Monday, July 02, 2007

Look and guess

Step 1: Look at the pictures.
Step 2: Guess what is going on.

Lemon tree.

Rapsberries tree

Spoilers. Click [+] on the left to expand

Spoilers. Click [+] to expand.

Optimus Prime is so HOT! He's sooo the MAN! So sexy! Sorry if you feel a little off... this is from a geeky foodie ;p

Optimus Prime dessert? Something for the geeks? hehe

Bumble bee also boleh la :p He's like a teenager.

Honey lemon sticks! Just like Bumble bee!

I caught the movie on Thursday night and watched it again on Friday! I totally love the part where the Nokia phone turned into a bot. After a few seconds it knew how to shoot bullets and launch rockets! I want! I want! Then the part when one of the autobots dodged the pairs of rockets..FOOYOH! Then the part when Commander Lennox (Josh Duhamel) rode the bike and then slide under Vortex (US Military Helicoptor) and blast him.. WHAHAHA so darn cool!

Also not forgetting the beginning part of the movie where all the Autobots transformed. And the part when Bumble Bee scan itself into a new Camaro! Oh wait.. then the part where the Autobots had to hide when Sam's father looked out the window. Hilarious!

Oh all the geeks in the movie actually gave a round of applause after the movie. Now that's what I call a good movie.

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20 pieces of worms:


I'm going to watch them on Wednesday!


M no geek but a big fan nonetheless. U no like decepticons? They r so much cooler, no?


Me gonna watch again on Thursday I think!

Lyrical Lemongrass

What a great movie. Ya lar...they're so sexay!

Big Boys Oven

We are going to watch this tuesday!


big boys oven, jason, wmw: hoohoho Tue, Wed, Thurs... I hope you all enjoy it (again).

tummythoz: they got less colour la.. too metal. but i do like megatron when he turns into the hawk like fighter plane

ll: Wanna go borrow the poster display home together? I'll cover the go roll the poster up ;p hhehehe

The Cooking Ninja

I remember playing those with my nephew ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i want to watch also to wait for wkend


Eh.. I thought Megatron supposed to be a... laser gun?


cooking ninja: LOL! so now you can take your nephew out to watch them. Uncle and nephew bonding ;p the good ol times.

joe: go book tixs first la. gold class! worth it!

jason: the cartoon hor... but the movie ...aiyah... cannot tell u la.. u need to watch... too much spoilers already ;p

xiu long bao

cant believe dat u associate fruits wiv 'em???


yippeee...... gonna watch tomorrow!!!!! :D


xiu long bao: actually i didn't initially.. but when i surf'ed for their pics.. some how the colours just pop into my head.. then the lemon... then the rapsberry!

meiyen: yeah!! remember to clap at the end of the show ;P


Transfomers... I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. Entertaining, but a little slow at times. Great CGI!

Precious Pea

Ehhh...??? Hehe...from now on, i will see lemon and raspberries very differently. LOL!


hehe, your post is hillarious too. Me going to watch this Saturday. By hook and by crook!


Aiya... tell me more... ada Starscream? :P


eat4fun: Yeah! hmm didnt feel the slow part tho

precious pea: hahahahha wait wait.. imagine them changing into something... aahahhhahaha

hijackqueen: hahaha i bet they are good for digestion. they can blast all the food in to pieces in the tummy LOL

jason: got got! remember to sit until the end of the first half of the credits.

Lyrical Lemongrass

teckiee, i can just guess what the headlines will say lar..."Homer wasn't the last. Food bloggers caught making out with machine."


HAHAHA .... and your msn nick hahahhahahahah wait..then bald eagel will be making out with a machine too ;p

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