Thursday, August 16, 2007

Potluck at Nigel's

Very quick one. So busy!

Vietnamese Spring Rolls made by Kusahi-san
. Turnip, Minced Pork, Prawn and crab stuffing wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper then deep fried.

Mieng kam. Nothing needs to be cooked, so chopping up all the ingredients was all I did to make this.

Teckiee's cup by Nigel. this can not be eaten ;p

Sangria from UnKaLeong. Fruits and wine.

Satay and peanut dipping sauce bought by Jason.

Kunyit rice.

And curry chicken to go with the rice from Lots Of Craving.

Beef rendang made by Boolicious.

Penang achar by Lyrical Lemongrass.

Yam cake aka Woo Tau Kou by WMW's mom.

Pork leg vinegar aka Chi Keok Chow, by Jackson's mom.

Sarawak laksa by Nigel.

Pavlova with tapai on top freshly made by Allen. Love the tapai yum yum. *blinks innocently like Puss in Boots*

Rich durian cake by Fat Boy Bakes.

And not forgetting Tummythoz and Henry's pocket made durian belanda with nata de coco juice! hehehehe!

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18 pieces of worms:


You have a feast at your home or something? Or that's the food you're planning for us when you have your very own home with large kitchen? ;)

wmw tersalah click on publish??? Only photos? No story???


Wah! That looks like a fantastic spread! Hope u guys had fun! =)

wmw you have a brief description, a quick post indeed...hehe


Haha, u r rite. I brought pocket-made juice.
Yes yes yes, think most of us remember how u luuurvvveee (squeeze till dry) the tapai.


Wah. All the food looked very deliocious.. plus its home-made someemore.. yummy!!


So much fun!!!


kok: LOL! I wished I have my own place... still staying with my daddy and mommy

wmw: LOL ...first think ter'click.. .now no time... short sweet and sassy ma ;p

tummythoz: hahahahaha i like the nata de coco!!!

ginger: some food were not that yellow...heheh i didnt get good pictures out of some of the food.

Big Boys Oven

Wah! So delicious home cooking by all you great chef. I hope to able to taste some delicious food from all this fantastic chef soon, heheheheh

"Joe" who is constantly craving

looks like every1 is finally publishing the gathering haha..


We do again yar when I come back ;)


would really love to know what are da ingredients that i need to buy to prepare mieng kam!!! :D


Oh my goodness, is there enough food there? Should have asked me to come and help finish up, I don't mind left overs. I am a dog! :)

Like all the food and wmw's mom's yamcake looks so authentic.


BBO: ...still thinking of what to cook la.. how many pax ah?

joe: hahaha i loaded the pics sometime ago.. but dont have time to put in the text

unkaleong: yes yes we must.

mei yen: You can see this post.. I have the ingredients here.

judy: Oh yes... WMW mom's yam is really good. heheh i got to ta pau some more ;p

Rasa Malaysia

Everything looks so good, I like I like...and I want some of your Mieng Kam. :)


RM: hmm actually you can get all the ingredients over there... maybe just swap the daun kaduk with salad leafs?

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Next time we theme party? ;-) just got around to reading this :-)


Nigel: All pork? I'm up for that!

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