Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last day at Kuala Terengganu

Final post on my Redang trip. My friends and me reached Kuala Terengganu from Redang in the afternoon and still have many hours left to spare before my bus back to KL. A friend from KT took us touring around and out of the town.

We went site seeing. Really site seeing... for houses. LOL! I saw this awesome snow white and the 7 dwarfs house.

Went to the floating mosque also... but not for site seeing.

We later had dinner at a makan place opposite some where opposite the floating mosque.

We all ordered air buah Saddam Hussin. Saddam himself made the fruit juices for us ;p

My green apple juice was quite weird because there were still green apple skin floating all over the drink. And my friends pineapple juice was like half fermented.

Nasi Dagang.

Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Minyak.

The curry chicken that goes with the Nasi Minyak

Nasi kerabu

All that nasi nasi, I don't know which tasted nice and which wasn't because we all took a bite of everything. I only know the some parts of the nasi kerabu was really spicy.

I don't know how to differentiate if a nasi is nice or not. Somehow, the nasi kerabu tasted the same as the one I have eaten from the Saturday morning pasar tani, and the nasi Dagang, not as nice. Dad was asking me my taste buds were right. He mentioned than KT's nasi Dagang should be better.

I loved the satay ayam. They were BBQ just right. Crispy and a little burnt on the outside, but still tender and juicy on the inside. The dipping kuah they served is very different from any kuah I have eaten. The nuts in them were blended very finely, not like the chunky ones we have in KL.

The ikan bakar was not good. I would call it steam fish, not BBQ'ed fish.

My company's recreation club is hosting a trip to Redang next month. Coincidently, the same place I stayed when I was there too. Should I go again? Hehehe ;p

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12 pieces of worms:


half fremented pineapple juice... yuk...


I say, JUST GO! hahaha!


Wah...the last pic of the rice thingy after the curry chicken? Looks nice to me!!! Simple with some veges, salted egg?, fried anchovies?, and some kick-arse chilly sauce I think? They just looked lovely and yummy for me to combine all and put into my mouth...ngummm nyumm..*Salivating~~~*


What I like most about the rice dishes is the sambal that goes with it!


That fish looks uncooked... yet. Go, of course!


nasi minyak? O_o i wonder how it tastes...

Precious Pea

Sigh...i never been to Redang and I wanna go Redang. So many places to go yet so limited leave. Grrr!!!


EH! What happen to my reply?! Aisheh...

Jackson: Yeah man.. the pineapple is half rotting and yet they still use it for juice.

Kok: HAHAHAHA I really want to! I don't dare to ask my boss to let me go on vacation again.

cookies cream: Ohh I just edited it. It's called Nasi Kerabu. You can buy that in the Kelana Jaya Pasar Tani on Sat mornings.

WMW: Their sambal all sweet leh

jason: I want to taste the ikan bakar you mentioned! .. this one lausy la.

Mei Yen: Very wangi one. They should call it nasi wangi instead of minyak.. not oily.

Precious Pea: Haiyah you busy in other places hehehe

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)

Dear Teckiee,
There is a stall named Saddam Hussein? Wow!


lee ping: Yup...eye catching and definetly attracted customers.


hai teckiee..
i'm at terengganu now.. u sure dat house is snow white n 7 dwarfs house? i mean, is it a historical place? or u just name it? where can i find it? i'd like 2 go there n have a good look... =>


heartnet: LOL!...its not called snow white and the 7 drawfs..this is actually in a residential area and this is actually someone's home. I believe the residential area should be rich folks because all the houses there have very unique architecture and designs. I think you can ask around for the housing area and give it a tour

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