Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keropok Lekor

During the last day when I was in Kuala Terengganu, a local friend of mine brought me to a hidden keropk lekor stall in Pulau Kambing, located along Lorong Lima, a very narrow road. Again... I remember reading someone else’s review some where some time ago, but I just can't find the post. WMW's? or was it Boo's?

The shop is actually run by a 80++ year old lady. Very healty grandma. She makes the keropok lekor herself in her home and sells it in her shop right in front of her home.

One thing that caught my attention was the way the keropok lefor is cooked. Wood is used to heat the hot oil instead of a using a gas stove.

The fresh, crips and soft keropok lekor taste so good! Can't get good lekor like this in KL.

We had homemade chili with belacan to dip the lekor in too. This is really hot stuff. Imagine the burning sensation you get from a tablespoon of hot sauce in a dip of this chili. My tongue and lips were red eating this.

Lucky us, we had delicious soya milk to minimize the swelling of the lips ;p CK mention that usually there won't be any soya milk left at that hour.

I really enjoyed the keropok there, and the environment too. I felt so relaxed, slow moving pace, so laid back feeling, when I was snacking there. I miss it a lot.

There are also many commercial keropok lekor sold in the Kuala Terengganu town. One my way to KT from Merang jetty, was asked the taxi drive to do a pit stop at one of the keropok lekor stalls.

Keropok Lekor Zaleha is located some where along our trip back to KT town.

Other than the keropok lekor, they also have all the seafood crackers.

The fresh steamed keropok lekor is kept warm. I tried this steamed version, it didn't taste as good as the fried one. I think it would be nice if the steamed version is cooked or dipped with some sauce.

I bought some of the dried crackers back. Smelly fish chips...LOL! I love the fishy smell actually. The stronger the smell, the better.

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13 pieces of worms:


yummm freshly fried is good.

Anyway, I've come out with this year's Merdeka Open House topic, pls check Merdeka Open House 2007. Hope you can join the fun.


Vitamilk.. I had a lot of those right after the Siemens Run 2007. They were one of the event sponsors and gave out lots of bottles of that stuff for free.

Very nice indeed.

The Cooking Ninja

I miss keropok :( So yummy. Next time I'm home, I must fill my stomach with 1 year worth of keropok.


Keropok Lekor... if only there's a piece of keropok lekor in front of me now...

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)

Dear Teckiee,
I have never had keropok lekur. I have had shrimp keropok. Do they taste the same?


I also like keropok ikan! Just fall in love with it not long but not with strong smell la. Used to have the thin type of keropok lekor at school last time.... :(


i like lekor!!!!! usually buy from ss2 pasar malam cause i don't know any other places that sell this keropok lekor...


I love eating this, sitting on top of one of the stilt restaurants, looking out to the sea (when I'm in Redang!!!)...


Keropok Lekor...can die for!

Big Boys Oven

The east coast keropok sure taste good. I had keropok lekor in kuantan, they taste fascinating and deliciously fresh. Nway you can get sure in KL!


babe: yea!!! I'm already planning my dish...maybe indian sweet stuff

tokyo_nights: wow free flow of those? niceeeeeeeeee

cooking ninja: LOL! Keropok lekor quite commercialized already. They sell in packs in the supermarkets... but... maybe you will need to wait a while to get it over at your supermarket.

kok: will you be coming back to Mal? break already rite? I think u need to start planning your list of food u wanna eat ;p

lee ping: Very different actually. Do you remember those Malaysian local fish... small flakes and tiny bones. They use those small fishes to make them... fishy smell. They blend it together with a mixture of flour then steam. When steamed, they will cut it and deep fry them to get the keropok lekor.

jason: ohhh like that maybe you wont like some of the KT keropok lekor.. some quite strong smell.

mei yen: Hmmm PJ area I think all the pasar malam got.. Kepong I seldom see.

wmw: hehehe...u stayed at MoMoCha isit last time?

jadepearl: Gimmie 5!

BBO: I agree on that. The fresh lekor fries up better. The ones in KL are always a wee bit hard.

God of Food's

miss my school keropok leko, 20 sen each, used to buy it everyday during my school time.


God of Food's: Wahhh so nice! My school's canteen didn't really have yummy snacks at all.

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