Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just Heavenly Pleasures

Yatta yatta! At last I went to Just Heavenly Pleasures!

Just Heavenly Pleasures is located in the same building and opposite of Chef and Brew.
G1.05 & G1.06 Epicure,
Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

I was so worried that I didn't make it in time. I was dreading that all I'm going to see is the "Closed" sign a the door and the lights off and all the delicious and precious gone. But MUAHAHAHA YATTA YATTA!

Clock wise from bottom left: Choc and cheese, Sticky butterscotch, Butter buttercup and Death by chocolate.

The Chocolate durian was packed in another box.

I had Butter buttercup after a very filling dinner... but there's always room for desert! *licks the butter vanilla cream off my fingers*

A few hours later back home .... the eat first think later me .... ate the Death by chocolate with my sister. Honestly I could not sleep after this. This is very good. Rich but not too sweet. It's just heavenly. Should not have woke my sis for this... should have been mine... all mine!

Just could not get enough of Death by chocolate, so I took the chocolate durian out from the fridge. I felt a little guilty eating this because I was planning to save this for my mom. She loves durian and I know she's going to love this because this have the real durian flesh in them.

Mommy... next time yah ;p

All I could think of the moment I woke up next morning is the *rahhhhhhhh* *imagine run ray beaming on the Choc and cheese* For those with weak imagination, Choc and cheese will burst that dream bubble and let your imagination run wild I tell ya.

This ... Sticky butterscotch, is my favorite of the non-chocolate cakes. This you got to have.

So Whats Ya Flava? Mine is definetly all of the above. I need to go back soon to grab that Banana Cream Pie and those chocolate balls.... are those rum... I think I saw rum?

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29 pieces of worms:

Lyrical Lemongrass

Love 'em all! Gawd, i suddenly feel like having some of these babies!

The Cooking Ninja

That is so heavenly sinful! Lucky I'm too faraway to try it. :) Or else it would have been very bad for my diet.


Dessert feast! The Choc Durian is veli da goodie!



didnt plan to hav banana cream pie at first but Nigel rekomended bite into the pie...OooohhhhAhhhhh...dat was sooooo heavenly!!!


ll: yeahh ..this time i better control myself and save the chocolate durian for my mom.

cooking ninja: hmm your site doesnt say where you are at...where are you?

jason: i'm falling for the creamy butterscotch... i really really like it a lot

xiulongbao: wait till i go back... must sapu the rest the next round


da rum balls are good, you must try it! :D

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

HI Teckiee, since i found your blog, i hv been keeping it in my favourites! Its so delicious to see and read your blog! Have you ever visited the Capital of Chocolatedom? (thats Belgium fyi) Well i am a sporean married to a belgian and we live here in belgium. We eat half asian and half belgian food at home too = ) And thank God there are good asian supplies in this part of the world, so i wont miss home cook asian food too much! Good blog! Will definitely stop by often = )


MeiYen: Yeah will surely try it. I'm planning to grab the rest of the stuff I have not tired the next time I'm there.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: Hi Hi! So glad to make people across the continent feel delicious! (...hmm wait... something is wrong with the sentence...) No.. have not been to Capital of Chocolatedom... have not been to Belgium in the matter of fact. I think the only Belgium food i have tasted so far is chocolate, ice cream and waffles. I'll surely be at to check out your Belgium cooks! ( to see that quih dadar!)


i wan the durian chocolaet cake..i can c the greediness of humankind fr u..haha


Haven't try all their creations... sure will do someday *rubbing palms*


I packed the choc durian in a styrofoam icebox all d way to Pg. We stopped for lunch at Ipoh. When we got back into the car, there was a healthy blast of durian smell. But all was well. The cakes maintained their shapes. Upon arrival, we froze these beauties & took them out to savour like ice-creams!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahah i just went n visit just now..can dare say i almost tried every single flavour..i think i m just missing the eclair, the sticky toffee and the buttercup 1.. monday i get to try the tiramisu!

its been twice dis week..i think i need to head to the gym.

team bsg

cakes no NO ! rumn you mean RUM ?
yes YEs YES plse ! ( but not the jack sparrow type that one cannot )


Cakes? I also got some to show you. They're coming to my blog soon!:P


Thought you were supposed to heat the sticky butterscotch cake till the cream melts?????

God of Food's

Woow, JHP so famous, but i haven give a try yet, should drop by soon...

Precious Pea

Wow! I was like you, attacking all almost within hours and suffered post chocolate overdosed syndrome.


KampungboyCitygal: heheh eat first... think later

jason: i think most of us will want to try everything... i think there must be a few who did already

tummythoz: wahhh tapau to pg somemore. hmmm but thanks for the tip.. can carry back to pangkor next time with the foam box.

joe: aishehh i wished i work or stay near to DH. but luckly JHP opens till 9pm for now.

bsg: hahahahahahahahaha i haven watch the movie yet lehhh ... better watch it soon before its off the screen.

kok: wahhhhh i wanna see! exam over already?

wmw: i didnt heat.... but still nice... ok.. next round will heat and see

god of food's: hmm i think by the time i post this reply.. you would have tried it already :)

PreciousPea: i could have had moreeeee the death by chocolate is just so good! i didnt feel jelak lo..


Alrighty! Will update as soon as possible. ;) Eh eh, exam long time ago finished liao loh. Results also out liao. hahaha!


holy cow those look delicious.


foodhoe: drop by and try them... I just went for my second round yesterday =)


Good afternoon... is there a way to have the cakes there? I understand that Just Heavenly Pleasures is only for take-away.
I'm afraid that I'll mess the cakes up on my way driving home from there.


EllenN: You can have your cakes at Chef and Brew. Just opposite Just Heavenly Pleasures. They will allow you to do that if you order something from them...a cup of coffee, of have your meal there.


teckiee, thanks for the info.
Hope to get myself there soon :)


EllenN: No prob. Try their Key Lime tart and Rum Balls too! Those are one of my favs too.


Aiks... I thought of going to Just Heavenly Pleasure today but ended up in Bisou at Asian Heritage Row.
Thanks for your recommendation. will definitely try them. :)


teckiee, I finally went JHP on Friday. Bought 3 cakes... but my mum threw away the Death by Chocolate accidentally this morning... *sob sob*


EllenN: Aike!!! what happen? nvm.. go to JHP again and get another three ;)


I bought Chocolate Durian, Death by Chocolate & Mango Upside Down. Left Death by Chocolate for the next day... who knew that my mum was blur while clearing the chiller in the morning (without her specs) and... gone my cake...

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