Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am nine years old

Yeashh... snacks these days are so expensive! I still remember the days when me and my neighborhood friends walk to the near by sundry shop to waste all our pocket money on delicious, unhealthy, tons of preservative and coloring snacks.

RM0.20 for a pop-pop icicle,
RM0.10 for a piece of blueberry bubble gum,
RM1.00 for a box of chocolate with a toy in it,
and I bought chocolate stick dips for only RM1.20.

The red one is RM3++! Can you imagine?! And the other two RM2.59 if I remember correctly.

I could have had a McValue Meal in McDonalds already!

Chocolate and snowflakes. I can't read Japanese so I have no idea what the sticks says.

Chocolate and snowflakes on a stick. The chocolate was ok... but almost yucky. The snowflakes were tasteless. I was actually expecting it to be sweet.

After finishing this cup of chocolate sticks, I feel 15 years younger.

Milky vanilla. Cool huh! Owl, Active at night. LOL!

Milky vanilla on a stick. Ahhh this I like. The biscuit sticks tasted the same, yummy even by itself, but with the milky vanilla dip, very nice! My sister didn't find the dip nice though.

After finishing this cup of chocolate sticks, I look 15 years younger.

Double dream, chocolate and strawberry. Chehhhh no printing. Boohooo.

Double dream on a stick. *ahem* Tasted as good as the milky vanilla. I like the mixture of the chocolate and strawberry together.

After finishing this cup of chocolate sticks, I AM 15 years younger.
Hehehe ;P~

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13 pieces of worms:


man.. this is a walk down memory lane! oh oh! the hello pandas as well. kekek..

but, i hv to is expensive compared to we paid.. wow. i won't be able to afford that as a kid!


Actually last time when we're small, we also think that the snack is expensive what. No money mah. hahaha!

Wah! I haven't had those for ages. But now, still nice?


No need expensive face cream, just buy this as it's a miracle cure! Brings back such nice memories.


Tora/Ding dang anyone? Free cheapskate plastic toys included. hahhahahaha...

Man sure brings back memories!

I particularly enjoyed the part where you felt younger by 15 years upon consumption. ahahha.



Like that I'll need double doses.


:) :) :)

Big Boys Oven

We bought loads of this last weekend for our nieces and nephews who are at the age range from 3 to 6yo. We noticed that they did not complaint about it. I guess they are really junk food junkie. lol!

Anyway it was great to see them so enjoyed and endulged into the biscuit sticks. :)


daphne: yahhh i can buy 2 pieces of nice roti canai with the price of one cup of choco sticks

kok: eat ones in a while quite fun hehe but taste wise.... ok only

boo: HAHAHAHAHA I dont mind.. but then maybe when I'm 50.

Nat: ahhhhhhhhhh yahhh that oneeee.. the choco balls with the toy

tummythoz: lol...dont eat too much... you dont want to be thattt young

wmw: ;p

BBO: Yeah kids just love them.. and maybe some "older kids" (aka me ;p) still do.


yeah i love those rm 1.20 chocolate dip..i need the dose to be 15 yr younger too..which means im 7 haha


i still eat these snacks.. lol seems like it's a sign that i have not grown up huh :|


ooo. i used to love those things... esp the chocolates..

i remember theres one with colourful rice crispies and chocolate as well. but i cant remember what its called.


Aiyo, really brings back memories lar. Still remember always bug my parents to buy those for me. Not forget Ding Dang and Tora too!


KampungboyCitygal: who needs youth potion when youth can be bought at RM1.20...HAHAHA

Mei Yen: I think most of us are still kids ;p~

ginger: ehh colourful one ah.. i know there's the chocolate ones.. but cant remember coloutful

jason: hahaha i can remember the toy... have to pull the stick then the plastic yellow thing on top will fly

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