Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nonbei Dining and Bar

Boo Hooooo I'm back from Bangkok =( I miss BKK already! More on it later... I need to recover my juices from all that shopping! Post on BKK later.

So so indecisive me and my buddy. Had to parked the car and walk around the block to decide.

Ended up in Nonbei Dining and Bar. Located opposite right of Sugimoto. Same owner as Sugimoto as well. 03-620 6771 ask for Fiona (she's hot!) for bookings.

Cold sake.

And Choya for me.

It actually comes in a small bottle. I have got to look for this in Isetan. I like it a lot. Enjoying this in Genting's cool air even nicer. Must do that soon.

Buta Shabu Salad. Mixed salad with boiled sliced pork. I think it has a little sesame oil, Kikoman sauce, wasabi, vinegar, boiled and sliced shallots, salad leaves all mixed together with boiled pork. This is really really good.

I was busy with taking pictures of my Choya until I heard horse meat. Ba Sashi. I think the horse is well fed. Maybe too well fed? The meat was smooth and fatty. The texture nothing like fish sashimi.... very hard to chew and break the meat.

The mixed sashimi was ok. Was told that they actually came from Sugimoto as Nonbei is too warm. Quite weird... but I think I better stick to Sugimoto for the raw stuff.

Kaki No Becon Maki is grilled oyster rolled with bacon with a little black pepper on top. The bacon crispy but the oyster dry on the outside and super juicy on the inside.

Te Tsukuri Gyoza, homemade minced pork dumbling. This was just so so. The pork was ok but lack the juices to make it yummier.

Salmon Kawa crispy crackers. This is actually quite cool. I wish they have this in junk food packing. Genting, crispy crackers and Choya... hmmm nice.

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14 pieces of worms:


Bangkok really that good ah? Lots of people tell me Bangkok is good...


Hey, welcome home. I saw Citi Supermarket in Hartamas Shopping Center selling that small bottle of Choya for about RM20 plus. Got big bottle too!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
Big sized Choya is $13 at Japanese grocery here. Small size Choya, I don't remember.

Did I read wrong? Did you say horse meat?

Lee Ping

Must be a joke. Be is horse in Hokkein.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

horse meat sushi ar..hmmmm..
so dis is nearby sugi isit? will drop by when i can..


Horse??? *twiddling fingers*

xiu long bao

maybe now is the season for horse meat sashimi...quite a number of japanese rest serving that which i think is ...sad...i luv horses but of cus alive one...hooohoo poor horse...

Been to nonbei once, took the pix but gave up cus too dark, i tot the food was great. Luv their ramen. Oishi!


O_o horse meat?! is that really true?!!!!!


kok: yup yup! the food! and shopping! Got a lot of nice stuff for the guys also so no worried there.

wmw: Ahh thanks for the info. ...but dunno the big bottle have got that plum inside or not.

lee ping: ohh not that expensive. will but for it before my trips to genting. And yup... horse meat.

joe: yup. just infront of sugi actually. very easy to find.

jason: Yee haaaa! hahahahhaha

xiu long bau: Fiona did recommend the ramen.. but there's only 2 of us.... dun dare to order already. But I'll make sure I order them when i'm there again.

Mei Yen: yup yup. I was taking pictures...when i heard horse meat I was distracted also! Heheh


Yeah, horse meat is the new thing in Japan. The salmon skin at the end looks so yummy.


Er... can't imagine how the horse's being slaughtered >_<

Lee Ping

My goodness, real horse meat!

Dear Teckiee,
I need to come back and re read your Terengganu article. In the coming weeks, I will be busy as I will have companies visiting. My mother-in-law and parents are visiting. I will be doing more blog hopping and leaving more comments when I have extra time.

p/s Have I told you I tried your sambal belacan recipe for my eggplant? It was super super yummy. My husband loved it.

Ngai Yung

Hey Chian, How's the pricing on the food?


boo: A newspaper in Singapore just mentioned that horse and deer meat is the in thing now. But... my bro did questioned on the horse meat. ..Where is it from? Some retired race horse full of injected hormones? Yikes!

Jason: ... hmm think 3 basket of chickens...

Lee Ping: Take care of yourself... hectic and so many activities can be tiring... easy to fall sick too. Have fun! And Yippie!! heheh you can make lots of it and keep the remaining hee bee in the freezer for future use if you want to =)

NY: The 2pax sashimi was I think way over priced. RM85. But the rest are ok. From RM15 to RM20

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