Friday, August 31, 2007

FHM 2007 featuring Culinaire Malaysia 2007

Since I was working just beside the KL convention center where the FHM and Culinaire Malaysia 2007 are held, I decided that I would spend sometime to look see. I got more excited about it when more and more people talk about it.

The pictures below are from Culinaire Malaysia 2007 aka the competition hall where all the displays and contest is carried out.

My favoruit cake of all is the alien chess set. Won't mind getting one of these design for my birthday.


Bonjour Mademoiselle, how are you today? Fine day isn't it?

Gomenasai, but could you wait outside while Lady Sakura prepare herself. Arigato gosaimasu.

Hehehehe lei la, lei la, ngor dei hoi sien ah. Pong ngor dei chiong kor la. (Come come we are bored, some sing with us)

This cake looks intimidating to me. Kind of feel like an angry emperor giving me a cold stare. *shivers*

This cake reminds me of the Disney cartoon Beauty and the Beast. The Beast's castle in the while show. So beautiful.

Ahhh if I were to get married, I think I'll go for this kind of cake. Simple and modest white wedding cake. Don't think I'll have enough money to spend on an expensive few tier wedding cake.

...can't stand those fake plastic foam hotel wedding cake! Everyone should get a real cake!

Saw this on one of the wedding cakes. In the egg there's actually a couple doll. The egg is nice, but I can't see the couple if I don't look closely. But kind of cute if the wed couple break the egg to expose the dolls instead of cutting a cake... then again... destroy the cake.

The Simsonnnnsssss.

All sugar, but looks nice. A boy is ringging a bell on top.

Ahhhh the Emperor cake on top, the Empress cake here. Looks like a grand jade duck cake.

This cake is the most amizing cake I have ever seen! The whole cake is do detailed. Every single section of the cake is made as if that was the high light of the cake.

This is the top part of the cake. I just feel like taking that one and hanging it on my wall.

Close up of a section of the cake. Look at the face of the man. Damn cool wei.

This is the inside of the dome. I can't believe my eyes when I saw a chandelier right in the middle of it. The roof part of it is hollow too. The whole cake is just way too beautiful and precious to eat man.

There was also a section displaying sweet stuff and the decoration that went with it. I didn't take much pictures of them.

Mini desserts.

There were also cooking contest and all. They had kitchen stoves, ovens and all the package built in for the contest. Viewers like me get to see how the chef cook through a see through plastic pannel.

All can see.

But cannot touch. =(

After some walking around, I had to return to work, but at 5pm, I made my way to the competition hall again to catch the bar tending competition. My favorite and I believe the best .... (not sure about how his drink tasted tho) is the fourth contestant from Thailand. He's got the best showmanship and skills compared to the other four.

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13 pieces of worms:


Omg, I want to attend this kind of conventions. >.<

But driving to KL would be murder all the way from cyber. And the fear of getting trapped during heavy downpours. *Shivers*

In any case, do keep me update ya in any such upcoming events.

At the moment these snaps will suffice. Yeah, somehow I also found the chessboard cake design most appealing. The others seem a little too common. But outstanding design though, the lot.


The Cooking Ninja

The cakes are amazingly beautiful done! I love the chess set and the detailed cake. The Simpson cake was a let down though. The Thai bartender has great showmanship!


What beautiful cakes! Such creativity and design. I'm so amazed! There is a distinct princess feel to the theme as well. Like you, if i ever get married, it have to be a REAL cake and a simple + elegant one! =)


Cool! I love the cake u featured at the end as that was so well done. Nigel was pointing us out how amazing and difficult it was to make.


Nat: hahahha I think we are playing to much games la. wont it be funnier if the eyeballs were fighting with bunnies? wahahaha

Cooking Ninja: I didn't manage to video some of the Thai bartender tricks. There were other he did that was even more impressive.

daphne: I think it's almost every brides dream to get a real cake. =) The huge ones are nice to have.. but reality many can't afford them.

boo: Yeah. I was actually looking out for the cake. When I saw it, i knew that was it because the detailing is just unbelievable.


Lol... Bunnies syndrome. Spot any off-key rabbids? wanna give them a smack. lololol



cool...thx for sharing this.. i missed out the competition part..


I saw this at wmw's! Wahlao, all looks so beautiful lah!


Nat: That reminds me... I want to sew the rabbit.. one for each of us. hahaha

jackson: no prob

kok: yeahh chun how. my little cous asked me if i joined ....hahahahah i wish man

Big Boys Oven

Lovely cakes, lovely cakes..... looking forward for the singapore one.


when is that?


Very pretty! But I don't think I'll eat such cakes le. *suddenly imagine all those finger prints on it*


jason: I wonder how long can this cakes last... fruit cakes can last a long time out of the fridge.

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