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Ikan Bakar

Yup I'm back already. Got to keep things short cos work + be getting food poisoning + Depavali Holidays = can't get work done. Got to rush a few implementations before the financial closing starts!

Quick update on the Drive4Food contest... the videos that we took using the Video recorder that was given to us were wasted as we didn't have the conversion tools to convert the files. Boohoooo =( But thank god for Jackson's cam that we saved a little bits and pieces from here and there and manage to put together 2 quite decent videos for submission. The videos will be published on the web...somewhere...sometime this week or next I think?... the 10 videos will be open to public voting. I don't really know what's happening next but I'll keep you all posted cos I will be counting on your votes! ;D

Oh before I forget, Happy Depavali! (Did I spell that correctly?)

From the KLCC mosque, walk towards Nikko hotel.

You will reach Wisma Zon on your left before you reach the end of the junction to turn left heading to Nikko Hotel.

Walk into Wisma Zon’s car park, you will see a green wall on the right side.

Walk straight ahead, look up and you will be able to see Menara Naluri.

The eating area where you can find delicious ikan bakar. If you are familiar with Po Ling Temple, this area is just on the opposite left of the Temple side entrance.

There you can find two stalls selling ikan bakar!

I tried the first ikan bakar stall as I was told that this is the stall which used to operate along Jalan Stoner which serves better ikan bakar, although they charge more.

The fish re-bakar-ed when you order and will be served with they are ready to your table.

I took quite a lot of chili dishes but some how most of them taste sweet rather that spicy. Either my taste buds are more immune to chili, or the type of curries and chili sauce as sweet.

I tried both the sting ray and the ikan kembung. (RM3.50+- per fish) I like both, but prefer the sting ray.

Both the fish comes with sweet sauce and chili sauce. You can choose to dunk your fish in the sauce and have it with your rice. Probably it's a better idea to use your finger while you eat (instead of the fork and spoon) as the whole hand finger action thing will surely make you love eating ikan bakar more. Don't worry about getting your hand dirty as they have sinks and clean water from the pipe at the eating area.

Overall a very satisfying and full meal =)

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

argh! i miss ikan bakar = ( those look so delicious Teckiee, rest well and take care ok, am off to study got test tonight in class - my teacher is obsessed with giving us test and tons of homework!

Precious Pea kena food poisoning? Take care ok? missed one 'e' in your deepavali. ;)


oh dear... hope u r feeling much better now ~ take care ^_^

daphne poisoning? oh dear... get well soon!


two e's dear. Hop you gt well soon!


Aikz, feel better now? Do take care ya.

huhufish poisoning again? rest more ya..hope u enjoy the drive4food trip...hope to hear from u again... :)


mush: heyyy cant wait to read all about your trip back to food land hahaha. good luck for the test!

P.Pea: That red keropok la...haisss. Lucky the other keropok ikan is ok.

ling239, daphne, unkaleong, jason, huhufish: Getting better liau. ...but the vomiting action gave me a sore throat. Kind of sucks cos I'm sick a lot this year.

Big Boys Oven

so lovely...I love those ikan bakar and also your pictures look so lovely, must be from your new camera. Sid is in Terengganu!


aiyo!! hope you feel better,food poisoning don't main main lor!!.oh!! I love Mr Ray bakar style!.Most of the time I 'm fishing stringray or skate will hook on my hook but when I see the actual Ray,wt long tail,it's really geli.I called monster fish!!hahaha!!now I see u delicious pix,who care anymore,just hentam la


what kinda video recorder did you get? why cant convert the files?


btw... voted for u guys ~
all the best ya.... ^_^


BBO: dont come back yettt.. let me go down and we can go makan nasi minyak! the yummy lekor

beachlover: ahhh i'll post up that thing i ate that caused me my sad sad stomach

wen: Canon. vbo file.. or something like that. we didnt have any converter with us.. no internet access.. and no time

ling239: hey thankssss!!!


.vbo? first time hearing that. izzit digital recording lol, coz i only work with analog tapes.


wen: hahahah i converted and edited many analog tapes before... first time with digital... i so so prefer analog


hi there

im publishing a book on malaysia (celebrating & showcasing her positively).. and am getting opinions/ contributions.

chanced on yr blog and would like to request if you would like to share your ikan bakar photo (the ikan pari one) to be featured?

the photo is still yr copyright, while we only borrow for this publication.. and also, we will acknowledge you (& yr blog) below yr photo.

looking to hear from you.

ps: you can also tell us yr feeling when you took this photo, or your opinion on ikan bakar - what you like : or find it unique ;)

do also give yr name, location, hobby + blog/ website (if any).

thanks :)


Quachee: Sure. Got a email I can contact you with?


hi email at :)


dear friend,


permission to use your ikan bakar foto. pls.


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