Monday, July 30, 2007

Home cooked meals

Since my aunt is still recovering from her operation, I decided to head over to her place in Singapore for an extended weekend to help out last month.

I learn a lot about handling the kitchen when I was there. This is my first time being the "full time cook" in a household. I did all the shopping, managed all the "balanced" meals, prepared certain food specially for my aunt and made sure there's minimal food wastage. It's really not easy man, plus I had to get used to the new condo kitchen. Really good experience. Will I do it again? Yup! It's nice to see people close to you enjoy the food that you prepare.

Stir fry carrots, peas in the pods, fresh scallops and fresh "big head" mushrooms. If you look closer, you will notice that the sauce came out to be a little orange. Not normal for carrots to make sauce orange in color.

Baked lemon and herb salmon. Marinated the fish it with garlic, dried parsley and oregano. Baked with lemon for a bit then added salted butter to bring out the fragrant. When eaten, just press in the lemon to the fish to give it a little pinch or sourness. I should have baked more, everyone dug it.

Stir fry Siu Pak Choy with prawns. I over fried this. OOPS! Looks so unappetizing.

I fried rice for the last meal before I left Singapore. Easy peasy. It just took all the leftover fish balls, crabsticks and honey baked ham, ...mixed with some prawns and broccoli and fried scrambled eggs... and a large tub of overnight rice. Bam some salt, boom some pepper, cling clang some sesame oil, and viola! I was really happy because the kids all took seconds!

I realized something else when I was there. I want a big big kitchen when I get a home of my own!

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21 pieces of worms:


I told you, Kok can cook, so can you! hahaha! You can cook real good. Yum!!!


whoa..ur so talented..i never dare to cook for anyone other than or bad he will just swallow

ps u r so cute when ur little..haha n ur as cute now


Looking forward to that day where I'll get a meal cooked by you in that big kitchen of you big house! :o)


oh wow... i didn't know you can cook so well! yum yum...

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)

I guess it is hard to have a big kitchen in Singapore because land is premium.

I would all the food that you cooked for your aunt. With all the nutritious food you cooked, your aunt must be feeling better now.


Clap clap clap! Really not easy to cook all those dishes plus taking photos at the same time! :D


Where u plan to set up your big big kitchen? I move nx door.


Kok: HAHAHAHA I think that Chef Yen must be a very old man now. When you taking over? hehe

Citygal: Practise makes perfect ma. My family have tasted all my weirdest creations.. but I kept all those at home and cooked normal stuff for my aunt ;p

WMW: HAHAHAHA OK set! Big house big kitchen! ....dont know when only

Mei Yen: I used to cook a lot last time, but have been busy these days to post home cooked food.

Lee Ping: Yeahhhhh... I had didnt dare fry stuff because the ventilation wasnt good. The stove hood didnt really help much also.

jason: Totally agree. After cooking all I want to do is just eat! Only took pictures during the last 2 meals I cooked.

tummythoz: HAHAHA must wait many many yearssss la. Let me get that house and kitchen first.


yum yum!! look healthy and delicious!!

do link and check out my foodblog!!


Chef Yan where got old? He still can cook leh. . I don't think I can take over lah. Me only know how to eat. :P


ginger: thanks for reminding me... almost forgot

kok: ehhhh he so young one meh...i remember when i was a kid i used to watch his cooking show a lot and he looks old. oops.. he looks younger LOL

Keropok Man

Hmmm recovering from surgery, you can feed her prawns? hehe..

Or that prawn dish is for yourself. :-)

Next time come to Singapore, buzz me. We can go makan makan. :-)

Yes, kitchens are usually quite small, unless you specifically renovate them to be big big.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

healthy hor..even fried rice also use the red colour one..cant stand the on wkdays i eat at home wifout rice..just dishes..keke..


keropok man: She cant take prawns.. so I had to cook separate dishes for her.

Wanted to arrange to meet you singaporean foodies initially.... but did because full time at my aunts place. But will surely want to meet next time I'm there.

joe: Not nice meh? I cant stand white rice after i have eaten brown rice.. i love those hifiber rice too. Like eating barli like that.

Kenny Mah

Wahh... such a good cook and such a good niece too! The herb salmon looks fantastic... you should have cooked more, for us too! ;)


so, when can we try yr home cooked food?


He very young already famous mahh. I think I'm just walking the same road as him. So young already famous. hahahaha! Just joking. :P

Precious Pea

When will we be invited to try your home cooked food?


kenny, jackson, precious pea: One reason i decided to bake something is because I wont have a working oven to use at home. Miss baking so much. Will need to buy a new one before I plan any makan session... and no easy la.

kok: hahahaha faster get your butt up and start a show!


The baked salmon looks great and would like to try that. what temperature and how long did it take you to make that dish?


littlenoodle: Hmmm I remembered I started with 200C preheated for 15 mins. But the fish wasnt cook. I went for another 10 mins with 220C.

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