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Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas

I'm going to give this a tag by Kok can cook so can you ;p little extra spice. I'm going to start with my kindergarten stories instead of secondary school.

My mom enrolled me in Chim Kindergarten in Damansara Utama. I believe the kindergarten is still there opposite the mosque beside the roundabout. I still remember they served very good peanut porridge. I never fail to go for seconds. But I remember something else more clearly. I bit one of my classmate's arm because he didn't want to lend me his ruler. The next day, his parents asked the bus driver to check on the "bully" that bit him. His bus driver came and took a look at the "innocent looking girl". HAHAHAHA surprisingly I didn't get in trouble, my parents didn't even know! Funny thing about this story... I went to a tuition class in primary school which he attended too. He still remembered me (because I gave him his kindergarten trauma...HAHAHA sorry man) but I didn't remember him at all. He later then showed me see a picture of us together, taken after me biting him. Seems that we were good buddies in class and we played a lot in class together. I even had my hands around his shoulder in the picture. Kids ;p

That's me. The most chibi one. Following with my cousin SJ, then my bro and my other cousin SY.

Primary school. I started playing hooky when I was only in Primary 2. I was forced to take up People's Own Language (POL) class after school. I hate learning Mandarin. I can't even read the "han yi pin yin" correctly. I can't write without screwing up all the strokes. I can't speak without making my whole POL class laugh. I started pretending to be sick a lot. But I wasn't sick because I can be found playing catching, jump rope and batu seremban (batu lima). I was almost caught once.... so I had to start hanging out in the library. That's when I started to learn how to wrap books. The next year, I wrapped my own school books, help my brother wrap him too. My mom was surprised I could do that. That's when I told my mom I skipped all my POL class. I didn't have to go for classes anymore after that. ....HAHAHAHA and nope, I didn't get any scolding.

Yin Wen..or isit Ying Wen?, meaning English.

If you think I was a bad student during primary school... wait until you read what I have got to say about my secondary school days. During Form 1, I should Fridays nice because afternoon classes starts later. My friends and me usually take the public bus up to Jaya Supermarket in Section 14. We would hang out in Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins a lot. And most of the time, we come back to school with a dozen donuts for recess. (And there's that few times we didn't go back to school :P)

Cinnamon, Choc N’ Nuts, Orange and chocolate something. Forgotten the name.

Another thing I remembered about Form 1 is my geography teacher. She was one of those almost old nagging teacher. There was ones when she didn't zip her skirt up properly. When she squat down to write notes on the board, the zip open itself more... until it exposed her underwear! The guys at the front started laughing and then the laugh got contagious. She turned around and start nagging the class and scolded us for laughing and noise. No one wanted to tell her about the zip... but I finally did because it's awfully embarrassing for her if she would have her butt portion exposed to the rest of the school.

Form 2 is when I think my parents give up on me. There were a lot going on... and I didn't know how to think back then. I skipped class a lot. Made a teacher cry before. Went to the session headmistress before too because I wouldn't stop singing even though I was warned many times by the teacher. Vandalized a public phone. Threw wet colored tissue paper up the ceiling of my classroom. My results was like shit. I'm not proud of the things I did back then.

Thank god I didn't find smoking cool. Else I would be a chimney by now.

Something hit me and I started being a little more serious in Form 3, and a little more in Form 4 and 5. But I still had the occasion "out of the classroom" lessons. And if I was out of school, I mostly just stayed at home. One of the night security guard passed away on the stairs (heart attack) when I was in Form 4. English class was fun because of the teacher... HAHAHA "go fly a kite" was her favorite phrase. I let my friend copy my answers during one of my exams... we were caught. Ohh and all those science lab sessions were fun because I get to "take home" quite a number of test tubes.

Even attempted to bring home a Bunsen burner... but failed :P

Overall, I think I did OK. I passed all my exams and got out of school alive!

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I can pass you my "Naughty Student Award" liao. You deserve it more than me! hahahaha!

Form 1 you already have so much pocket money liao? Baskin Robbin and Dunkin Donut, not cheap stuff eh!

So how's your Mandarin now? Can pass ah? hahahaha!

My God! What for you thake the test tubes? Don't tell me you get it back and make it as your cup. Drink coffee with that. hahaha!

Wahlao! Your school life is so much interesting leh! Thanks for doing the tag! I enjoy it a lot! (found someone who is more naughty than me. :P)


Erm, are you sure the chinese characters is correct? I just thought "wen" is written another way. But then again, my Chinese not so good...

Anyway, I heard my friend told me about the guard who passed away. I think she and her friends found him. :-/

team bsg

such sweet little big memories
sure bring many joys !
2moros will be even greater we r sure !


kok: Hehe I'm not naughty one la.. cheeky only ;p But being "cheeky" back then made me a better person now I guess LOL! The donuts and ice cream not every week ma. Weekend also stay home.. money all spend on that only. Mandarine now worst..hahaha. Test tubes steal for fun only. Never use it one lo.

wen: hmm should be correct gua... i googled it ...hahahaha. Ahhh they found him ah?..interesting

bsg: hahaha i dont think those stuff will happen again.. unless i go back to high school

Lyrical Lemongrass

LOL. Quite an amazing life you've led! :-P


Wah... can't imagine you're that notti! Wuakakkaka!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

now i definitely cant imagine wat u wrote just now..hahaha..u were tat naughty which boy transformed your life then?.. oh yeah..nice hair cut ar..couldnt recognise u at 1st yest nite..


ll: hehe i think everyone have been like me at least once in school... kena rotan or something hehe

jason: not notti la.. where gottt.. its normal la ;p

joe: no boy la... i just started thinking more.. dont want to be sampah masyarakat ma. hehe tqtq... cost me a bomb tho.

xiu long bao

aiyor, u were so notti one ah? Me too! but i turned over a new leaf earlier than u.


You were a little Terror! Hahaha....

The Cooking Ninja

I can count the times I skipped classes and the guilt trip of me skipping it is enough to kill me. Even today whenever I skip classes, I still feel so guilty about it.


i didn't notice all this things though we hv been in the same school for 5 weird...r u sure?


xiu long bao: LOL! I'm glad I became a new green leaf!

wmw: I take that as a compliment hehe

cooking ninja: I stop skipping class during college because I felt the same you did. Some how I felt like I owe it to myself to buckle up.

vince: Yeah... F1 and F2 I was bad for me. I think we got closer during F4 F5 PBSM and college. By that time I came around. Hmm I just remember something from F1. I was caught by Wan Amran for gambling...HAHAHA... i remembered he tore the cards into pieces and threw it all over the badminton court for us to pick up. Malu man.. all the whole block A and B were looking.


wan amran...haha..u still remmeber his name? dat tahan him lar.alwiz look at girls only...teach me kemahiran hidup some more..teach the whole class different kinds of kemahiran hidup instead..haha


vince: y cannot remember... i remember all the teacher's that "got me introuble" hahaha

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