork with garlic and pepper. I was expecting more from this pork dish... maybe I should not have expected too much... but I was in Bangkok for pok pok pok. The meat was too dry.

The sauces that came. All were hot!

Whole dinner came to about 1500batt+- (RM150)

Day 2 : Breakfast

We had breakfast provided by our guest house,
I'm so in love with Suk11. Some bread, toast, muffins, butter and jam, fruits, coffee and tea. A very nice simple breakfast to stay day 2.

I'm so in love with Suk11. It's a very clean, cozy, cheap (and not sleazy), good location, a all-in-one place to stay in the middle of the busy city. The picture you see is actually the roof top. Too bad I only have time to take a picture of it and not relax there.

Day 2 : Lunch

Som Tua Mua aka Nua Papaya Salad Restaurant *smacks those on the head who think of papaya farm restaurant* This place is located near and between Siam Square and the Siam BTS station. This restaurant is very famous among the local there. We had to wait outside the restaurant for a bit before we were seated. Oh, and ask for the English menu ;p

Sticky rice. This is to go with all the other dishes.

Salted egg Som Tam. This was ok. ...actually all the Som Tam tasted the same. I don't really know how to make out what Som Tam is good or not. (That just means I will have to go to Thailand more often until I can tell what is good hehe) Would be nicer if it was a little bit spicier.

Pork strips. Juicy pok pok pok. This is yummie.

Deep fried chicken wings. We had 2 baskets of these. Good stuff. Not sure what marinade was used. Salt pepper and bean curd maybe.

Hot spicy fish. This I love a lot. Deep fried fish dressed with thick sweet sauce, some spicy sour sauce and lots of onions. Very delicious and goes very well with the fish.

Deep fried pork skin. So sinful. HAHAHAHA but we all have been eating to "healthy" already so... it's ok I guess? Crunchy like keropok but not oily. Nice!

Whole lunch came to 850batt+- I think. Very worth it. So much better compared to Day 1's dinner.

Stay tuned for Day 3 and 4 of Bangkok restaurant food.
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12 pieces of worms:


what a feast! bangkok is the best place for all the cheap stuff..i wana buy shoes!! lotsa them


Australia has lots of those crispy pork skins for sale. Used to put some in my Maggi Curry Mee! Great stuff. Lots of that in the Philippines too.


I would pick a pork burger over beef burger any day!


I found out that people in Bangkok just love pork, you reckon? Everywhere must have pork. haha!


citygal : when you mention shoes... i know you are not kampungboy adi... shopping really rocks there!

wmw: Ohh OZ have this also.. how come Malaysia dont have one? Boohooo

kay: hahahahaha *gimmie a pok 5*

kok: Pok and beef... very little chicken around


hi nice blog. ive been reading ur blog for some time..

pls link my new foodblog at

hope to see u there!


I get what you mean with the pork burger. I love Hungry Jacks here....with bacon!!


Ei Teckiee, the lunch at BTS station day 2 is oni around 500 batt + - batt.



I'm going back to try their McFlurry!


ginger: will do :)

wen: i think i have to make pork burger at home some time soon

nat: eh yes ah... ehh i didnt realise it was that cheap

jason: their mcflurry different?


yeah... i been to this restaurant be4!!! I miss their food!


jackson: so when wanna go eat bugs?

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