Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Merdeka Open House 2007 - Muhibbah

I started to panic in the office when I remembered the deadline for the Babe KL's Merdeka Open House 2007 - Muhibbah is tomorrow!

Initially I was planning to cook tempeh but I have no idea where to buy good tempeh in the evening. Kind of tough cranking my head to think of a non-chinese dish to cook. Thought of buying durian from the pasar malam and make durian dodol but the last time I made dodol, I bent a few of my kitchen utensils. Then I remembered a conversation with FoodLianne, about making Maggie Mee goreng with telur mata kerbau. But... that's not putting effort and not really that patriotic. I have spoken about just making a simple breakfast, FoodLianne suggested half boiled eggs and toast and I mentioned kaya. ...So..

Kaya it is! Kaya counts right? I mean kaya didn't come from the Chinese right?

I can't really remember when I was introduced to kaya, but I think many of us Malaysian have encountered kaya at a very young age. I can't say I am totally in love with kaya, but it goes well with sweet glutinous rice, toasted bread, pau's and chungs.

My dad on the other hand loves kaya. My dad always buy his dose of kaya from the Wednesday pasar malan near my home. I guess he will not have to buy them tomorrow =)

You will need

- 5 medium sized eggs
- 175ml coconut milk
- 4 pandan leaves, knotted

- 275g sugar

Step 1: Beat eggs and sugar together until smooth.

Step 2: Pour beaten eggs and pan leaves into a cold sauce pan and stir in low fire until sugar melts completely.

Step 3: Add in coconut milk.

Step 4: Stir in low fire until thicken.

Step 5: Remove from fire and let it cool.

Step 6: Remove the pandan leaves before storing in containers.

I found that my kaya was too sweet and had too much santan to it. I think I will most probably use only about 225g of sugar and 150ml of santan. Both then sweetness and santan killed most of the fragrance that the egg yokes had given out. Either than or I will have to add 1 to 2 more eggs to it.

My grandma suggested to get duck eggs in future when I want to make kaya. She mentioned that the duck eggs gives out a smoother texture to the kaya. I think I will used the double boiler technique instead. The heat should be more even and easier to control.

Mom said my kaya smelt good =) Dad said "Use the steam technique when you make your next one." I'm guessing that the steam will get the kaya texture smoother? Got to try that next time.

Oh and the 1 and a half hour of stirring got me only about 1 and a half cup of kaya. I got to make more next time. Maybe make a durian flavored kaya! Anyone wants to be my guinea pig?

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17 pieces of worms:


Wahhh .. your kaya looks good leh. Have not heard about using duck eggs before, also .. not easy to find duck eggs right, apart from the salted one?


*hands and legs up* i bring hainanese bread along LOL

i really tabik you for meeting the deadline! this should count cos kaya is, if I'm not mistaken, of nyonya origin.

thanks for participating and look out for the round up!

lianne, it's relatively easy to find duck eggs these days. i've seen them at tesco!

The Cooking Ninja

yum yum ... my mom cook her kaya in a double boiler and she cooks for a long time and stirring it the whole time.

Big Boys Oven

OMG! can I have a taste of your lovely kaya..... pls lar....lol... "great attempt which ends up so lovely and so divine".


Wah, looks like very easy to prepare. My mom used to squeeze some of the pandan leaves for the green juice for colouring.


FoodieLianne: Pasar pagi or malam got. I think u'll just need to ask.

babe_kl: ok! put u in my guinea pig ah hehe

cooking ninja: I wanted to use the double boiler but I got lazy... just used my stove on the lowest fire

bbo: ahh person #2 on my guinea pig list

jason: actually very easy. Just quite sien cos you'll need to stir stir stir.. want to be my guinea pig too? hehe


wah! I dont mind being your guinea pig too but hv to wait till next year when I head to KL!

yummy stuff. Colour and thickness looks great!


woohooo.... home made kaya, looks so good!!! well done...:D

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Hi teckiee, thanks for this useful post! our bottles and bottles of kaya from home, dah habis many moons ago! Will give this recipe a shot ; ) Hv a great week ahead and enjoy the long weekend of merdeka.


daphne: no problem. i'll be waiting for you ;) But maybe that time you wont be tasting kaya.. maybe something else.

Mei Yen: Looks good only... taste wise can improve alot.. I think I will try somemore and post again ...if it taste better hehehe

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: Remember to cut down on the sugar and santan yah.


durian kaya? Send it over to Perth here! haha!


Looks good, haha, can now imagine how busy you WERE when you said you were. :o)


WMW: ahhh you eat kaya or not? You have to me my guinea pig liau....p pea also

Rasa Malaysia

Wah, you can make kaya, sooo good.


wowwee, the kaya looks good. I never knew you could cook it this was as my mum always made it with a double boiler.


RM: Very easy to make la actually. You can try it in your kitchen also.

boo: I think the only reason I manage is because I have a very slow stove fire. I usually hate using that particular stove, but for this case its different.


definitely must use double boiler. no short cut. yr sugar is too little, try a little bit more. u should not smell eggs once its done, not so good. but,if u want to smell eggs, very easy. don't caramalise the sugar. First, whisk eggs until completely mixed (if not it will create hardened chips). Then add in sugar and whisk until it dissolves completely(use fine sugar for quick result). Then, add in coconut milk and mix. Finally, pit into double boiler and stir non-stop. By 10 minutes, u shoulkd see some sign of thickening. Stir until its 30 minutes and it will hv thicken. Then, stir every 5 minute for the next 1 hour and its done. Caramalised sugar takes away egg smell as some kids dont like them

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