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Kuih Kak

Hi JP! *waves*

I got an email from JP recently (well... not so recently) asking me about fried carrot cake aka chow queh kak. (Chow = fry, queh = the cake, kak = square) Coincidently there was pasar malam near my place yesterday. So I decided to go take some pictures and ta pau. (take away)

I don't the recipe for the queh kak, but have a look at Amy Beh's.

Kuih Kak Recipe by Amy Beh

- 250g rice flour, sifted
- 1/4 tsp pepper
- 1 tsp alkaline water (kan sui)
- 1/8 tsp borax (pangsar)
- 1 tbsp oil

- 3 1/2 cups water
- 1/2 tsp salt

1# Place rice flour in a mixing bowl. Add water and blend well. Mix in pepper, alkaline water, borax and oil. Stir well then pour mixture into a lightly greased 21cm square cake pan.
2# Steam over boiling water (medium low heat) for at least an hour or until kuih is cooked through.
3# Cool kuih thoroughly before cutting into small pieces or cubes.

I wouldn't put too much of the alkaline water and the borax (boric asid) if I were to make this. Actually, I think I wouldn't put in borax at all. Just oil the pan before you pour the flour mix in. You can actually add chicken stock, or some home made high stock to make the kuih more flavorful.

And if you are one of those lazy bumbs like me, you can push the steamed kuih through a netting. Works wonders, and saves a lot of time.

Before you fry them. Add oil to the pan and fry the quih kak. Add some pepper, thick sweet black sauce and some soya sauce. Fry until fragrant and the outer layer of the kuih dry and crispy. Remove them and put a side.

Fry fragrant some garlic and add the kuih kak back in. Add you favorite vegetables, some tofu, maybe some prawns and see ham (cockles) and egg. Drop a few drops of sesame oil for fragrance and viola!

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13 pieces of worms:

The Cooking Ninja

It looks like fried carrot cake. Does it taste the same?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i think it is fried carrot cake..pai seh i never try the pasar malam style lar..must go must go..always go n eat the hk dim sum 1..the concorde 1s is damn "ons"..


Looked like "chow kou" (fry kuih!) in Ipoh but no cockles, no tofu, no prawns. Just egg and bean sprouts!


Luv this with plenty of the sweet salty 'chai-poh' bits (don't know what's the name in English). But usually have a hard time finishing a whole as once it's a bit cold, oil starts oozing out.
In my younger days in Pg, the hawkers used to pack this in banana leaves & newspapers twisted into cones, like those used to pack 'kacang putih'.


"chow kueh" my favourite! we usually buy from da ss2 pasar malam uncle.... got to wait so long!


cooking ninja: yup. this is the same thing. not really sure why they call it carrot cake when there's no carrot in it.. ???

joe: high class punya orang ma.. i only can afford the pasar malam ones ;p

jason: ohh same thing same thing. the one from pasar malam only has kau choy, beans sprouts and choy pou. if you fry at home.. can add the additional stuff.

tummythoz: yeahh i love the choy poh.. forgot to mention that. I do agree with the oil!

MeiYen: yeah! have to wait even longer when he finish all his pre fried queh kak. then he will have to fry the fresh white kuih kak.


Oh... I tot those sold here are special ones with so much ingredients :D


jason, if you cook sure special ma.. remember to let me try too ;p

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Thanks for the link to my High Stock article.

Lee Ping

This Kuih Kak reminds me of the Klang Char Kway Teow. Perhaps there are also crunchy pieces of lard in this dish?

mama bok

I missed this alot..!! i love loads of choy poh in it.. and the sweeter the better too.. ;)

Rasa Malaysia

I know it's gotta be me...I never acquired the liking for kuih kak because I find it boring because there are no signs of prawns...just plain...I am a seafood fanatic. :P


lee ping: hehehe i love the original high stock! Ohhh and the lard do wonders.. the one in the pasar malan do use it tho.

mama bok: ohhh sweeter.... i know the singapore version of carrot cake is sweet, the malaysian ones are salty

rasa malaysia: hahahah the seafood pasta you cooked still fresh inmy head.. the seafood more than the pasta! my kind of pasta!

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