Sunday, July 01, 2007

Redang Day 3: Still want to stay another day

I woke up early again to catch the sun rise But alas, the sky was covered with clouds again.

Did nothing but hung out at the hammock.

I tried to bug my friends into going for a last round of snorkeling before we pack for check-out, but non of them seems to be interested. I haven't have enough of snorkeling so I decided to head out myself. The water was actually very warm. I think I enjoyed this session the most because the water was calm and clear. Admired the Christmas tree worms for the final time.. and then head back to the beach.

While I was snorkeling, my friends went back to look for the castle we built. People actually left notes and even telephone numbers on the sand for us. LOL!

After snorkeling, I felt so hungry. I went straight for food.

Had toast again. Some scrambled eggs and baked beans on the side.

They have also served garlic onion chicken porridge that tasted really good!

The rest had Tom Yam fried beehoon.

We packed, checked-out.. and bye bye Redang. I miss you!

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14 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

The "christmas tree worms" are so beautiful. Almost unreal with all the different colors and how delicate they look. They really look like christmas tree with the light shining from within.

You mentioned Tom Yam Fried Bee Hoon in your article. Do you have the recipe? I ate it at a potluck a couple years ago and the Grandma that made it had gone back to Malaysia. I would love to recreate that.

p/s The dish on the left was egg plant in my article. The vege that went across the plate in the middle like a bridge was spinach. I did not mention this in my article but I think we were not born to be vegetarian. After just 2 hours, we were hungry again.


Awww, that was quick but at least u got to see those christmas tree worms one last time.


Redang?? Oohh... imiss redang! U know what? I spend almost 6 mth in Berjaya Redang for pratical training.. i miss Redang


P. Redang? Wonderful place to be...went there once and don't feel like coming back home...ha!ha!

wmw year! Redang...I miss the times I sat at the beach and looking out to the waters with my keropok lekor in hand! :o)

Precious Pea

We go together next year yah?!


Oh wonderful sceneries. I'm one of those rare jakuns that still belum been to Redang before!! :O


lee ping: There's a lot of colours... some with 2 colors on one tree. For the tomyam bee hoon recipe, I have it some where in my hard disk.. will mail it to you when I'm at home.

boo: hehe went out a bit.. but later decided to head back cos I got chicken hehehehahahah

jackson: we should all go next year!

jade: hahahaha same here. my friends had to drag me off the island ;p

wmw, precious pea, tankiasu: So are we on for next year? April or May is a good time to go. Jackson in too? hehehe


Tankiasu, we're both jakuns!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

haha redang..thats life..nothing to worry about..u r a true flogger..go to redang..ppl take pics of everything else..u still got take pics of food hahahaah!


jason: No need jakun jakun... next year I count you in already with the rest.

joe: hahaha camera there already ma.. might as well take some pictures.


guess we were lucky when we were at redang cause we caught sunrise and it was soooo soooo soooooo beautiful!!!!!!! furthermore, it was my first time to an island and first time in my life went underwater and snorkel! miss this place so much!


what? No Legs? *stomps away angrily....

/sneaks back to take a second look at tom yum mee hoon. See you this weekend!


MeiYen: I hope I get to see it next year. Some how I always dont get to see the sunrises when I go on vacations. =(

unka: hahahahah see you soon! cant wait!!!

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