Monday, July 23, 2007

Sandias, revisit

He mentioned that he recently developed Mexican taste buds so I made plans to bring him to Sandias. Picked my buddy up right after this flight and head to Sandias. Actually a very ideal place for those who is looking for a good comfortable quiet place to do lots of catching up.

Hot bread and juices. Apple and carrot juice.

Can't stop myself on munching on these.

Since we wanted variety, we ordered the starter platter. The platter consisted of; (From top left corner)
Quesadillitas Tricolor, handmade masa tortillas, filled with mushrooms, cheese and potatoes served with salsa roja. I quite like this because the stuffing tasted just right.

Taquitos Fritos, hand rolled tortillas, filled with minced chicken seasoned with cilantro and onion, garnished with fresh cream, cheese salsa verde and lettuce. A vegetarian version available upon request. This I like. Tasted the same as I tried it previously but better this time because the deep fried tortillas were less oily.

Ceviche, small cubes of dory fish marinated in lime juice, mixed in a tomato, onion, cilantro and green olive salsa enhanced with a touch of chili. This I really like. I was eating this with the tortillas all the way. The cubed dory in it was like eating raw salmon.

Guacamole, traditional Mexican salad made with pureed avocados, chopped onions, cilantro, and fresh tomatoes with a hint of chili and garlic. I can't remember how this tasted like... but I remember I dug into all the sauces a lot.

Then the small cups of sour cream, cheese... some other dips.

I ordered the Barbacoa de Cordero, leg of lamb slowly cooked in plantain leaves and marinated in our secret sauce, served with an array of Mexican salsa and corn tortillas. All I can say is that this dish do not suit my taste buds as all. I wish it had more herbs in it. Maybe it's just the Mexican way of cooking?

He ordered the Enchiladas de Pollo, folded fried tortilla filled with chicken and topped with a trio of salsa, also available in a vegetarian version. This was similar to Taquitos Fritos but with all the extra stuff. This was nice. Will want to order this next time.

So so stuffed after the meal but there's always space for dessert. Folks there were very kind to let us bring in our own desserts. We had stuff from JHP ;p

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13 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

so better then our visit during KLUE?

Xiu Long Bao

maybe ur mate can get his craving fixed at las carretas? the mexican food are not bad too.


Nigel mentioned that their food were not bad. Maybe should do a revisit :)


hmm....sounds like your 2nd visit is much better than our 1st visit. like jason said, best to revisit and judge again :D


Yup, the food is good here per my previous visit here. Just that I suspect they could not cope with the crowd during the klue event. Incidentally La Carretas is Tex-Mex and not true Mexican unlike Sandias but they have those old favs like enchiladas and etc.


I never try Mexican meal before. I think I'll have to try it if I've the chance.


Where's that place? Looks good, maybe I'll visit when I'm back.


Guess it was better than KLue night then....Who is he??? ;P


joe: Not really sure cos I didn't try the same stuff I tried on KLUE night. But the Taquitos Fritos was better.

XLB, boo: Thanks for the tip... I think I'll check out La Carretas soon.

jason, mei yen: Yeah you should. Less ppl compared to KLUE so it's a even nicer environment.

kok: hmm I think making salsa is not that difficult... then again I don't know, have not made them before. Try making Salsa and buy a bag of Nachos ;p

wen: Wanna go to the place that XLB mentioned? Las Carretas. When you coming back? AsiaAsia going to start flying there liau...if you don't come back I'm coming down!

wmw: my part time bf... but shhhh keep it to yourself ;p~


Hahah... it's no longer secret now!


jason: aiyah... told you to keep quiet adi lorrr ;p~~~


chian, eh...i moved to melbourne dy, you know right? air asia can fly all the way until here?? but of course, i'm welcoming you with open arms if you come down here. :p

i'll prob go back in dec, longer this time. :))


wen: Yeah i know... got your new add also.

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