Saturday, August 18, 2007

Red Ginger

After receiving a SMS from Jason mentioning about a dinner organized by Tim at Red Ginger, I knew that I have to dig these pictures and get them posted.

If I remembered correctly, I first heard about Red Ginger from Nigel during the flogger meet at Sandias. I was looking for a place to eat near by JHP (tried the rum balls already! nyahahaha! power stuff!) and Nigel recommended Red Ginger.

Red Ginger pamelo salad, sweet pamelo pulps sprinkled with some crushed groundnuts with fresh basil.

Belacan fried rice. I didn't sample this but looks very presentable and I was told this is not bad.

Curry rendang rice, another dish I didn't try. So no comment.

Otak otak rice. This is the real thing. Not the fish ball fish paste like otak otak you find in the pasar malam.

I ordered the Kam Heong fried bee hoon. This is really something everyone should try. Other that the bee hoon being fried dry, the very fragrant kam heong smell from the kitchen to the plate to the table to your mouth is to die for. And if you burp, I think you might even get to smell it. Really really good stuff!

Overall a very good and full meal as the portions were very big. I will definitely return for Kam Heong fried bee hoon... or maybe just head to Mid Valley to eat out at their new branch. or head to their new branch in Mid Valley to eat again!

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17 pieces of worms:


Yes, that plate of mee hoon looks delicious (kam heong = salted fish?).

If you want to kill your enemy, I suppose you eat a plate of this and burp into his/her face??

The Cooking Ninja

all the food looks so good.

Big Boys Oven

oh dear.... hmmmm.....sudah kena blog....hahahhahahaha!


Portion big meh? I still wanna say it looks small leh. hahaha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

looks like i m definitely going to go for the latest tasting!

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I wonder if I can convince someone to go and try that bee hoon tnite. I better go and send him these pixs so he can be convinced. Thxs. Been ages since I ate here and we usually just eat the curry laksa, lorbak and kuey teow soup.


Judy: Kam Heong style is ...hmm how should I put this... there's a unique aroma to it. No salted fish but lots of curry leaf smell.

cooking ninja: taste good too!

BBO: hahaha give a bit of preview 1st

kok: maybe looks small here.. but for me eat until very full

joe: i'm going to order something else. hopefully its as nice or better than the kam heong mee hoon i ate.

VM - melayu: your backpackers heaven caught me eyes.

boo and to that someone: must go! eat first and think of everything else later.


cant wait for this Thursday's dinner!!!! hahha


Went pass this place last nite on d way to Ninja Jones (again). It's closed. Friends thought It was closed for good but luckily I saw the notice - started closing on Sundays. Looking forward to Thurs!


cant wait to try that kam heong fried beehoon this thursday!!


KampungboyCitygal: hahahah i feel your wai sek ness!

Tummythoz: Thursday's dinner is at mid valley yah.. not the DH branch

jackson: hahahha i'll order something else.. and if i miss the noodles...i leach from u ahhhhh ehhehehe


Wah... I hope that their branch in MV will not disappoint us ;)


will take note and try da "kam heong bee hoon" when i have da chance to try red ginger.. just so unfortunately that i couldn't make it this thurs due to work :( have fun on that day yah..

Precious Pea

The basil on the pomelo salad, at first i tot who planted a tree on the salad! looks good. Enjoy yourself tomorrow.


wei wei, you must try their durian tarts (or bomb), i love their curry mee, and their OTAK OTAK, its like a FISH steak (big chunk of fish meat), in otak otak sauce, and wrapped in banana leaf... fuiyoh...


jason: so after trying.. what do you think? i'll wait for your post.

p.pea: hahahaha now that you said.. it does look like a sprout.

bernsy: ohh yes... i like the otak otak a lot!

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