Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sick people should stay at home

I was so tempted to call WMW out on Friday for a karaoke session until that morning I realized this is not my normal "I am sick". I totally lost my voice.

I have been feeling kind of sickly last week. I know my body was working over time and I stayed up late on the weekdays. I felt like I was falling sick but I didn't bother because this happens all the time. But this time I really fell sick. I dragged myself to work on Monday...Tuesday...and dreaded Wednesday. I finally decided to see the doctor when my boss gave a time off. Thursday morning my head was pounding still. Morning fever. The fever died off after lunch. I went straight to the doctor again after dinner because the fever came back. That is when I knew I have been hit hard.

*croaking red alert red a alert in my head*
As a result of being ignorant, I present you with ..... drugs.

I almost finished all of the above and my throat is still hurting. The first doctor I went to didn't know what was happening. I'm guess he thought that I was there to get a medical certificate. Chehh I went back to work. Anyway, the second doctor I went to say "Too late, I have to put you an anti-biotics". Why? I was told I had an virus infection and lead to throat ulcers. *THATS WHY MY THROAT HURTS LIKE MAD* That explains the fever too.

I hate being sick. But I love typing this out... cos if I were to say all this... air will just come out of my mouth cos my voice box ain't working :(

I ate spoons full of manuka honey everyday. Mom says it will help with the pain.

Made honey and lime juice for 2 days too, didn't help either.

Gargled salt water and Listerine to kill the infection and lesses the inflammation. Blahhh Listerine sucks man. And the salt water taste worst that sea water.

The doctor said to take in more grade A protein. Eat for KFC, Nandos or Kenny Rogers. Seriously? Seriously. I have no idea what grade A protein is but OK. Chicken all the way.

Sis said that the protein will help fight the infection. I see I see.

I got sick on steam chicken so I ate a little fried fish too. Shread them up into pieces, some spices and violah!

Chick 0' fish burger.

Thank god I still can eat yummy stuff with I'm sick. But I really want to get well soon. I don't want to stay at home another day. I missed the Wii party.. I don't want to miss anymore events!

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25 pieces of worms:


We are having the same life now! I'm also having a sorethroat! Maybe too much nice food eh? hahaha! Take care and get well soon ok? ;)

mama bok

Get well soon..!! can't have you sick eh..?? otherwise.. no food posting.. hahha!! But bad throat suxs..!! big time ..!!


You okay by now???'s okay, you can come over to my place and play Wii (after I clean my place up, hahaha).


Back to the grind in BKK ;) Didn't get a chance to visit the PC Fair. Hope you feel real better soon :)

Lyrical Lemongrass

U por thang. Hope u get better soon!


ooo get well soon. is this the after effect of too much durian? :p


Awww..get well soon mate. Nice photo of the pills though. :)

Precious Pea

Wahh..bad sore throat still can think of karaoke? Salute salute. Anyway, take care and no durian yeah?


kok: must be you la.. infect me with it ;p hehehe

mama bok: LOL! food will come... but sick ppl's food?

wmw: no man... going to see the doc again tonight. want to get a jab ...yikes

unka: plenty more of that when you come back. They have the fair every quater.

ll: tqtq..hope i get better soon too

babe: hahahaha hmmm actually might be

tankiasu: want some of it? ;p


precious pea: I tot still can one... mana tau wake up already voice also gone

"Joe" who is constantly craving

sandwich?? hahah eat porridge la sick..get well soon..

xiu long bao

still having fried stuff when sick? Poor teckiee...get well soon before 2molo, tuesday, we have another feast @ bangsar!!! I think they are going to serve lotsa grade A protein for dinner :p

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

Hi Teckiee, Wishing you a speedy recovery! Its amazing, even when you are sick, you still hv a scrumptious appetite! Good on ya ; ) I would hv had a hard time keeping anything down! heheheh Hv a great week ahead and we send u many healthy vibes your way!


Get well soon sis!




i thought you were going to do a drug review. hehe.


take care teckiee, haha the pills review part is funny..lolz


Hope you get well soon. Too much sun and spicy food in Bangkok? :P


get well so!... time to catch-up on your anime


Hah? I thought you are the one who spread the germs to me first??? Hahaha! Get well soon ok? I'm 70% ok liao. My secret to recovery, drink more water and rest more! :)

team bsg

haiya there is no such thing as sick people lah ! only a bit unbalanced . means u have associated with more unbalanced people than balanced people so the effects go to you. now u know what to do nex ! hahaha
seriously drink 25 cups of water a day and then rest 12 hours a day, in 2 days u will be more balanced than us ! ( or your $$$ back )

Big Boys Oven

Must be those burning food that you have been enjoying...hehehehe!
Anyway we will miss your company tonight at our bloggers dinner nite out. Anyway get well soon mate and see you the next do. sid


joe: Sick already ma... sandwich easier to make than boiling porridge.

XLB: Doc said KFC also can... as long I take a cup of yogurt before i sleep. So I figured the fish wont hurt.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora: Thanks! Well.. cant get skinny because I'm sick ;p

Nat: Guess what, Final Fantasy damn nice weiii I tot it was in English...but in Jap! Syok! Cloud is so cute!!!! And OMG his sword damn nice la! I love his ending combo!

wen: HAHAHAHA nope, I'm not heading his direction ;p Thanks for the GWS card =)

CityGal... or Kampung boy back?: hehehe sick also need to laugh.. laughter is the best medicine :D

Judy: ahh no no...I think I'm getting sick cos I miss BKK too much.

KKeat: hahah yeah man... I dl'ed all the epi for Sola and Toward the Terra but no time to watch.

Kok: Yeah hope I get better too. Being sick too long is quite depressing.

BSGs: maybe i need beer? yahahahha

Sid: *sign* eat for me tonight! LOL


yikes.. i hate soar throat too!!! hope that you gonna get well soon but you sure you wanna go for durians right after you recovered? O_o quite heaty you know..

Keropok Man

oh take care!

my friend told me that when scopping up manuka honey, you should not use steel or aluminum spoons. use plastic, so that the honey wont react with the spoon.

not sure if it's true, but i have since used plastic spoons to scoop up manuka honey.


That's alot of pills to take.

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