Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pasar Besar Kedai Payang

Ahhhh I almost forgot about this until I was watching Destinasi Bajet on 8TV yesterday.

Pasar Besar Kedai Payang in Kuala Terengganu is I think the largest market there.

It consist of a dry and wet market, lots of batik and cloth shops upstairs, souvenirs, and a food court.

I remembered someone posted about this before... but I can't seem to recall who. Turtle eggs. It's sold all over the market. I was actually tempted to buy but I didn't. I would just encourage the locals there to steal more turtle eggs. And.... this is one of the reasons why I didn't see turtles in the sea!

Local dodols sold...

...but I opt for the nipah leaf dodol.

These are really sweet, but smells so good. Tasted like the Chinese New Year stick cake. (nin kou)

I sampled a little of this sweet kelapa parut kuih (sweeten grated coconut) but did not buy them. Tasted really nice sweet and fragrant, but I bought way too much sweet stuff.

And some sweet groundnuts and sesame biscuits. I wanted to get some but later I noticed that most of them melted. Yikes. I didn't dare buy the mini spring roll either... not sure how long it's there. Won't want to buy something that ends up smelling like oil. (chou yau yik)

I bought 2 packets of these sweet and sour asam jawa. My family loved it so much and manage to finish them all within 2 days.

This buah kerandi keranji *Thanks rj for the correction!* I have not seen before. The outer shell is actually thin. You can pop it open and on the inside is a dark looking flesh. Just a hint of sweetness, and the texture is not like eating any other fruit. It's a little soft, sandy.... with a black seed in the middle.

There were many other stalls seling local kuihs, fresh lekor... and more turtle eggs.

These are fermented fish sauce. The locals calls them budu. I bought one bottle back to try... but have yet to open it.

A section of the market was selling salted fish and fish/prawns crackers.

Saw this dried salted sting ray. I have not seen this before... looks kind of cool.

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20 pieces of worms:


So sad. How come turtle eggs are still available for sale???

Rasa Malaysia

I saw the turtle eggs in Terrenganu too, actually the government should really ban this as turtles are going to be exstinct soon because of use human predators. Sigh.

Precious Pea

The assam jawa...just eat like that?


Wah..still have turtle eggs ah? I thought its banned liao! I love the keropok lekor...cannot have enough of it. many sedap things to eat!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

hi there, looking forward to your BKK pictures & stories, i miss BKK too, use to go there alot for massages and shopping = ) So inspiring the pictures of the payang market, feel like going tomorrow! Too bad we are 10,000kms away! = ) Will head to Penang though in october when we are home for Hari Raya in Spore. The dried fished looks great, hard to get good ones here in the asian shops in Belgium! Miss those really! You dont mind do you if i add u into my blogroll? (List of bloggers?)


Watch yesterday's episode too. Nx week, I'll make sure I'll 'panggang' myself on d beaches!


*BKK tour guide gently taps fingers on table while sipping a Singha*


hahaha the pasar is just opposite kgboy's parent's shop..ive never been there ..ashamed


jason: I dont know ler. It's just all over the market.

RM: Actually the government did ban it.. I remember for many years already. They never really enforced it...they should.

PreciousPea: Yup.. crack the skin and eat. Very nice.

jadepearl: Ban konon. Wait wait.. i have a Terenganu keropok lekor post still in draft mode.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: ahhhh i miss the oil massage already... 2 whole hours of relaxing! bkk post will come really soon!

tummythoz: HAHAHAHA u really want to panggang meh? ...hahah tell u what happen to me offline

UnKa: ok la...soon soon. Thanks a lot yah ;)

CityGal: hehehehe must say "never been there YET" I'm sure you'll go one day hehe

team bsg

those are perfect homely kampong offerings ! except the eggs ( sure give u a big lump in da throat )
amazing they always cannot touch the local malays no matter what. it seems our gomen's mentality is incomprehensible to sane ppl


turtle eggs?!!! :( so cruel.....


Think you read about turtle eggs from my post in KB? Anyway, some left a comment saying that the turtle eggs sold are legal, apparently only those eggs from certain turtle species are banned.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i heard u eat those eggs raw 1..looks like ping pong balls..saw some when my fren bought it to work for us to c..but for another havent try yet..


I, too, think the turtle eggs are illegal for sale.

The Cooking Ninja

There is a lot of kueh in your pic I have never seen nor eaten before.


aiseh..I just did some reading and printed some pj/kl/pg/melaka/n9 maps, I've to research on padang besar liao :PP Oo..the nipah leaf dodol, I've never had it before.


bsg: hmm quite true, but its their believe. I have a few female coleagues that do not touch male colleagues even at work... no shaking of hands.

Mei Yen: Yeah... *but... I think if I saw more of them in the sea...I would be one of them who buys and eats them...Glups...*

wmw: Ahh that's the one. Ohh KB... I was searching for KT. Ohh didn't know only certain turtle are banned.. not all. So.. can eat lah?

Joe: Yup. Just hold them gently, use a finger to pop a hole in them, and you suck it from there. I have eaten them before. (Before they are banned)

kok: Go see WMW's post. Not all illegal... wanna eat ah? hhahha

meltingwok: LOL... balik cepat, if not it's only researching that you are going to do ;p

Lee Ping

So, not all turtle eggs are illegal? How does a turtle egg tastes like?


The 'black pearls' are called buah keranji as in the pantun 'buah keranji dalam perahu', not kerandi. That's my hometown, careful not to be cheated at the batik sutera area.


lee ping: Hmm I cant remember, but the smell is not as strong as raw chicken eggs. The texture is just like eating half boiled eggs.

rj: Ohhh thanks for the name. Have not seen this buah before (and dont know the pantun also hehehe). Hm.. I didn't buy any batik there.. but their kain pelikat looks all very nice.

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