Friday, August 31, 2007

FHM 2007 featuring Culinaire Malaysia 2007

Since I was working just beside the KL convention center where the FHM and Culinaire Malaysia 2007 are held, I decided that I would spend sometime to look see. I got more excited about it when more and more people talk about it.

The pictures below are from Culinaire Malaysia 2007 aka the competition hall where all the displays and contest is carried out.

My favoruit cake of all is the alien chess set. Won't mind getting one of these design for my birthday.


Bonjour Mademoiselle, how are you today? Fine day isn't it?

Gomenasai, but could you wait outside while Lady Sakura prepare herself. Arigato gosaimasu.

Hehehehe lei la, lei la, ngor dei hoi sien ah. Pong ngor dei chiong kor la. (Come come we are bored, some sing with us)

This cake looks intimidating to me. Kind of feel like an angry emperor giving me a cold stare. *shivers*

This cake reminds me of the Disney cartoon Beauty and the Beast. The Beast's castle in the while show. So beautiful.

Ahhh if I were to get married, I think I'll go for this kind of cake. Simple and modest white wedding cake. Don't think I'll have enough money to spend on an expensive few tier wedding cake.

...can't stand those fake plastic foam hotel wedding cake! Everyone should get a real cake!

Saw this on one of the wedding cakes. In the egg there's actually a couple doll. The egg is nice, but I can't see the couple if I don't look closely. But kind of cute if the wed couple break the egg to expose the dolls instead of cutting a cake... then again... destroy the cake.

The Simsonnnnsssss.

All sugar, but looks nice. A boy is ringging a bell on top.

Ahhhh the Emperor cake on top, the Empress cake here. Looks like a grand jade duck cake.

This cake is the most amizing cake I have ever seen! The whole cake is do detailed. Every single section of the cake is made as if that was the high light of the cake.

This is the top part of the cake. I just feel like taking that one and hanging it on my wall.

Close up of a section of the cake. Look at the face of the man. Damn cool wei.

This is the inside of the dome. I can't believe my eyes when I saw a chandelier right in the middle of it. The roof part of it is hollow too. The whole cake is just way too beautiful and precious to eat man.

There was also a section displaying sweet stuff and the decoration that went with it. I didn't take much pictures of them.

Mini desserts.

There were also cooking contest and all. They had kitchen stoves, ovens and all the package built in for the contest. Viewers like me get to see how the chef cook through a see through plastic pannel.

All can see.

But cannot touch. =(

After some walking around, I had to return to work, but at 5pm, I made my way to the competition hall again to catch the bar tending competition. My favorite and I believe the best .... (not sure about how his drink tasted tho) is the fourth contestant from Thailand. He's got the best showmanship and skills compared to the other four.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Merdeka Open House 2007 - Muhibbah

I started to panic in the office when I remembered the deadline for the Babe KL's Merdeka Open House 2007 - Muhibbah is tomorrow!

Initially I was planning to cook tempeh but I have no idea where to buy good tempeh in the evening. Kind of tough cranking my head to think of a non-chinese dish to cook. Thought of buying durian from the pasar malam and make durian dodol but the last time I made dodol, I bent a few of my kitchen utensils. Then I remembered a conversation with FoodLianne, about making Maggie Mee goreng with telur mata kerbau. But... that's not putting effort and not really that patriotic. I have spoken about just making a simple breakfast, FoodLianne suggested half boiled eggs and toast and I mentioned kaya. ...So..

Kaya it is! Kaya counts right? I mean kaya didn't come from the Chinese right?

I can't really remember when I was introduced to kaya, but I think many of us Malaysian have encountered kaya at a very young age. I can't say I am totally in love with kaya, but it goes well with sweet glutinous rice, toasted bread, pau's and chungs.

My dad on the other hand loves kaya. My dad always buy his dose of kaya from the Wednesday pasar malan near my home. I guess he will not have to buy them tomorrow =)

You will need

- 5 medium sized eggs
- 175ml coconut milk
- 4 pandan leaves, knotted

- 275g sugar

Step 1: Beat eggs and sugar together until smooth.

Step 2: Pour beaten eggs and pan leaves into a cold sauce pan and stir in low fire until sugar melts completely.

Step 3: Add in coconut milk.

Step 4: Stir in low fire until thicken.

Step 5: Remove from fire and let it cool.

Step 6: Remove the pandan leaves before storing in containers.

I found that my kaya was too sweet and had too much santan to it. I think I will most probably use only about 225g of sugar and 150ml of santan. Both then sweetness and santan killed most of the fragrance that the egg yokes had given out. Either than or I will have to add 1 to 2 more eggs to it.

My grandma suggested to get duck eggs in future when I want to make kaya. She mentioned that the duck eggs gives out a smoother texture to the kaya. I think I will used the double boiler technique instead. The heat should be more even and easier to control.

Mom said my kaya smelt good =) Dad said "Use the steam technique when you make your next one." I'm guessing that the steam will get the kaya texture smoother? Got to try that next time.

Oh and the 1 and a half hour of stirring got me only about 1 and a half cup of kaya. I got to make more next time. Maybe make a durian flavored kaya! Anyone wants to be my guinea pig?

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Red Ginger, North Point Mid Valley

I knew I had to come for this food tasting session when I saw the subject as "Red Ginger". I had a very good experience with the service and my Kam Heong bee hoon at Damansara Heights and want to taste the others Red Ginger have to offer.

The reminder of my post will be done in Bahasa Malaysia.

Red Ginger, North Point Mid Valley ialah satu outlet baru (yang satu lagi di Bukit Damansara). Elizabeth Chen telah menjemput dua puluh lebih flogger until merasa hidangan Red Ginger in outlet barunya. Elizabeth memberitahu bahawa Red Ginger'nya tiada kiatan dengan satu lagi restoran yang sama nama di Jakarta Indonesia.

Kasturi Pomelo Special. Minuman ini ialah salah satu minuman yang tidak pernah saya rasa. Rasanya sangat menyegarkan. Rasa limau and pamelo sangat serasi. Nata de coco yang di letak di dalam gelas juga memberi salah satu item untuk di ingini dalam minuman ini. Saya hanya rasa minuman ini di hidangkan dalam gelas yang terlalu kecil.

Red Ginger salad (Pomelo salad). Salad ini ialad satu salad yang basic. Di atas pamelo ialah kacang tahan, kelapa parut, udang kecil goreng and bawang merah kecil goreng. Rasanya sama dengan apa yang saya pernah makan, tetapi atasan yang di beri banyak di bandingkan dengan yang di Bukit Damansara.

Lobak ayam (Chicken lobak). Lauk ini di buat daripada ayam perap and kemudian di cincang and di balut dengan kertas soya. Balutan ini kemudian di goreng. Saya tidak berapa sukakan lobak ini kerana intinya terlalu bau rempah ratus cina. Intinya juga sedikit kering.

Yau Char Kwai ikan (Stuffed Yau Char Kwai). Lapisan rapuk Yau Char Kwai di luar sangat sesuai apabila di isi kan dengan pati ikan yang enak and mempunyai rasa tekstur berspring apabila di gigit. Mungkin kerana masa yang lama kumpulan floggers menguna untuk mengambil gambar, saya terasa minyak yang did guna untuk goreng Yau Char Kwai ikan ini di resap ke bawah. Tetapi ini tidak melarang tangan saya until mengambil dua keping lagi.

Rojak buah. Sos yang did gunakan until rojak ini sangat penuh dengan rasa otak udang, tetapi saya hairan kerana tiada bau hanyir. Rojak ini sangat sesuai untuk sesiapa yang tidak suka bau otak udang.

Otak otak. Saya sangat suka dengan otak otak ini kerana inilah otak otak yang mengunakan ketulan ikan was besar manis, segar and kenyal. Elizabeth memberitahu kami ikan yang di gunakan ialah ikan Dory. Ikan Dory yang saya masak selalunya tidak begitu kenyal. Bau and rasa otak otak ini serasi dengan citarasa saya.

Ipoh Hor Fun. Sup Hor Fun ini ialah salah satu sup yang susah didapati di mana-mana tempat lain. Sup ini penuh dengan bau udang and rangka udang and rasanya tidak terlalu masin. Sup yang saya makan di tempat lain mengunakan perasa tiruan and memberi kehausan di mulut selepas did makan. Elizebeth mengatakan Red Ginger tidak mengunakan apa apa perasa tiruan, tetapi mengunakan stok stok asli ikan atau ayam.

Laksa lemak. Untuk seorang yang tidak suka kari yang berlemak, laksa lemak ini berasa oklak. Lemaknya tidak terlalu banyak hingga menjelakkan.

Nasi goreng Red Ginger. Nasi yang di goreng ini berbiji-biji. Inilah salah satu kriteria saya apa bila menyukai nasi goreng. Nasi yang dihidangkan ada sedikit bau minyak sesame and wangi. Di dalam ada kemanisan kismis and rasa masin ikan masin wangi. Telur mata kerbau yang di goreng baik sekali diletakkan diatas menutup beberapa keping udang besar. Hidangan ini boleh tahan.

Ayam kukus dalam ragi. Selalunya apa bila makan KFC, ayam yang digunakan lembek. Saya sangat texture ayam ini kerana it tidak selembek ayam KFC and tidak kenyal semacam ayam kampung. Tetapi rasa ayam ini boleh di perbaiki. Mungkin tambahkan lagi herbal cina untuk mengekuatkan lagi aroma herbal and ragi.

Daging lada hitam. Hidangan ini tidak beberapa sesuai dengan citarasa saya. Saya suka dengan dagingnya yang masih pandau tetapi texture dagingnya licin. Lada hitam juga boleh ditambahkan lagi.

Kam Heong kueh teow goreng. Munkin kerana kueh teow yang digunakan terlalu basah, bau wangi Kam Heong tidak seberapa wangi jika dibanding dengan mengunakan bee hoon. Saya lebih suka Kam Heong bee hoon dari Red Ginger.

Kari kering dengan udang garang. Apabila sampai hidangan and akhir ini, saya hanya dapat merasa sedikit hidangan ini. Kari kering ini penuh dengan aroma daun kari. Walaupun kari kering, saya rasa ia sepedas kari kari lain.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Coliseum Cafe

A friend I met during my trip to Redang was around KL a few days back and decided to buzz me for dinner. Initially I suggested Jalan Alor, but the traffic jam took us out of the way. So I said "Do you eat vegetarian? Let's have some Indian vegetarian over at Breakfields. Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, we passed Coliseum Cafe on the left like a snail. The jam was just so so bad.

I then thought of BSGs post and all my other memories there. I started talking about the antique look... all the wood... and all the black slacks and white starched shirts waiters in bow tie...

So you guessed it already la... we ended up eating there.

Anyway, didn't Coliseum used to have this wooden bar top counter? It's not wood anymore.

I know Coliseum is more famous for their sizzling stuff, but I ordered a simple fish concalaise instead.

It's fish fillet, prawns and mushrooms, cream sauce served with mashed potatoes. I like the simple taste of the cream sauce that goes well with the fish, but the mashed potatoes was too salty.

My fish order came with onion toast.

My diver friend ordered the chicken cordon bleu. I took a sample of his chicken and I quite like it. The chicken is still tender and still a little juicy.

The meal was filling and satisfying. The company was great =)

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am nine years old

Yeashh... snacks these days are so expensive! I still remember the days when me and my neighborhood friends walk to the near by sundry shop to waste all our pocket money on delicious, unhealthy, tons of preservative and coloring snacks.

RM0.20 for a pop-pop icicle,
RM0.10 for a piece of blueberry bubble gum,
RM1.00 for a box of chocolate with a toy in it,
and I bought chocolate stick dips for only RM1.20.

The red one is RM3++! Can you imagine?! And the other two RM2.59 if I remember correctly.

I could have had a McValue Meal in McDonalds already!

Chocolate and snowflakes. I can't read Japanese so I have no idea what the sticks says.

Chocolate and snowflakes on a stick. The chocolate was ok... but almost yucky. The snowflakes were tasteless. I was actually expecting it to be sweet.

After finishing this cup of chocolate sticks, I feel 15 years younger.

Milky vanilla. Cool huh! Owl, Active at night. LOL!

Milky vanilla on a stick. Ahhh this I like. The biscuit sticks tasted the same, yummy even by itself, but with the milky vanilla dip, very nice! My sister didn't find the dip nice though.

After finishing this cup of chocolate sticks, I look 15 years younger.

Double dream, chocolate and strawberry. Chehhhh no printing. Boohooo.

Double dream on a stick. *ahem* Tasted as good as the milky vanilla. I like the mixture of the chocolate and strawberry together.

After finishing this cup of chocolate sticks, I AM 15 years younger.
Hehehe ;P~

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