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Day 3 and 4 : Bangkok restaurant food

This post is a continuation of Day 1 and 2 : Bangkok restaurant food

Day 3 : Lunch at Chatuchak weekend market

Stir fry minced meat topped with Thai fragrance herbs.

Deep fried wings. I think these are I think marinated with some Thai fermented stuff to give flavor. Good stuff. We ordered seconds.

Som Tam aka papaya salad. This is just so so compared to the precious Som Tam I ate in Day 1 and 2.

This I really like. This is the same Thai sausages out front of Suk11.

Day 3 : Dinner

Tony Roma's is at 87 Sukhumvit Road, Ground floor of Nai Lert Building, Bangkok. This is some hard bread that came before our orders.

Some buffalo chicken wings.

Baby back ribs. Yup it's pok.

Some how I didn't enjoy the food that much. The ribs tasted like the beef rack except this is pork. So so only. The pork ribs I had in Center Point Bandar Utama was better.

But luckily there the grilled chicken salad to save the day. I really like this. Way better than the Asian Salmon salad I had in the Sunway Tony Roma's

No dessert, but we took sweet dessert at the Bed Supper Club. Enjoy it with me ;p

Day 4 : Breakfast

Woke early only to find non of the restaurants were open for us to have breakfast. So it was just McDonald's Yam pie. They also have pineapple and corn pie there, but no apple pie. The Yam pie was not bad.

My friends had double pork patty burger for breakfast!

Day 4 : Lunch

We didn't have enough time so we had our last meal at the airport. I ate some Pad Thai noodles which I liked, but my friend hated.

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20 pieces of worms:


ooh! i love the minced meat! it is fried with basil and chilli rite? i had it once in melbourne's thai food fair.. absolutely delicious!

pls link me and check out my food blog at!


Definitely way too much mains, not enough 'desserts'.


The deep fried chicken wings look sooooo delicious!!! Some more hor, the presentation of it is like "THAI BOXING!" hahaha!


Thank goodness you wrote thai sausages....I was wondering what those were and thought you were up to your usual tricks again! Hahaha....

KampungboyCitygal dying the try the baby pork rib place at centre point BU..wait till kgboy come back


da minced meat looks yummy!!!! sour & spicy?


ginger: yup... the pork sweetness and the fragrance of bazil ..superb!

tummythoz: heheh thats the club that I told you about ;p

kok: HAHAHAHAHHA muay thai chicken wings?!

WMW: looks like something internal meh? hehehehe

Citygal: Try their green tea smoothie and all their Philippines pork dishes. Very good. Skip the jap noodles stuff..yucky.


mei yen: Just a hint of chili.. not sour. A little juicy from the meat.


sawardekrup...i wan thai suasage and the baby pork ribs pls... chan rak ter...

"Joe" who is constantly craving

pok pok land!!! i want pok burger also ler i love pad thai..very hard to get good ones that u craving for it..


True right? hahaha! I bet you'll agree with me on that. :P


Njoe, u do sound a bit obscene, no?


jackson: LOL when you planning your trip there again?

joe: SS2 serela malam have quite good onces actually

kok: lol! no comment. I commented on Mark's page that chicken wings looked like sexy lady legs ;p

tummythoz: hehhh got meh? maybe u think to serong LOL!


I would like to order seconds for the chicken wings, looks good!!


wow! the taro pie sounds interesting! do we have that in msia?


seem like you feasted in bangkok! i have yet to try Tony Roma's, nearly went there as i heard it is suppose to be good. mm?


iva: hehehe all of us could have hogged half a dozen of it..but decided to save the stomach for other goodies

Jun: Nope, not in KL. They dont have apple and banana pie in BKK tho.

rokh: hmmm taste by taste basis I think. Their sauces all the same.


Sexy lady legs? hahahaha! I thought I'm creative, but you're more creative than I do! hahaha!

Julian Si

Just realised I am featured on the links on your blog :-) Thanks!


It's look yummy!!! I also have more information about many restaurants in Bangkok if you all like to check by go to my site

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