Friday, August 24, 2007

Coliseum Cafe

A friend I met during my trip to Redang was around KL a few days back and decided to buzz me for dinner. Initially I suggested Jalan Alor, but the traffic jam took us out of the way. So I said "Do you eat vegetarian? Let's have some Indian vegetarian over at Breakfields. Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, we passed Coliseum Cafe on the left like a snail. The jam was just so so bad.

I then thought of BSGs post and all my other memories there. I started talking about the antique look... all the wood... and all the black slacks and white starched shirts waiters in bow tie...

So you guessed it already la... we ended up eating there.

Anyway, didn't Coliseum used to have this wooden bar top counter? It's not wood anymore.

I know Coliseum is more famous for their sizzling stuff, but I ordered a simple fish concalaise instead.

It's fish fillet, prawns and mushrooms, cream sauce served with mashed potatoes. I like the simple taste of the cream sauce that goes well with the fish, but the mashed potatoes was too salty.

My fish order came with onion toast.

My diver friend ordered the chicken cordon bleu. I took a sample of his chicken and I quite like it. The chicken is still tender and still a little juicy.

The meal was filling and satisfying. The company was great =)

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10 pieces of worms:


Man, I miss that place. I've been there only once and the food is not bad. It's near masjid jamek lrt right? Walking distance?



I think we went there once together before right? Kind of forgot already.. was a long time ago. Yup.. walking distance from the LRt station


Hmm... a place I haven't been for a very long time. I don't like the place coz the staffs are so rude and unfriendly... Sigh!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahah reminds me that i havent blogged about this i did i put this pics..infact my friend has the fish..had no idea how to pronounce it!

Timothy Low

Eh .. I thought this place close down already ? The last time I went there looking for this place .. can't find it. But then again, I was a little early .. maybe not open yet la...


cutie: That I agree. The staff are older, I'm guessing they are from last time... young working till older in the same restaurant. But not all are rude. They are many who really tentative and gave my table good service.

joe: hahahaha actually when i ordered it... I had to ask my friend the way to pronounce it too.. I think its con-ca-laise.

tim: Ohh it's still there. Wooden door.. looks dark from the outside tho.

Big Boys Oven

Oh! I have wanted to visit this eatery for some time but always miss it as I feel tired to drive back to town for dinner when I get back home. I heard their steaks are really good, hope to gove a try soon.


I like their stuffed crab too! The onion toast looks interesting.


I want Chicken Cordon Bleu! Any place to recommend?


BBO: Their sizzling ones are good... but it gets smoky in there.

boo: ohh yeahhhh...but i wonder if they recycle the shell...where do they find so many of them?

jason: Hmmm definitely not secret recipe...i have really come across one that i really like yet

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