Friday, August 10, 2007

Mei Chixuan Seafood Restaurant

Big thanks to Sidney for organizing this dinner, the owner of Restoran Mei Chi Xuan, Mr Steven and his friendly wife for the fabulous dinner, and Sunny for the lovely tiramisu. I am glad I came for this dinner.. even got to meet two new foodie friends. *waves to Foodelicious and Ivy* And of course not forgetting the 7 other foodies at the table ;p

Restaurant Mei Chixuan.
No. 32A1, Jalan PJU 5/10, PJU 5,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-6141 6122

They are closed once every two weeks on Tuesday but you can always head over to their other branch at Jalan PJU 8/5F, Bandar Damansara Perdana (Tel: 03-7727 2602)

Crispy bamboo roll and siu pak choy as side decoration. The roll is homemade fish paste with asparagus, a slice of carrot and mushroom. At the bottom is a layer of young bamboo shoot to give out the hint of sweetness and crunchy texture.

Tofu with enoki mushrooms. Simple but very delicious dish. The chef mention the key to this dish is to using fresh enoki mushrooms instead of the canned mushrooms.

Curry coconut prawns. I found that the curry wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. I think the coconut milk too over the taste. I also felt the curry should be warmer when it is placed in the coconut to give out the fragrance of the coconut flesh that is still in the coconut.

This is steamed shell fish with a homemade rice wine. The rice wine is actually made by the chef’s mom and used in the restaurant. I have eaten many homemade rice wine since young but I found this too sweet for my liking. But I do like the fragrance it gives out, especially when the dish is still hot.

Thai style crispy pork knuckle. The time this came to our table, I was really excited. I got even more excited when I tasted this because this is really good stuff. Very flavorful, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Not too dry and not too juicy.

The Thai sauce came with the pork knuckle but no one knew this was the dipping sauce. I ate this alone at first and thought ‘goshh what is this? So off standard’. Only later when the pork knuckle was almost finished that I got to know the about dipping the pork in this sauce. I took a small bit of pork and tried with this Thai sauce. Very nice.

“Suit san feu woo” or ‘flying fox in the snowy mountain’ when translated to English. This dish is no fox but fish, covered all over with salt, then baked. The effect it gave the fish is actually quite cool. Some how this reminds me of a ghost fish. LOL!

A paste containing garlic, ginger, chili and Chinese herb ‘tong guai’ is stuffed in the stomach area to kill of the ‘mud’ smell of the fish. Over all the fish was quite OK.

Kam Heong fried crab. Very nice curry leaf fragrance came from this.

Salted egg fried crab. This was a wee bit salty compared other salted egg crab I have eaten before but I love version because of the curry leaf. This is my first time eating salted egg Crab fried with this leaf.

Our dishes written menu in Chinese.

Other than this dishes, the chef also recommends the Shanghai Lat Chi Chicken. This is something he cooked up after his trip back from China.

After dinner, Sid brought out Sunny's tiramisu! I really like the touch of rum in it. Good stuff good stuff. You can buy Sunny's cakes from Ole Cafe.

And then there was this piece of something wrapped in aluminum foil that Ivy was carrying. Thank you Ivy for sharing this piece with us!

I am not sure Sunny or Sid made this Japanese green tea cheese cake but I believe this is the same cake on their blog. You can also order them and have them delivered to you.

Overall very good company and good dinner. I will definitely want to do this again.

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Now I really have to rush out my post. As expected, I'm one of d last. =(


Wah! You all sure have so much fun other than the food. ;)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

wow seafood!!! i miss seafood! seafood is like the price of gold in these parts of the world!! cant wait to go back home to stuff myself silly with all that seafood! we usually drive into johore to hv seafood = ) thanks for the mouth watering pictures dear! ; )


Mmmm...too much good food of late leh. How are you feeling now? Can karaoke already? ;O)


Tummythoz: LOL... I waited until I had a template for the voucher up... to lazy to make my own.

Thanks TanKiasu aka Sexy Beast for the voucher template!

kok: hahaha I think the fun came in when the foodies started to bang the hammer to crack the crabs... the shells were flying all over.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: oh yeahhh cos not much water around.

wmw: never too much good food ;p ...I honestly dont care already. I'm sick of being sick. I'm doing what ever I want already. I don't seem to be getting better way to slow.


Like the pork knuckle. Veli delicious and crispy. Flu hv gone away definitly...

Rasa Malaysia

The fish does look scary but I will take the kam heong crab and lala anytime. But the salted egg yolk crabs look iffy.


kusahi-san: yeahh can eat everyday! ahahha but unhealty tho

RM: The salted egg crab is actually quite nice. The chef mention that he added evaporated milk to it to make it creamy.


Yumm..I miss the pork knuckle la! :P


Yay, nice post! :P
I miss the pork knuckle, the tofu, the crabs.... aiyo...

Big Boys Oven

hmmm........ wanna join me for a dinner at.......


tankiasu: yeahhhh tell me about it man. some more we ate it without the sauce... still so delicious.

jason: i miss the pok pok pok the most... and maybe the part when i licked the salted egg sauce off the shell...hahahaha

BBO: yes pls with sugar on top!

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