Monday, August 13, 2007

Perut Ikan

Perut Ikan! That translate to fish stomach in English. I am very lucky to have a chance to sample and even ta pau this Nyonya dish prepared by one of the BSGs. He makes really good perut ikan!

I have taste my grandma's and mom's recipe, but find that the recipe lacks something compared to the one prepared by the Datuk in Tanjung Bunga. After tasting BSGs perut ikan, I finally met some one who cooks as well, maybe even better compared to Datuk.

I really like the fact that perut ikan is not seen to the naked eye. (So it's easier to coax people into trying it hehehe) I really like it because it's all vegetables and herbs and fish. ...stomach. The dish don't actually taste like fish... or even smell like fish. WMW who only bites into fish burgers ate many spoon full of the perut ikan and one yummy perut itself.

After perut ikan one of the BSGs took out some very interesting prepacked munchies from Hunan, China.

Duck meat. Or is this duck liver? Taste good both ways.

The duck feet tasted the same but it's feet. I only really got skin out of it.

Oh... and yes... totally awesome time talking about food =D Nice meeting Tonixe again and the additional 2 BSGs. Can't wait for the next backstreet food session to meet the remaining BGS's.

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16 pieces of worms:


I still wonder if those are really duck meat! Muah ha ha....


i tried that before.... yeee...


How come so many gross food in this post? haha!


kok, mix with her more & u'll find teckiee has one super adventurous appetite!


Sniff! I missed that - it sounds so delicious even though I've never eaten perut ikan.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

u r indeed very adventurous in your cuisine Teckiee i am impressed! I wish i was that adventurous! Thanks for adding me on to your blog roll, truly appreciate the gesture! Bout the dog photo, that photo is a sample photo taken from google, thats not the real thing and i mentioned it on my blog dear = ) heheheh ok u hv a great week ahead!


wmw: hahahaha duck meat la

jackson: perut ikan or the duck? but both also nice what... nicer than durian la ;p

kok: ooiiii what gross ...damn nice one laaaa ...let me know when you are back...i'll let u sample some

tummythoz: but this one quite common

boo: aiee.. i think after the durian party (....god knows when it will happen LOL) i'll organise a makan makan session at tanjung bunga... they really have nice nyonya food there including perut ikan.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: hehe eat first think later =) ... i make it a habit to eat the food before thinking about the gross or yucky part. Ahhh no wonder... i like the dog on the bike actually... looks like an alaskan show dog.

Big Boys Oven

Ikan perut is a very delicious nyonya food. One of my favourite dish and not many people like to prepare this dish as they are not easy to make, it is time consuming and you need to cut lots of herbs.

the team

hahaha great to have met up again ,too !
since u mention durians , at around RM2-3 each the Camerons durians could be the best thing u might not have experienced !
one bsg's mum insisted to get them again 2 weeks ago after we presented her 7 asli delights which she now craves for OMG !
stby for emergenvy call ok !

"Joe" who is constantly craving

pls extend invitation to me also ler


BBO: Hmmm not really la actually. I think its more difficult looking for the ingredients. Market dont sell perut ikan itself also right?

BSG: RM2 to 3? So cheap? I friend bought some Bentong durians for me.. really good durians but I think he paid too much for me. Will be waiting for your call!

Joe: If eat perut ikan you want or not?


You wanna let me sample some? Eeee.... hahaha!


kok: hahahaha I'll bring you to the restaurant....they have fish skin kerabu there also.. that one less gross ;p~

Rasa Malaysia

Ooooh perut ikan, I like I like. Next time you can try mine. :)


BRING ME THERE ONLY? Not you pay for the bill for me meh? hahaha!


RM: I think your looks a lot like BSGs.

kok: hahaha ok la.. i belanja.. but u have to come back first la

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